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We’ve checked out some things by Linx before like the Linx Gaia and Linx Hypnos Zero. We’ve taken well to the build quality and features Linx offers in the devices and the new Blaze is a promising little wax pen we were excited to test out. With the choice of full quartz and ceramic atomizer, a very attractive design, and a solid reputation behind their devices, we’re keen to check out the Linx Blaze.

If you’re wanting to pick up your first wax pen vaporizer, head on over to our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for some handy information to help you get started!

Review: Linx Blaze

Linx Blaze Review

Linx Blaze coils

How it Works

As with most wax pens, 5 quick clicks of the button will power the device on, while 3 clicks of the same button will cycle you through the temperature settings. If you leave the device dormant for 5 minutes, it’ll need to be unlocked again with another five presses.

Remove the mouthpiece from the atomizer and load up a small rice-grain sized amount of material into the chamber. Heating the atomizer up for a second or two will help you melt your wax material onto the atomizer a little easier.

Once you’re ready to go, simply hold down the button while inhaling to start producing vapor!

Linx Blaze heating chambers

Linx Blaze power controlTemperature Flexibility

You only get 4 temperature settings to choose from similar to the Utillian 5, however, due to the slightly different characteristics of both atomizers, in a way you have 8 different experiences. Unfortunately, we’re not even indicated as to what these exact voltages or temperature settings are! A bit disappointing if we’re honest.

We wish they would’ve integrated some sort of OLED display or a way for full, independent temperature control. As it sits, you get some pretty good versatility, but we do wish for more.

Linx Blaze mouth piece

Vapor Quality

If you’re a cloud chaser, the Blaze is not for you. If you’re a flavor purist, the Blaze is a great idea, however! With both atomizers, vapor production and cloud size are smaller than we expected, however, the flavor is definitely top notch among wax pen vaporizers. Users looking for huge clouds from their units usually tend to prefer devices like the Tourist vaporizer.

We found the quartz atomizer to deliver the best and cleanest flavor and the ceramic plate to deliver slightly bigger clouds. Due to the relatively short vapor path, the higher two temperature settings can get a little bit irritating on the throat and lungs, though we weren’t too bothered by it compared to other units.

We definitely feel like the Blaze has among the best vapor quality for flavor for wax pens, though with less sizeable clouds.Linx Blaze flat display

Linx Blaze front display

Manufacturing Quality

Immediately after picking it up, you get the impression that it’s a premium product like the other Linx units such as the Linx Ares. It feels great in the hand, looks terrific, and each part seems well crafted. The stainless steel finish is attractive, to say the least, and we’re glad they didn’t skimp out on build quality.

In the box is a pretty standard kit including the battery, quartz atomizer, ceramic atomizer, magnetic mouthpiece cap, glass mouthpiece, dab tool, USB charger, and carrying case. Nothing special and we would’ve liked to see some extra stuff added in there, but we’re not disappointed by any means.

Linx Blaze usb slotBattery Life

Coming in at 900mAh, we’re reasonably satisfied with how much juice is packed inside, however, we can’t help but feel like they could’ve gone a little further and packed in about 30% more power. Unfortunately, the battery isn’t removable either like we got with the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit, however, it does charge with the included Micro USB charger in around 2 hours’ time.

A flaw we discovered was that there is no battery indicator. It will flash 8 times to let you know when it’s time to charge up, but if you’re seeing those blinks, chances are it’s too late to pop it onto a charger.

Linx Blaze with armor case


Almost small enough to completely conceal in a closed fist, it’s a great little portable unit. It’s not quite as tiny as some other microscopic sized devices, however, it comes pretty close and it takes up minimal real estate in almost any bag or pocket like the Yocan Evolve Plus.

At only 76 grams, it’s surprisingly lightweight considering the feel and finish of the device.

Linx Blaze tank refillEase of Use

Wax pen vaporizers are quite simple devices and the Linx Blaze is no exception to that rule. With single-button operation and no complex steps to the process, beginners and friends will have no problem getting quality clouds. However, users that don’t mind a bit of complexity and want to take things a step further with a unit that has more options usually tend to prefer devices like the Source Orb 4 Signature Kit.

Cleaning is quite simple too, as taking a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol will make quick work of the build-up inside. To help with the process, we recommend heating the atomizer up slightly to help loosen up the grime accumulated.

Ensure you clean frequently to really cut down on the hassle. Letting wax harden and stay over a long period will make it very annoying to clean up later! 

Linx Blaze in hand


Since it’s so small, it can be mostly hidden in the palm of your hand like the Ares Honey Straw. It doesn’t look too unlike your average e-juice vape either.

You will still put out a considerable amount of odor while using it, so keep that in mind of course! 

Linx Blaze full kitOverall Experience

We’re pretty content with the Linx Blaze, but we can’t help but feel like they could’ve done a little more. A slightly bigger battery, full or better-varied temperature settings, and a better cooling solution would make the Blaze a true winner.

As it sits, it’s definitely among the best wax pen vaporizers for flavor, but not for cloud size. If you’re wanting to spew out obnoxious-sized clouds, this isn’t the right device for you. If you want to taste the little subtleties of your material in a tiny form factor, then the Blaze is one of the better picks you can make. If you want to see the best wax pens on market check out our wax pens ranking.

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8.7 Great
  • 8.7

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  1. For the price, it’s a great starter wax vape. It seems to take a while to heat up but other than that, it does a pretty good job. Battery life is also good and design is just awesome.

  2. Well build quality and a solid body make this pen a top-class device. Easy to use vape pens and cleaning is so easy. I was surprised that even though it is small in size but it’s giving me the nice decent cloud I wanted. The battery life is very good if I compare it with other vape pens I owned in the past. Best pen

  3. I am new to waxes and I choose Blaze as my first vape pen. Good quality product and solid body. The draws are smooth and cool and the chamber is large enough to hold a decent amount of material. Its hit is good and a great flavor. It does produce huge clouds but it is good for enjoying waxes every day.

  4. The vapor quality of my Linx Blaze is very smooth and not harsh at all. Enjoyable but the coils get hot after few puffs and also you would have to change the coils after 20 to 25 days. The battery lasts long as well. Overall a nice portable wax pen.

  5. Blaze is one of the best products from the famous Linx I’ve ever tried. You can keep vaping and that will not fail. So far I have only used a quartz atomizer and I like it, it has great taste and easy cleaning. I can say that it is a good and solid device with good vapour quality.

  6. I own a puffco plus and several other devices however, the Linx Blaze is easily topping my list. It is really easy to use and easy to clean device. It is also very sleek and portable, great taste, and the best atomizers around. My personal favorite is the Ace, it is great coil and produces exceptionally great vapors. It can get hot and hold its heat to the point that you can take another one to two draws that are thick and tasty without hitting the heat again. Love this pen!

  7. I use this vape pen all day everyday and I am completely satisfied with this purchase. I’ve had it for a few months now and it is holding up juusst fine! It is super easy to maintain as long as you are diligent with your upkeep/cleaning. It produces nice flavor and vapor quality. My only 2 cons would be the battery life being just enough and not being able to check the battery status.

  8. I really like its ease of use and controlling the temperature is also an easy task. It produces pleasant and flavorful taste which is really nice along with decent clouds. It has some flaws that I want to highlight, after using it for a while the battery is starting to get weaker and the device takes longer to heat. Also, it does n’t have any battery indicator which is really disappointing.

  9. I am a very frequent user and I am very impressed with the vapor quality and the clouds I can get out of this thing. The flavor is also incredible. I love knowing I’m not inhaling any weird plastic bi-products. It’s very easy to clean and load and I love the included carrying case. It’s super chic and discreet at the same time. I just wish it had a bit more battery life.

  10. I purchased it from a local store and I am happy with it The vape is really cool and easy to use as well as putting it together It is small and very discreet just wish it had a power setting on it. It works best with its own atomizer and it produces smooth and wonderful vapors.

  11. It’s amazing! I’ve been looking for a new wax pen for me and I got surprised when Linx launched this awesome product. I am very satisfied and super excited to have Blaze with me. Heats up very fast and has a nice temp. settings. I can enjoy both big hits and small smoother hits.

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