ZEUS Iceborn with Cool Vapor

ZEUS Iceborn

Vapor Quality Boost

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ZEUS Iceborn with Whip

ZEUS Iceborn

Vapor Quality Boost

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For True Connoisseurs

Dramatically cooler draws, noticeably bigger clouds and definitively increased efficiency are just a few of the ways the Iceborn offers a huge vapor quality boost.

Smite Vaporizer side view

Compatible with All Vaporizers

With 6.5mm to 11mm Diameter Mouthpieces

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Opening the ZEUS Iceborn ZEUS Iceborn Scroll

Ice Filtered, Vapor Blizzard

Giving you endless chilled draws for the ultimate smooth vaporizing experience. #FROSTMYCLOUDS

Opening the ZEUS Iceborn

Critic Reviews

“The Iceborn changed the game for me. I never cough while using it and the combination of the Iceborn and the Smite Plus is out of this world. I wish all vapor was this smooth and chilled, all the time." - Holly Jane B

“When I first heard of the Iceborn, I was eager for the massive sub zero clouds and to show it off to my friends, but I was pretty skeptical that I would use it to enhance every vape session. Now I realize I’m always stoked to get back home from work so I can test out the Iceborn again. As Helen Keller once said, ‘the best things in the world cannot be seen or even touched; they must be felt.’ The vapor quality of any vaporizer used with the Iceborn is just unreal.” - Milad G.

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