3ft Tube

3ft Tube
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This is a replacement tube that can be used as the long whip for certain vaporizers such as the Arizer V Tower or Arizer Extreme Q. This tube is designed to be used with any compatible vaporizer which uses a whip. Replacing existing tubes can greatly increase vapor freshness and quality. Other features of this tube include:

  • Heat resistant
  • Made of food grade PVC
  • 3 ft long


  • Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer
  • Arizer V Tower Vaporizer
  • AroMed
  • E.Z. Vape Series

Package Contents

  • 1 x 3 ft tube


  1. Use warm/hot water to soften whip ends
  2. Remove tubing from any other pieces, such as glass connectors or mouthpieces
  3. Clean tubing with warm water or gentle cleansers such as diluted ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution
  4. Avoid cleaning agents like alcohol which can damage this product

How To Replace

  1. Collect other pieces, such as glass connector or mouthpiece
  2. Soften ends of new tube with warm/hot water
  3. Slowly work glass pieces inside the tubing until secure
  4. Enjoy your fresh tube!
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