W9Tech Omicron v4 Wax Pen Review – Overrated and Overpriced?


W9Tech has been making premium wax pens for a while now. Their flagship unit, the Omicron wax pen has seen several iterations and today we are reviewing the latest version of this popular unit, the Omicron 4. W9 Tech markets themselves as premium wax pen makers and demands premium prices for their units and replacement parts. So let’s dive right in and see if the Omicron 4 is worth the hype. If this is your first time purchasing a wax pen, be sure to check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide which is full of helpful tips of what to look for when purchasing your first pen.

Review: Omicron 4

How W9Tech Omicron V4 Wax Pen WorksHow it Works

Like most wax pens the Omicron is really straight forward to use right out of the box. Attach the mouthpiece to the battery and pull the mouthpiece to expose the heating coil.

With a wax applicator load your favorite concentrates directly to the exposed coil. Be sure not to touch the applicator to the coils to avoid damaging the atomizer.

Once you have loaded your wax, put the mouthpiece back on the wax pen and press the power button on the battery 5 times quickly to turn the unit on. To toggle between the 4 temperature settings press the power button 3 times quickly.

Once you have set your desired temperature just press and hold the power button while drawing from the mouthpiece to enjoy your vapor!

Temperature Flexibility Of W9Tech Omicron V4 Wax PenTemperature Flexibility

The Omicron just like the Linx Hypnos Zero provides users with 4 temperature settings. The Omicron refers to the temperature settings in wattage, which is the amount of power flowing to the coil, so unfortunately we do not know the exact range the unit heats to. Your wattage setting is highlighted by the glowing LED behind the power button. When the light is yellow the unit is firing at 10W, pink is 13W, green is 16W and blue is 19W.

We played around with each of the temperature settings and determined our personal preference is either pink or green which is right in the middle. The yellow setting (the lowest temperature), does a good job at allowing you to taste all the subtle flavors of your wax, but was a bit lackluster when it came to visible vapor.

Red on the other hand was far too harsh but did provide us with the largest amount of visible vapor, which is to be expected from the highest heat setting. If you are someone who is used to traditional oil rigs, you may prefer this setting.

But for us we found the middle 2 power settings the perfect balance between flavor and visible vapor. You will definitely want to play around with the unit yourself to find  the exact wattage setting you prefer to use, which is always part of the fun.

While we do enjoy that Omicron gives you 4 power settings, we wish for such a premium unit we had a bit more control over the temperature settings, like the Source Orb 4 premium kit which provides users with 8 temperature settings for a more fine-tuned session.

Vapor Quality Of W9Tech Omicron V4 Wax PenVapor Quality

When we heard all the rave reviews that other users were saying about the quality of vapor from the Omicron we were extremely excited to try it for ourselves.

While we do agree with most users that the vapor quality from the Omicron is very good, we honestly do not feel it is the best available. Don’t get us wrong, flavor was amazing and we were able to get some pretty impressive draws from this unit, but it definitely is not the best we have ever tried.

Perhaps at one point the Omicron 4 was the best available, but with units like the Source Orb 4 are nipping at their heals, offering a similar atomizer style but also including a plethora of other atomizers in the package to give you a more unique and customizable experience.

W9 Tech only provides you with one style of atomizer with the option to purchase another one. Considering both units are around the same price, its hard to recommend the Omicron over the Source Orb 4, especially for vapor quality when the Orb 4 gives you so many more options.

Manufacturing Quality Of W9Tech Omicron V4 Wax PenManufacturing Quality

This is one place where W9 Tech pride themselves and to be honest it really shows. The Omicron is a well put together wax pen and was clearly made with attention to detail.

The battery is a standard eGo one battery that is available in 3 different capacities, 900mah, 1400mah, and 2100mah. The battery appears to be high quality and redesigned to be specifically used for the Omicron KISS cartridge atomizer that comes with it. The battery will allow you to toggle between 4 preset wattages.

The actual atomizer is made out of twin porous black ceramic rods with a titanium wrapped coil. You can tell that W9 Tech used genuine titanium because when heated the coils change from a metallic gray to a purple/bluish, which is how titanium is supposed to react when oxidized (heated). This cartridge is very well constructed with a tight and precise wrap on the coils, unlike the sloppy wraps we have seen on the Kandypens Gravity.

The Omicron comes with 2 mouthpieces, one titanium and one glass to give you a little bit of customization. We prefer the metal one as it is much sturdier but the glass does provide a bit better flavor and allows you to see the vaporization process.

One thing we noticed with the Omicron is that it does have a tendency to clog if any unvaped oils are left just sitting in the chamber. W9Tech recommends takes a few draws while the unit is cooling to keep oils from clogging the air pathway. To be honest for such a premium unit we would have liked to see a better design with airflow so it would not even have a chance to clog.

SourceVapes changed their air intake method on the Source Orb 4 kits to combat this very issue, moving the airflow from being through the coil to having the air come through the sides of the mouthpiece. By doing this SourceVapes greatly improved airflow and also improved issues with clogging. Something we wish Omicron did.

Battery Life Of W9Tech Omicron V4 Wax PenBattery Life

Battery life varies depending on the size of the battery you wish to go with. The smallest battery capacity, 900mah, lasts roughly a day of constant use. The next size, 1400mah gives you about a day and a half and the largest battery, 2400 can give you several days of power without the need for charge.

We recommend getting the middle battery capacity as it is the best of both worlds when it comes to available power and portability, unlike the Puffco Peak that too has a 1400 mAh capable of producing huge vapors but lacks the portability due to its size and build.

Portability Of W9Tech Omicron V4 Wax PenPortability

Just like most pen shaped units such as the Utillian 5, the Omicron is a fairly portable device. It can be easily slipped into a pocket to be taken with you for a night out.

Your portability, just like battery life, will also depend on the size of battery you choose when you buy the device. The larger capacity batteries adds about a ¾ of an inch of length to the battery.

If you are looking to use this device mainly out and about we highly suggest getting the smallest battery capacity. This may seem counter intuitive because you will have a shorter lifespan, but the smallest battery gives you maximum portability and allows you to easily conceal the device if the situation arises.

Ease Use Of OmicronEase of Use

The Omicron only features one button just like most other wax pens like the Linx Blaze, making it very simple to operate. 5 clicks turns the device on and off and 3 clicks toggles between the 4 pre-set power settings.

Loading your device is also fairly straight forward  to use. Just remove the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber and use the loading tool to place your concentrate directly on the coil.

To clean your Omicron, just like most other wax pens, soak only the atomizer and the mouthpiece in 99% alcohol for about 30 minutes and then allow to dry for several hours.

Overall Experience Of W9Tech Omicron V4 Wax PenOverall Experience

The Omicron 4 by W9Tech is a decent wax pen at its core, it produces nice vapor and is made with high attention to detail. Unfortunately the device falls a bit short when it is stacked up against other top tier wax pens like the Source Orb 4 premium kit which offers users more control over temperature settings and includes a whopping 6 atomizers to play with.

We would have like to see W9Tech include at least a spare atomizer if not some type of variety so that consumers get their full value for the price. So while we enjoyed our time with the Omicron 4, the value is just not their when compared to our top tiered wax pen companies.

If you have questions about our review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!

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    These pens leak,leak,leak. Waste your oil.

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    I love it, it draws real smooth and it’s just the right size to carry where you want but it comes with only one coil which is very bad as I spent a good amount to buy this unit. After using it for just a month, I am now waiting for the new coils of it that I ordered 3 days ago.

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