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If you’ve managed to catch a glimpse of the Smok Mag but for some reason found the overall size of the kit to be a bit too large for your liking, you’re in for a treat. The all-new Smok Mag Baby brings the same fun aesthetic the original Smok Mag had but in a smaller package. Playing host to an internal 1600mAh battery that powers the mod up to a maximum of 50 watts, the kit also includes the esteemed TFV12 Baby Prince tank.

Let’s delve down into the details below and see if this kit is worthy of being your mod on the go. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: Smok Mag Baby kit w/ TFV12 Baby Prince

Smok Mag Baby Review

Smok Mag Baby front profile

Manufacturing Quality

Gun nuts should appreciate the obvious inspiration for the Smok Mag Baby’s design. The device itself is fashioned into what resembles a gun grip, and while it isn’t the first device to take this approach, it’s definitely one of the most compact mods to do so.

The Smok Mag Baby is available in a plethora of color options which should appeal to every type of vaper out there. The finishing is quite excellent and it’s plain as day that Smok has vastly improved the build quality on their devices since the heyday of the Smok Alien which unfortunately had a very lackluster paint job that chips and flakes easier than an authentic French croissant.

With lots of venting holes located throughout the body of the device, you can rest assured that the mod and the battery inside does a good job of staying cool. The firing button, which is fashioned into a gun-style trigger is remarkably ergonomic and easy to locate.

Even without looking at the device, pressing the firing button is easy and satisfying thanks to the clicky and tactile nature of the firing button. The up/down buttons that are used to customize settings also feature the same quality and are easy to press, resulting in hassle-free operation of the kit altogether.

One thing that Smok does right in all their variable wattage mods are their screens, and the Smok Mag Baby is no exception thanks to the inclusion of a 0.96 inch OLED screen which is crisp and vibrant. Unlike their other recent devices, the screen on the Smok Mag Baby isn’t colored and while this might not be good news for some, it feels to be the right choice due to the rather small internal battery. People who use 510 cartridges tend to prefer the Vessel 510 thread battery.

Using a color screen with the mod would just decrease the already limited battery life further and its a good thing Smok realized this when designing the mod.

Smok Mag Baby available colors

Just like every other Smok kit out there, the Smok Mag Baby also includes matching drip tips that fit perfectly onto the included tank. If you’re a fan of the snakeskin aesthetic, then these should be right up your alley, not to mention that the included drip tip glow in the dark as well!

The tank is affixed to the mod with a spring loaded 510 connection which ensures gapless and flush connectivity. The Baby Prince tank has a diameter of 26mm so any atomizer with a base dimension equal to or lesser than that should fit perfectly on top of the Smok Mag Baby if you ever feel the need to switch things up a bit.

Smok Mag Baby mouth piece

Flavor Quality

The TFV12 Baby Prince is no pushover when it comes to flavor and vapor output. The pre-installed V8 Baby-Q2 Core coils do a great job of vaporizing whatever e-liquid you pour into the tank.

Thanks to the dual coil design, flavors come through strong and clean, and vapor production is pretty much at the level you can expect out of a 50-watt device. This might not please vapers looking to blow the largest clouds ever, but it should satisfy pretty much everyone else out there.

Flavor and vapor output can be easily fine-tuned thanks to the dual slotted airflow ring located at the base of the Baby Prince tank, so whether you’re looking for more of a restricted airflow or a wide open or loose vaping experience, it’s easy to change things up to suit your preferences. Users who are interested in 510 thread cartridges for oil often prefer the CCELL Silo.

Smok Mag Baby power controlPower Flexibility

You might think that a mod of this size would be limited in terms of its offerings when it comes to alternative vaping modes, but then you’d be wrong. Aside from the standard variable wattage or power mode, the kit also supports temperature control which is compatible across the entire line of TC metals such as titanium, nickel, and stainless steel.

A whole bunch of safety features is also hardwired into the internal chip such as a 10-second cutoff, short circuit protection, overheating protection, and a low-voltage protection to ensure a safe vaping experience even for the absolute beginners to vaping.

Smok Mag Baby flat display

Smok Mag Baby tankEase of Use

Just like most devices, the Smok Mag Baby is switched on with a simple 5 clicks to the firing button and is similarly switched off. 3 clicks access the onboard menu which allows you to make changes to the interface or small adjustments to each of the vaping modes available.

Thanks to the internal battery, there’s no need to worry about purchasing a battery separately and the entire kit works straight out of the box as long as you’ve got the e-liquid to fill it up with.

The TFV12 Baby Prince tank features the same approach towards overall ease of use. An easy to press button is located on the top cap which unlocks the top cap letting it swivel out for easy and quick refills.

Replacing coils is as easy as unscrewing the base of the Baby Prince from the glass tank, threading the old coil off, then threading a new one in. The glass tank also has a maximum e-liquid capacity of 4.5ml which is plenty considering the dimensions of the Smok Mag Baby, so there’ll be less need to refill often.

Smok Mag Baby with armor case


With a max height of 115mm and a total weight of 200 grams, the Smok Mag Baby isn’t difficult to carry around, even in your pocket. Unfortunately, the major weakness of the kit is the rather weak internal battery rated at a mere 1600mAh.

Considering how Smok has released smaller, more compact mods with batteries almost twice the size, it’s a bit disheartening to see the Smok Mag Baby released with such a minuscule battery.

If you’re looking for a device that’ll last you an entire day without recharging, the Smok Mag Baby most likely isn’t for you as it requires recharging at least once a day for most vapers.

Smok Mag Baby mouth piece detached

Smok Mag Baby full kit

Overall Experience

The Smok Mag Baby is a unique kit that delivers an aesthetic not often seen in this small form factor design. The included tank and its coils do a great job of outputting a good amount of flavor and vapor to keep you happy and satisfied, not to mention the unique glow in the dark drip tip adds a bit of value and novelty to the entire package.

It’s just unfortunate that the entire package is limited by a lackluster battery that disqualifies the mod for all day use (unless you don’t mind charging the device 1-2 times a day).

If you want something extremely simple, check out the Kandypens Rubi and if you are looking for the best mod style kit to start with we recommend the MOK Procolor.

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