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Kanger is a name synonymous with the vape community. Their original flagship unit the Kanger Subox offered users a slick looking, easy to use unit that had first timers chasing clouds in no time. Today we will be looking at the newest flagship unit from Kanger, the Topbox Mini. So what makes this unit different from its predecessor? Read our review to find out.  If you are new to vaping be sure to check out our buyer’s guide to learn more about what to look for when purchasing your first vape.

Review: Kanger Topbox Mini

Manufacturing Quality Of Kanger Topbox Mini Vaporizer

Manufacturing Quality

We have always loved the quality of Kanger products and we are happy to report that Kanger has kept that tradition alive and well. The Kanger Topbox Mini oozes quality the minute you remove it from the box. The K-Box mod is one of the sexiest and sleekest looking mods, the black version has red accents, while the white version features black accents. No matter which color you get the unit looks slick.

The battery door is magnetic and pops off with a bit of force to install your battery. The display has been improved over the original Subox offering larger numbers making the device easier to read. The mod also allows you to change between wattage mode and temperature control which will help with your vapor quality, which we will touch on later.

The biggest improvement over the Subox is the Toptank mini, which as the name alludes, is a top fill tank. This was one of our biggest complaints with the Subox, every time you wanted to fill your tank you had to remove it from the mod. Now with the top tank you simply twist off the top to access the filling chamber. This makes loading your e-juice far more convenient than the previous model.

However one aspect we would have liked to see changed was not, and that is the bottom airflow system. Having your airflow at the bottom tends to lead to leaking in vapes. Unvaped liquid has a nasty habit of making its way down past the coil and into the airflow. When enough pools it begins to leak making a mess everywhere. The E-Leaf iStick Pico combats this issue by moving the airflow system to the top of their tank. Kanger has neglected to make this change so we fear this unit may have the same leaking issues as the previous model. We have not experienced issues with leaking yet, so perhaps they addressed an issue with the seal, but only time will tell.

Flavor Quality Of Kanger Topbox Mini Vaporizer

Flavor Quality

 As expected with Kanger products, flavor quality is top notch. We have always enjoyed the quality of cotton and metal in their coils, Kanger products always seem to deliver only the flavor of your vapor without influence from the coils, cotton or tank.

Included in the kit is a .15ohm nickel coil, a .5ohm stainless steel coil, and da .5ohm Clapton coil giving you a few options to further customize your setup. The lower ohm coil (.15ohm) will be able to accept the most power and will produce the largest clouds. The other 2 coils are geared more towards normal users and will produce decent vapor and won’t be able to accept as much wattage from the mod.

The newest K-Box mod included with the topbox starter kit also includes an option for temperature control. What temperature control does is automatically adjusts the wattage as you vape to maintain your set temperature. This helps maintain your coils as the unit will not allow the coil to overheat and burn while you are in temperature control mode. We are glad to see this option included as it is becoming standard with most vapes and greatly improves vapor quality. However, people who use 510 cartridges tend to prefer the Tronian Tautron.

Power Flexibility Of Kanger Topbox Mini VaporizerPower Flexibility

 The original Subox provided users with 50 watts of power and while that was decent for most users, it did not satisfy the cloud chasers. With the Topbox Mini, the power has been bumped up to 75 watts to offer users a wide power range.

Most users won’t exceed 30 – 40 watts, however, if you really want to use very low ohm coils and blow the biggest clouds, Kanger now gives you that option with its flagship unit. This makes the Topbox Mini a great unit for beginners and cloud chasers alike, offering tons of customization depending on how you enjoy your vapor. If you are someone who also uses 510 oil cartridges and other vapers have reported Tronian Nutron is a good place to start.  

Kanger Topbox Mini Vaporizer In HandEase of Use

We are glad to see that Kanger has continued to keep things simple with their units. The mod still features the same 3 button design as the original Subox with only a few extra clicks to access the needed menus. To turn the device on click the fire button 5 times quickly, to set your wattage or temperature use the + and – buttons at the bottom of the unit. To change to temperature mode press the fire button 3 times to cycle through the options.

The Top Tank mini also adds a whole other layer of simplicity, allowing you to fill the tank from the top without having to remove it from the unit. This makes filling much easier than the previous iteration that required you to remove the tank before filling. Now you can just unscrew the top, fill and go.

Portability Of Kanger Topbox Mini VaporizerPortability

To continue on from our last point, the Top Tank Mini also increases the portability of the unit making it easier to fill on the go. With the previous Subox, you had to fumble the mod, the tank, the atomizer, and your e-juice when filling on the go, needless to say, it got messy. With the top tank, you just have to unscrew the top and fill the tank while still attached to the mod. This makes it so much easier to top up your tank when you are on the street.

Besides the top tank, the device in general is fairly portable. It is slim and will easily fit in a pocket but the device is a little tall. In our experience usually, the drip tip pokes out from your pocket slightly, so if you want a device that can be kept out of sight entirely you may want to check out the iStick Pico, which offers a more compact package for a vape. But besides the length, the weight and width of the device make it very easy to store and go.


Overall Experience Of Kanger Topbox Mini VaporizerOverall Experience

Kanger has another winner on their hands with the Kanger Topbox Mini. The improved top fill tank system adds a layer of simplicity that was missing in previous models and improves on an already extremely easy to use device. This device is a great starting point for anyone new to vaping but is powerful enough to impress cloud chasers as well.

75 watts of power and a temperature control mode provide users with a wide range of customization to produce the vapor they wish to achieve. We do worry the bottom airflow ring may prove to have the same leaking issue as the previous model but as of right now we have had no issues.

Overall if you are in the market for your first vape the Kanger Topbox will make the transition simple and flavorful. It really is one of the best performing starter vapes right out of the box with a minimal learning curve. But don’t take our word for it, grab one for yourself and let us know what you think!

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