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We’ve reviewed some other devices from Vapium before like the Vapium Summit Plus and the Vapium Hyer. We came away without much bad or good to say about each unit, and we’re keen on seeing how the Vapium Lite stacks up to other lightweight, budget dry herb vaporizer. Check out what we have to say in our Vapium Lite review!

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Review: Vapium Lite

Vapium Lite Review


Vapium Lite parts

How it Works

Load up the device with roughly 0.25-0.33 grams of dry herb. Pack it down slightly, but not too much to still allow air to flow through the device. Finely ground herb works better! Once that’s done and the mouthpiece is back on, power the unit on by holding down the button for three seconds, and adjust the temperature according to the + and – buttons.

Once it reaches temperature, it’ll vibrate to let you know. Take 10-15 second long draws and enjoy!

Tip: Power on the device and let it start heating up while loading your herb. It’ll be ready to go once you finish loading it up!

Vapium Lite flat display

Vapium Lite power control


Temperature Flexibility

The Lite features 8 different settings! Although you don’t get full, incremental control, 8 settings is more than enough to dial in the best one for your herb. With a range of 172-228°C (342-442°F) and each temperature increase going up by 8°C/14°F, you have pretty good control.

On one hand, we would’ve liked to see a lower minimum setting. Some people (like myself) like starting at 160°C and going up from there, and compatibility with other herbs like lavender or sage would be better.

Vapium Lite mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The Vapium Lite isn’t really special in the vapor quality aspect. Using a standard ceramic conduction oven we see on most budget devices, you won’t be getting anything wild. Starting off with nice flavor for the first couple hits, it develops that recognizable ‘roasted popcorn’ flavor throughout the session.

We find units with a glass mouthpiece like the Utillian 420, does a better job with vapor production and flavor.

For novices and beginner users, the Lite will get you to where you want to go, however experienced users will definitely be wanting a little more oomph to their hits. 

Vapium Lite front display

Manufacturing Quality

The Lite feels decent in the hand with a solid anodized aluminum body. The modern addiction of USB-C is a nice touch but overall the unit feels just okay when in use. We’re not a fan of the aesthetic the visible numbering brings, though it’s no big deal really. The integrated stir stick is a great feature that we want to see on more devices!

We’re glad that Vapium includes a good kit for the price, including the device itself, a USB-C charger, spare air intake insert, 14/18mm water pipe adapter, stir stick, cleaning brush, and user manual. This is pretty satisfactory and we don’t have any complaints.

Vapium Lite usb slotBattery Life

We’re a bit disappointed in the battery. Using a non-removable 18500 battery rated to 1100mAh, you won’t be getting very good battery life. This is good for around 2 – 4 sessions before needing to top up, which is below average compared to almost every unit on the market.

The addition of USB-C charging is a great feature which allows you to top up quickly, however, the frequent recharging we see is going to be a hassle.

Vapium Lite with armor case


A pretty small device, the Vapium Lite slides comfortably into almost any pocket or bag without problem.

A touch bigger than other ultraportable vaporizers like the Zeus Arc, it’s still a great compact carry option.

Vapium Lite in use

Ease of Use

The Lite is quite simple to use, requiring no complex draw technique or operation in order to get reasonable results.

The large chamber makes it good for sharing with others and little to no coaching will be required to get your friends going.

Cleaning is also quite simple, as a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol will clean out the chamber of any grime and residue easily.

Vapium Lite in hand


It’s quite a small device which hides away almost entirely in the hand when in use. This is pretty solid and the jet black color helps the discreet nature of the unit. Still not quite on the level of the Zeus Arc, it also puts out a significant amount of odor and it takes quite a while to fully extract a bowl. 

Vapium Lite full kitOverall Experience

Though we like the additions of an integrated stir stick, USB-C charging, and a large chamber, the battery life, and vapor quality leave us very ‘meh’ about the device. Almost every other budget devices we’ve tried like the Utillian 421 has a stronger battery and more to offer.

Still, it’s not a bad device per se and you’ll definitely get some good results with it, however, don’t expect it to blow you away by any means and we wish they put a little more into the heating element and battery life.

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