Smok RPM40 Review – Revving your engine

Updated: September 7, 2020

The new Smok RPM40’s design is reminiscent of a shrunk down Smok Cuboid box mod and to be honest, it looks sleek, perfectly ergonomic, and pocket-friendly. All of the design traits we want in our vape pods.

With a power output range of 1 – 40 watts that can be easily be adjusted with the help of a 0.96” TFT LCD screen, a built-in battery with a capacity of 1500mAh, a new IQ-R chip that provides a lightning-quick firing time of 0.001s, a short charging time of around two hours.

Smok is on a roll with vape pods in the form of the Nord, Smok Novo 2, Smok Trinity Alpha Pod, and now – the RPM 40. Keep reading below to find out more about this awesome vape pod.


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Review: Smok RPM40

Smok RPM40 Review

Smok RPM40 front display

Manufacturing Quality – Is the RPM40 better than the Nord?

The first of Smok’s vape pod lineup to feature a TFT LCD screen that displays all that vaping information you will need, including wattage and voltage levels, coil resistance, puff count, and battery levels.

The Smok RPM40 incorporates it in a sleek, cuboid shape that is adorned with either carbon fiber accents or resin-like materials that feels nice to the touch.

This will definitely be a hit with vapers who love carbon fiber and resin designs. This vape pod is smooth to hold with its linear shape and a tactile rectangular firing button that oozes quality at every click. It also has two buttons below the screen that allows you to adjust your wattage and voltage with ease.

If the design language looks familiar, you are probably remembering the Smok Cuboid box mod which was launched a few years back. This isn’t a bad homage at any degree, the sleek profile that the Smok RPM40 has is a classic and clean look. We definitely prefer it over the ultra-fancy designs that some other vape pods have.

The Smok RPM40 sports a gloss black mouthpiece that has a wide opening reminiscent of a classic box mod’s drip tip which helps in getting a substantial draw for that oh-so-satisfying throat hit.

The mouthpiece is part of the included 4.3ml capacity RPM Standard and 4.5ml capacity RPM Nord pod (depending on the installed coil) which fits in snugly with the body of this device. There are no issues with pulling out and re-inserting the pod to the body, they fit perfectly and sits flush with each other.Smok RPM40 vaporize heating coils

There are eight colors currently available for the Smok RPM40 vape pod: Bright Black, Prism Chrome, Purple Red, Prism Gold, Prism Rainbow, White, Orange, and Green. Personally, we absolutely adore the White colorway, with a sophisticated, clean appearance and a touch of resin-like paint splash on the sides.

Smok has nailed the color choices offered for this release of the Smok RPM40 vape pod, there will be a colorway that fits your style.

Smok RPM40 mouth piece

Flavor Quality – How good is the vapor from the RPM40?

The Smok RPM40 includes a 4.3ml capacity RPM Standard pod with a RPM Mesh 0.4 coil preinstalled and 4.5ml capacity RPM Nord pod with a Nord DC 0.6 coil preinstalled, both of which are recommended to be used at 25 watts power output.

The Nord DC 0.6 coil gives out a cleaner, more direct flavor and nicotine hit at the expense of lesser vapor production while the RPM Mesh 0.4 coil produces more flavor with a slightly muted flavor and nicotine hit.

We personally prefer the vapor dynamics that the Nord DC 0.6 coil offers at 25 watts, it seems to be the perfect companion that offers satisfying hits of flavor and nicotine throughout the day. We used a 50/50 VG-PG e-liquid and never noticed any leaking issues, the vapor and flavor were consistently delivered throughout our testing period of five days.

The Smok RPM 40 can also be used with the following RPM coils:

  • RPM Mesh Coil 0.4ohm
  • RPM Triple Coil 0.6ohm
  • RPM Quartz Coil 1.2ohm
  • RPM SC Coil 1.0ohm
  • RPM RBA (upcoming)

With the wide variety and availability of these coils offered for the Smok RPM40, getting your preferred vapor experience is easier than ever. Be sure to try out all the available coils so you can be assured of your preferred Smok RPM40 vaping experience. If you’ve been using big box mods with 510 carts it may be time to look for something smaller, most vapers tend to start with Vessel 510 thread battery for their oil because it’s much more compact than a mod. 

Smok RPM40 power controlPower Flexibility – 40 Watts of Power in a Pod-Vape

The Smok RPM 40 offers variable wattage from 1 – 40 watts of power output. The maximum of which is rarely needed, if ever. We found that 20 – 25 watts are the sweet spot in getting the flavor, vapor thickness, and vapor temperature that we prefer on the pods we have tested.

Although this may be different for you, the beauty of the Smok RPM 40 is that it provides you with the choice of fine-tuning your preferred power output. The new IQ-R chip provides a lightning-quick firing time of 0.001s so every time you press that fire button, you will be getting an instantaneous firing response that never disappoints.

The battery life easily lasts for an entire day when using the SMOK RPM40 in the 20 – 25-watt power range. And if ever you are the type who prefers to vape at the maximum output of 40 watts, the Smok RPM40 gets a zero to 100% of battery charging time at only around two hours so it will be easy to keep the device charged throughout your day.

Smok RPM40 flat display

Smok RPM40 tankEase of Use – Is the RPM40 still easy to use?

Smok has always been known in manufacturing vape pods that are easily accessible to any type of vaper with the simplicity and ease of use that you just cannot compare with most of the vape pods available in today’s market. That trend continues with the Smok RPM40.

Five clicks on the firing button powers it on, and the same amount of clicks power it off. The wattage adjustment buttons below the TFT LCD screen allow you to adjust the device’s power output on the fly so there are no issues when trying to get the perfect vaping experience that you want.

Filling the pod with more e-liquid is as easy as pulling out the pod from the body, pulling the rubber plug on the side of the pod and adding more e-liquid, closing the rubber plug, and pugging the pod back to the body. Smok has always made devices that are easy to use even without taking time to read the manual and it is no different here.

Smok RPM40 with armor case

Portability – Small and Plenty of Charge

With the Smok RPM40’s dimensions coming in at 25 x 25 x 99 mm (H-W-D) and weighing at 99 grams, it is extremely convenient to hold in your hand and fit in your pocket for daily use.

Its compact and sleek appearance is a boon to vapers who like having their pods handy but not too small as to take away from the ease of handling the device.

We do recommend placing this device inside a pouch if your pockets are always lined with other things that can scratch the nice glossy finish on this pod but it is up to you.

The 1500mAh battery has more than enough endurance to last most vapers throughout the day so you probably won’t have a need to charge this device when you are out and about but in case you need to, just carry the short micro-USB cable included in this device that fits in your pocket so you can easily charge it anywhere you go.Smok RPM40 detached

Smok RPM40 full kit

Overall Experience – Smok RPM40 isn’t just spinning its wheels

Smok has hit a homerun with this vape pod. The Smok RPM40 checks all the boxes that a vaper needs in a device that has so much power, flexibility, and endurance for such a small body.

With the wide array of compatible coils that cater to most types of vapor preference that vapers have, there is simply no good reason why we cannot recommend this device. This is one of the most feature-packed vape pods in the market right now and you will not regret having one in your pocket.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Smok RPM40 review! We would love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment in the section below, you can do so anonymously 😉 Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for contests, sales alerts, and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’! 😉

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  1. Avatar for Guy
    Guy on

    Rpm stands for Real Pod Mod not Revs per minute

  2. Avatar for Jamie
    Jamie on

    Hi and thanks for posting an informative review. The only question I’m left with is this: how do you adjust the voltage? You mentioned that it’s adjustable inn the early part of the review, but didn’t mention it again. I just bought this device for myself, and the voltage is at 0… but I don’t know how or why to change it. Hope you know the answer ?

  3. Avatar for Nate
    Nate on

    Voltage only shows when you use your vape, can’t change it. Ohms you can’t change either (unless using a different coil it’ll change on its own) , only thing you can change is wattage

  4. Avatar for Nathaniel tribby
    Nathaniel tribby on

    I’ve been using the rpm40 for about 4 weeks or so now. Out the gate I was very impressed with the device. Overall look, the weight is nice and feels solid in the hand and is pretty ergonomic as well. As someone who was diehard into devices like the juul and vuse alto because of size and being able to pick refills up pretty much anywhere if need be. I started with a juul so I guess I was biased. At that time I also didnt know jack about vapes in general. But I just couldnt see myself carrying around that huge box looking thing. I’m a german car salesmen and typically on any given day I can be in and out of 20 cars. There have been many times where I’ve set my juul in a cup holder or something and completely forgot about it and spent an hour trying to figure out which car it was in. But it being so small I could fit it in my pocket and it wasnt huge. ( when you carry around 5 or more keys and now most keys are the remotes. Needless to say my pockets are always full of what I need to do my job. Having a big box mod would just be in the way for me. Plus in my pocket the likelihood of it getting scratched up and even snapping the tank off becuz I’m up and down crawling around at times. It just wouldnt work out. Of course I stuck to my juul but after the whole flavor ban. Which included the mint 5.0 nic. And only having tobacco and menthol both of which from juul are just awful. I looked for something new. And came across a vuse alto for one dollar and their 5 percent menthol which was not as medicinal like as juul. However over time finding the 5 percent nic became harder and now you can only find them in 2.4. Which doesnt work for me. I dont vape for any other reason then for the nicotine buzz. Like without that why does anyone vape in general? If I could find 10 25 or 20% nic in a juice then even if I wasnt a huge fan of the flavor I’d still use it. Anyhow currently I’m using a 50/50/5 spearmint gum with the rpm40 coil from mad hatter. It has a nice flavor and a decent aftertaste and a nice buzz as well. In the other tank with the nord coil I’m using 70/30/5 in a lemon twist iced pink punch from twisteliquids or daddysvape. Which is also a nice flavor and decent hit. The only issue is no matter what wattage I get spits and sputters of juice in my mouth no matter what you do. It’s not a huge deal but still annoys. I do wonder however if it had to do with the percentages of vg and pg. Or if the rpm40 coil is just a better design for spitback. Overall the device performs great and the battery life lasts me usually for an entire day with a couple hundred hits per day average. The only issues to me is sometimes after refilling the device will say no pod attached and you have to mess with it and clean it and it finally will work. The other issue is the pods do leak some. Around the refill rubbers and usually around where the coil goes into the pod. The only other issue I think companies should talk about is voltage because that’s where your power differences come from. I’d wager wide open your still only gettin around 3.1 volts which should be closer to 4 because of the battery. So technically your not getting 40 watts. But that’s literally 99% of devices. I think smok hit this out of the ballpark so far with minor issues and a great design for someone who’s a novice or experienced and just wants a smaller device that can come close to performing like a high end mod device. The only thing I wish I could of done was gotten one that wasnt so shiny. The store only had a black prism color splash one in stock. I’d prefer a brushed met frame and the carbon fiber sides. Or recreated wood or real resin. Anyhow hopefully this helps someone who’s interested. I’d definitely recommend this device to anyone and I’m gonna be trying all the different coils available.

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