ZeusArc ZeusArc
ZeusArc ZeusArc
ZEUS Arc frontal picture


Exterior Finish

Anodized Aluminum

Temperature Settings

205˚C / 401˚F

215˚C / 419˚F

225˚C / 437˚F

Battery Capacity


Available Colours

ZEUS Arc black color swatch


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Zeus Arc GT Zeus Arc GT
Zeus Arc Zeus Arc

Critic Reviews

"The Zeus Arc nails all the best selling points of a vaporizer that could easily become your daily-use cannabis vape. With its 3500mAH battery, haptic feedback, accelerometer, gold vapor path (on the GT) and solid construction, there isn't any doubt that this is a badass vaporizer." - Forbes

"An all gold vapor path? Now I've seen it all! The Zeus Arc GT's all gold vapor path really brings out the flavor of my herbs and I find I get a more even cook. It's perfect for quick sessions when I'm out and can produce some serious vapor." - Kushbury

"When it comes to performance, just like a fine-tuned German machine, The Zeus Arc GT does not disappoint. It is the first portable vaporizer to use an all-gold vapor path and heating chamber. When it comes to conducting heat, it doesn’t get any better than gold. In effect, your flower will evenly bake to perfection." - KnowTechie

"Honestly, I thought the gold was just a flashy, expensive gimmick but it produces some tasty, cool vapor, with impressive clouds on the highest temperature cycle. This is pretty impressive for a conduction vaporizer with a flat mouthpiece, two factors that typically contribute to hot, harsh vapor. Clearly the gold in the chamber helps to carefully calibrate the temperature and the gold heatsink in the mouthpiece keeps the vapor cool." - The Vape Guide

ZEUS Arc Vaporizer