Linx Gaia

Linx Gaia
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The Linx Gaia Vaporizer is one of the first vaporizers to offer a full quartz oven to provide smooth and flavorful vapor from start to finish. It features precise temperature control, a digital display and glass mouthpiece to provide a well-rounded vapor experience.

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Linx Gaia


Performance Specs
  • 8.3
    Vapor Quality
    Vapor Quality
  • 8.0
    Manufacturing Quality
    Manufacturing Quality
  • 8.5
    Temperature Flexibility
    Temperature Flexibility
  • 7.7
  • 7.5
  • 8.0
  • 7.0
    Battery Life
    Battery Life
Overall Score 8.1
Technical Specs
  • Manufacturer
    Linx Vapor
  • Origins
  • Battery Life
    1 Hour
  • Heat time
    1 minute
  • Heat style
    Hybrid Conduction/Convection
  • Temperature
    Max 220C
  • Compatibility
  • Warranty
    1 Year Warranty through Manufacturer
  • Versions
    01/2018 (Current)
  • Materials
    Anodized Aluminum Body
    Glass Mouthpiece
    Quartz Heating Chamber
  • Key Features
    All Quartz Vapor Path
    Precise Temperature Control

How to

How to

Let’s have a look at the Linx Gaia. This unit is known as the world's first dry herb vaporizer with an all-quartz chamber, and the first dry herb vaporizer from Linx Vapour, originally known for their high-quality wax pens.

Inside the box you’ll find:

-                    The Linx Gaia Vaporizer

-          1 mouthpiece cap

-          1 steel tool

-          1 cleaning brush

-          1 usb charger

-          and 4 filter screens

And if you order with us you can also choose to receive a free ZEUS Bolt grinder made of aircraft grade aluminum.

The first thing you’ll want to do with the unit is sterilize it. To do this, press the power button on the front of the unit 5 times quickly to turn on the unit. Use the up arrow button to set the unit to its highest temperature, which is 220 degrees Celsius. Then, hold the power button for one second to activate the heating mechanism.

Let the unit sit and run through a full cycle.  After 4 minutes, the Gaia will shut off automatically, so repeat this process 3 more times to complete the sterilization. This will get rid of any of the manufacturing oils that may have gotten inside the unit as a result of putting it together.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to load your unit with freshly ground botanical.

To grind up your botanical we always recommend using the ZEUS bolt grinder. The bolt grinder has been calibrated to grind up your botanical to the perfect consistency for vaporization. That means its fine enough to be properly vaporized inside of your unit, but not so fine that it fly’s through screens.

To load your unit, remove the mouthpiece cap and unscrew the glass mouthpiece. Using your ZEUS scoop, load freshly ground botanical into the heading chamber. Screw the mouthpiece back on the unit and you are ready to vaporize! 


  1. The Linx Gaia vaporizer has precise temperature control which you can adjust to the individual degree by pressing the up arrow and down arrow buttons on the front of the unit. You can see the unit’s set and actual temperature on the OLED screen and you can also flip between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing and holding the up arrow button and power button simultaneously for celsius, and holding the down arrow button and power button simultaneously for fahrenheit.
  2. The  Linx Gaia can be set between 93 – 220 degrees Celsius. For best results, we recommend vaporizing between 190 – 210 degrees Celsius
  3. Once the chamber is fully heated, the blinking flame icon will turn solid. You are now ready to draw from your unit!


To wrap this unit up, I’d like to tell you guys about some of the key features of the Linx gaia that make it such an incredible unit.

(Precise Temperature Control)

The first is the Linx Gaia's precise temperature control. This unit offers you complete control over the type of vapor want- whether you want thick, dense clouds, thin, flavourful vapour, or anything in between

(All Quartz Chamber)

The Gaia ensures your vapour and botanical only come in contact with materials which will not interfere with the flavour of your vapour. With an all quartz chamber and glass vapour pathway, the vapour tastes clean and smooth.

(Heating Methods)

The Linx Gaia uses a blend of convection and conduction heating. This means that not only will the quartz chamber heat up in order to vaporize your botanicals, but hot air will pass through the chamber as well which contributes to evenly heating the contents.

The Linx Gaia is an excellent unit for those looking for a discreet and portable dry herb vaporizer offering excellent vapour quality with a ton of flexibility.

I’m Mike for TVapeTV. We hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful. And for all you connoisseurs out there, keep vapin! 


What’s up guys, this is Mike for TVape TV. Solid choice getting the Linx Gaia! Let’s go over some quick cleaning tips to ensure you get tasty vapor with this unit, every time. First, we’ll go over the materials you’ll need, then we’ll get into cleaning and maintenance.


1)      Materials Needed


Before you start cleaning your Linx Gaia, make sure you have:


-          The ZEUS Purify cleaning solution; diluted 40% with water

-          Fresh water

-          Paper towels

-          ZEUS grime sticks

-          ZEUS Bristle Pipe Cleaners; and

-          The cleaning brush that comes with your Gaia



2)      Cleaning

The Linx Gaia is really easy to clean; all you need to do is care for the heating chamber and mouthpiece.


To clean the heating chamber, take a ZEUS grime stick, snap the top, let the alcohol drain to the bottom and swab the inside. To ensure no alcohol particles are left behind, after letting it sit for a few minutes, turn the unit on, set it to the highest heat setting and let it run through a couple heating cycles.


You can clean the mouthpiece by taking it apart and soaking all the pieces in a jar of your diluted ZEUS Purify Solution, for about half an hour. Then use the ZEUS bristle pipe cleaners to dislodge any remaining particles. Next, rinse and towel dry.


3)      Maintenance


For good care, we recommend you brush out your heating chamber after each use with your Linx Gaia cleaning brush. This’ll help get out any extra particles and prep your Linx Gaia for your next session. And that’s it!


We hope you enjoy your Linx Gaia and thanks for watching! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a shout. Cheers and as always, keep vapin’! 


Solid Vaporizer

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Really love the flavor from the all quartz chamber, vapor is smooth and this baby can produce some serious clouds. All in all I do not regret adding this baby to my collection.
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