iStick 60w TC Full Kit

iStick TC60W

Clever Clouds

iStick 60w TC Full Kit

iStick 60 TC Full Kit

Clever Clouds

For the Cloud Chasing Connoiseur

The Top Fill Melo 2 Tank, temperature control mode, and nickel and titanium atomizers are just some of the ways the iStick 60W will enhance your vapor experience.

iStick 60w TC Full Kit
iStick 60w TC Full Kit


Exterior Finish

Anodized Aluminum

Heating Modes


Temperature Control

Battery Capacity


Available Colours

black color swatch
silver/black color swatch



See the specs

Smooth draws, flavorful vapor

Creating convenient, full flavored vapor at the touch of a button.

iStick 60w TC Full Kit

Customer Reviews

“I had been using a pen-vape for a while and finally decided to step up and buy my first “Mod” vaporizer and decided on the iStick. I have to say the switch was fairly easy because the iStick is so simple to use, I was blowing clouds in no time” - Ben P

“The iStick gives me giant clouds every time, I absolutely love it. I have been through several units and this is by far my favorite, flavor is great and I especially love the top fill tank” - Mary T

“I got the iStick because I wanted something with temperature control to help my coils from getting burned out, I have to say I’m quite impressed, I have yet to get a draw hit from this unit. Every draw is smooth, consistent and full of flavor. I’m hooked” - Gary W

Get iStick 60w TC Full Kit
iStick 60w TC Full Kit