Myth-Busting the Vaper Lifestyle – A TVape Survey


Myth-busting the Vaper Lifestyle

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by: Nima Noori

Founder and CEO of TVape
August 1st, 2017

Vapers are often stereotyped as lazy, uneducated, sloths devouring fast food while binging on Netflix. This stigma is often the reason most herb users choose not to tell even their closest friends and family of their lifestyle, due to fear of being unfairly judged.

Here at TVape, we love to dispel myths and stereotypes related to the vaporizer community and recently sent out a survey to our customers asking them about their overall health and lifestyle. At the time of writing, we received over 440 responses. Thank you to all who participated!

While those who typically stereotype vapers may be surprised by the results, we found the results showed what every vaper already knows; they are just the same as everyone else.

Also once you are finished with Part 1, be sure to check out Part 2 of our Vaper Lifstyle Survey, with even more stereotype shattering data!

Who is a vaporizer user?

We began by determining a sense of a vaporizer user’s average age. Many people may assume vapers are in their early 20’s and most likely students.

Average Age GraphHowever, when we polled users on their age, we found  the largest majority of users are actually above 51 years old or older, which accounted for 35% of respondents. The 31 – 40 crowd was the next biggest age group at 25%, and 19 – 30-year-olds and 41 – 50-year-olds accounted for 20% of respondents each.

If you split the age groups between those who are 19 – 40 and those who are 41+, we can see the older demographic actually accounts for 55% of vapers, while the younger demo accounts for 45%.

These results are contrary to many people’s assumptions about vapers, and it seems as people age they trend towards an alternative to smoking. However, with the age groups split so evenly, it can be said people enjoy vaping at almost any age and it is a community certainly not reserved for just the younger generation.

Gender GraphNext, we wanted to get a sense of which gender vapes the most. It turns out right now vapers are primarily male, with our survey finding  80% of all respondents were male, while only 19% were female.

This result is interesting, as the vaping community can come across as predominantly masculine, but it is surprising to see such a big difference between the genders. However, a study by the World Health Organization states “Globally, 40% of men smoke as compared with nearly 9% of women”.

So, in essence, our survey is in line with global averages. If men globally smoke more than women, 40% vs 9%, then it would make sense that the sheer number of men looking to switch to vaping would be greater than the number of women who are also looking to switch.

Vaper Education GraphWe then wanted to get to know more about the education level of vapers, as a common stereotype is how vapers are high school drop outs unable to complete a higher education.

However, our results showed  77% of respondents completed some form of post-secondary education, with 37% of respondents having completed college, 34% completing university, and 6% completing trade school.

Only 23% have completed high school, but seeing as 20% respondents are between 19 – 30, it is safe to assume a percentage of these vapers are currently enrolled in post-secondary and just have not completed their degree yet.

Vaper Employment Status GraphWith an education in mind, we then wanted to get a sense of people’s employment status. A common public perception is to assume vapers are less likely to be able to hold down a steady job because of their lifestyle.

However, the results show this is simply not the case. 67% of respondents report that they have full-time employment, while 24% of those who responded that they were already retired.  This means 91% of all respondents have achieved some success in the workforce, either securing full-time employment or working long enough to reach retirement.

The current unemployment rate in Canada is about 6.5%; in our study, we found no one actually listed themselves as unemployed. Perhaps people were too embarrassed to admit this or simply felt that they were making enough money here and there to consider themselves as part-time, which accounted for 6% of respondents.

Even if we assumed half of the part-timers were actually unemployed (so 3%), this still puts the total number of employed vapers up to 94%, leaving the last 6% split between students and the unemployed. This rate is still .5% lower than the average trend in Canada and shows how, despite public perception, vapers are more than capable of finding full-time employment and have the responsibility to plan for retirement.

Also when you factor in costs for herbs, waxes, and oils on top of the vaporizers themselves, those who are unemployed would probably not have the disposable income to afford these types of luxury products. After all, there is no way someone who is unemployed is going to have the cash for a Volcano.

However, vaping is starting to become more affordable and more and more units like the Utillian 420 are being released, geared towards providing an excellent vapor experience for under $100.

Vapers & Fitness

So now we have an idea of who these vapers are, (primarily males, in their 20’s to passed their 60’s, who hold a college or university degree, and are either working full time or retired), which made us curious about fitness and overall health.

General perceptions would suggest vapers live a sedentary lifestyle, spending more time on the couch then exercising.

Vaper Exercise Graph45% of respondents said they worked out at least 1 – 3 times a week, 31% said they work out 4 – 7 times a week, and those working out less than once a week made up 24% of respondents.

From this, we can conclude roughly 3 out of every 4 or 75% of vaporizer users work out in some capacity during the week, dispelling the perception of vapers being more likely to sit on the couch than exercise.

Vaper Sports Participation Graph

We followed up our exercise question, to see how many vapers play sports as a form of exercise. 32% responded they did play sports, while 68% said they do not. While those who do not play sports are in the majority, these results show that 1 in 3 vapers are involved in sports in some capacity.

A Canadian Heritage Research paper found “In 2010, 7.2 million or 26% of Canadians age 15 and older participated regularly in sport”. So when we compare the percentage of vapers polled who play sports versus the Canadian average, it would appear vapers tend to be slightly (6%) more active in sports than the general public.

Vaping before or after excerise graphWe then decided to see if people preferred to vape before or after exercising. 46% of respondents said they vape after they exercise, and surprisingly 19% of people said they vaped before they exercised.

Many people would think vaping before exercise would be demotivating, but an article by, highlights how vaping before the gym could enhance your workout, stating, “I hustle up to a cardio machine, put my headphones in and lose my sense of being as I become the music and do a minimum of 15 minutes of cardio without realizing it.”

Vaper General Health GraphWe then asked consumers to rank their overall health. 51% of respondents felt they were “healthy”, while 15% felt they were “very healthy”, with 29% stating they are moderately healthy. Only 5% of respondents felt they were not healthy at all.

While the public may not perceive vaporizer users as healthy in the traditional sense, 95% of respondents felt they were healthy in one capacity or another.

Vapers & Diet

So now that we know a bit more about the fitness and health of vapers we decided to ask them about their eating habits. A general perception of a vaporizer user paints them as a McDonald’s loving slob who would rather eat fast food every night than cook themselves a proper meal.

Vapers Eating Out GraphWe first asked consumers how many nights a week they eat out. 61% of respondents said they only eat out once or twice a week.

 A study by MCNG Marketing found “People aged 18-34 were likely to eat at a restaurant twice a week, while those between 35-54 would eat out about 1.8 times, and those who were 55+ would eat out 1.5 times a week at a restaurant.”

So we can conclude vapers are fairly average compared to the general public when it comes to amount during a week they eat out.

Meanwhile, only 10% said they eat out 3 – 4 times a week, while 28% of people said they did not eat out at all during the week.

We then probed a bit further and asked when people eat out do they prefer fast food or a sit-down meal. The general public would assume vapers much prefer fast food, but our results were different.

Vaper Fast Food vs Sit Down Graph80% of respondents said they prefer a sit-down meal over fast food, which really shatters the general perception of vapers. It would appear vapers just like most people value a sit-down meal and are conscious of how unhealthy fast food can be.

Vaping befora meal GraphIt is no secret vapers do enjoy a good meal after a session, so we decided to ask our customers how often they vaped before a meal in the week.

75% of respondents reported they vape before a meal in some capacity during the week, with 34% reporting they vaped before 1 – 3 meals a week, while 20% vaped before 4 – 6 meals a week, and 21% of people vaped more than 7 times a week before a meal.

However, there are still 25% of users who actually do not vape before meals, which again shows not everyone within a community will adhere to a stereotype.

Vapers and alcohol consumption graphFast food is one thing, but alcohol consumption is another big factor affecting one’s health and fitness. We were curious to see if vapers were more or less inclined to partake in an alcoholic beverage or two during the week.

Surprisingly, the slight majority at 31% report they do not consume any alcoholic beverages within a week. While 30% only report to having 1 – 3 drinks during a week. 39% of respondents report drinking between 4 to 9+ alcoholic drinks a week, with 16% reporting they consume roughly 4 – 6, 9% saying they consume around 6 – 8 drinks in a week, and 14% reporting they drink more than 9 alcoholic beverages in a week.

According to a Fox news article, “Two-thirds of Americans reported that they consume alcohol at least occasionally, according to the poll conducted July 9-12. When asked how many drinks they had in the past week, 34 percent of these drinkers said none, 52 percent said one to 7, and 12 percent said eight or more.”

Comparing these stats to our own, we can see roughly the same percentage, 31% for vapers and 34% for the general public do not consume alcohol within the week. While 52% of the general public reported drinking 1 – 7 drinks a week and 55% of vapers consume roughly 1 – 8 drinks a week. Meanwhile, 12 % of the general public admit to drinking more than 8 drinks a week, while 14% of vapers report to drinking roughly the same a week.

So what we can take away from this comparison, is that on average vapers and the general public tend to consume the same amount of alcohol on a weekly basis, with vapers being roughly 2 – 3% more likely to consume alcohol, which is quite a small margin and even smaller when adjusted for errors.

alcohol vs vaping graphHowever, when asked straight up if consumers prefer vaping or alcohol, 91% of people reported that they would rather vape than drink.  We thought the split would be a bit more even than this, but instead, it seems vapers generally prefer vaping over alcohol.

What is interesting is how, even though vapers prefer vaping over drinking, they still tend to drink the same on average as the general public.

Perhaps several factors such as current laws, public perception of vaping, and public acceptance of alcohol is what drives people to keep up their drinking habits even though they would prefer to vape instead.

In fact, a Time Magazine article discussed how changing laws in the United States are directly affecting the sale of alcohol, with more people choosing to indulge in activities like vaping rather than drinking, citing, “The shift is most prominent in Denver, where total beer volumes plummeted by 6.4%.”

This is mostly due to a cultural shift that happens when laws are changed and people become more accepting to others lifestyle choices. Also, the ability to get your hands on vape-ables greatly increases with changing laws which gives people another choice over alcohol.

Lifestyle Choices of the Average Vaper

Lifestyle Choices of the Average Vaper

So with the above data in mind, we can now start to draw conclusions as to what a “typical” vaper’s lifestyle is and compare it to what the general public’s perceptions are.

From this survey, we have learned vapers are predominantly male and their age can range from 20 years old to past 50.  They are mostly college and university graduates who are either currently working a full-time job or have retired. They exercise at least 1 – 3 times a week with 1 in 3 participating in sports and tend to vape after a workout.

They see themselves as healthy and only eat out once or twice a week, usually at a sit-down restaurant as opposed to fast food.

They enjoy vaping before their meals and do enjoy a drink on occasion as well, however, if they had to choose, they would always choose to vape over drinking.

Final Thoughts

If you are a vaper, there probably are not many surprises to the data we gathered and there really was not supposed to be. After all, most of us do not adhere to stereotypes and are constantly striving to change the status quo. But for some in the general public, the stereotype in their minds is very real and this affects how they view those who do choose to vape. Even worse is that those in power who may hold these misconceptions can pass laws that directly affect us.

This is why it is so important for us to gather this type of data, dispel these myths and show the world that not only are we not lazy, we are actually contributing members of society who share many of the same values when it comes to general health, work ethic and education.

So what do you think? Would you be considered the typical vaper based on your current lifestyle choices or are you a living stereotype?


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    Vape as opposed to traditional routes because of ease, discretion and smoothness on the throat.

    Do it for pain and insomnia, as prescribed. Does not affect my day to day functions. Usually at night.

    Typical family, dines out 1-3 times a week, works out occasionally.

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    I love my vape! I’m a, almost 50, business professional, Husband and Father and I use medicinally to treat stress and anxiety. I really appreciate that I can medicate and not have the residual oder that came with smoking. Discretion is key!

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    I definitely share some of the same characteristics as the average vaper.

    I’m 22 years old, male university student. I picked up vaping as an alternative to smoking with a much clearer feel. I primarily save it for late evenings when I’m looking to unwind a bit from studying. It’s kind of like motivation for me to be as productive as I possibly can before vaping. Many people would consider vapers to be un-athletic but I pride myself in eating healthy, working out 5 times a week and playing futsal or soccer on the weekends with my friends. I used to drink quite a bit (especially as a student) but my Zeus Smite has replaced that habit with a more controllable habit. To bring it all together, since vaping my grades have improved significantly, but that’s probably because I’ve become more disciplined with myself.

    I imagine I defy what some people would consider the stereotypical vaper.

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    Discretion is the biggest factor as to why I vape as well as it feels less demanding on my lungs

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    22, male, working full time currently (up until September and then I work part time) and going to school to become a doctor. I find myself hard working, I recently got myself a ZEUS Smite + and have tried the pax and a couple of other vapes. I don’t find myself to fit into the popular, and often misleading stereotype of vapers. i am more energetic when vaping compared to other various ways of smoking. I find it handy to be able to chose the temperature of the vape I usually like to vape around 365 degrees f. In my opinion, vaping as oppose to other ways of smoking is a lot easier on the throat and lungs and just generally a better overall experience.
    I am looking into trying new vaporizers to expand my knowledge on vaporizers as ive only tried a handful.

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    This data is amazing, I work in Analytics and definitely appreciate the insights this brings forward. Espero the way in which old myths are broken and we get a sense that vaping brings various benefits to many people of different walks of life. I appreciate and am loyal to Toronto Vaporizer because of the Insights and just the sheer knowledge you guys always have. Thanks again!

  75. Avatar for Little bit rock n roll
    Little bit rock n roll on

    Love vaping! Much nicer on the lungs! You guys are fantastic.

  76. Avatar for Asthma Sufferer
    Asthma Sufferer on

    I’m so happy that I found you guys! I was in at Trillium Urgent Care and made a crack about smoking herbs, and a stranger told me about vaporizers!

  77. Avatar for Bev
    Bev on

    I’ve been on disability for over 20 years with chronic pain caused by an injury. Pharmaceuticals were not helping and I was very concerned about addiction with the meds. I did not like smoking because of the harshness and possible health affects. My friend introduced me to vaping and it opened up a whole new area in my life to pain relief. Thank you TVape for offering people that alternative in self help:)

  78. Avatar for Chad
    Chad on

    Bought the crafty and absolutely love it! The staff is really helpful and super friendly and well.

  79. Avatar for Blair Cooke-Dallin
    Blair Cooke-Dallin on

    I am 67, retired, and grow my own herbs. I have been consuming herbs since 1966. I started vaping about 3 years ago and purchased an Arizer Solo from you and have enjoyed the experience ever since.

  80. Avatar for Dave
    Dave on

    I am a loving husband, father of two, full-time worker who would rather have a little vape than a beer at the end of the day. Easy to control dosage and be productive!

  81. Avatar for Patelvis
    Patelvis on

    Very interesting study. I would consider myself an average vaper by these results.

  82. Avatar for Brandon Le
    Brandon Le on

    Thanks for the write up, really helps when picking out new vapes

  83. Avatar for Hoss
    Hoss on

    Work long hard days , nice to come home and chill with the vape , I guess I’m a stereotypical vaper

  84. Avatar for Polina Khantadze
    Polina Khantadze on

    Great survey ! Let’s break the stereotypes about vapers! It’s healthier than alcohol and smoking and better time overall.

  85. Avatar for Travis McConnell
    Travis McConnell on

    I hope I’m what a typical vaper is…normal, sane, productive, and health conscious. I credit the “vape revolution” with helping shepherd society towards a healthier, happier future.
    It’s clean. It’s safe. It’s good. There’s no reason not to.

  86. Avatar for Jeff
    Jeff on

    Hope to see more survey breakdown to learn more about demographic

  87. Avatar for Andrew
    Andrew on

    Not a stereotypical vaper, but definitely typical. Neat little piece of research.

  88. Avatar for Andrew
    Andrew on

    Awesome article! Great information. I thought I was outside of the typical demographic, but it appears not!

  89. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Just got the 721 and it is amazing! can’t wait to see whats in store!!

  90. Avatar for TBvdw
    TBvdw on

    Only way to fully appreciate the flavour and gain precise temp control for medicine and recreation alike. Nobody likes the ol’ lung burn once they try the more human way to indulge.

  91. Avatar for Don
    Don on

    I have a smite I use on a day to day perfect travel companion for the discreet connoisseur.

  92. Avatar for AMC
    AMC on

    I love to vape! So much nicer than a “cigarette” and varying the temp increase the cloud! (which I didn’t know until I watched one of your videos!

  93. Avatar for Marie
    Marie on

    Definitely a big vaporizer fan!!

    I really love you guys too, your customer service is truly outstanding AND appreciated! Doesn’t matter who you talk to it seems!

    Well done!!

  94. Avatar for Chuck Reece
    Chuck Reece on

    I am average except for the alcohol. Vaping is taking the place of that. Feel better for it.

  95. Avatar for Marshal Linfoot
    Marshal Linfoot on

    Vape because of the smoothness, the flavour, and the elimination of tars/carbons — healthier for the lungs. Discretion is also key. I’m university educated, retired now but still engaged and active, workout regularly and look after diet and health. Vape usually at the end of the day to relax.

  96. Avatar for Cain Scott
    Cain Scott on

    I only do it for the clouds and you guys rock!

  97. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Definetly a vapor and because it’s so much smother my girlfriend loves it too!:)

  98. Avatar for Sharmela Sivanayagam
    Sharmela Sivanayagam on

    I’m definitely breaking the stereotype! I used. To work full time and go to university full time. Now I’m at school full time pursuing my dream career! I love vaping before going out with friends, after I’m with friends and before bed. It’s good for any occasion 🙂 doesn’t make me lazy, of anything I’m more aware.

  99. Avatar for phenomadom
    phenomadom on

    I’m a female in my early 30s with a BFA and working in a professional corporate environment at one of the top firm’s internationally. I don’t drink and live a relatively normal lifestyle, eating out 1-2x a week, I’d rather sit down at a nice restaurant than get fast food. I’ve been smoking herb for years but only recently switched to vaping after getting my “medicinal license”. I freakin love it!! I don’t know why I haven’t gotten one sooner. The taste is so much better, after a month of vaping I smoked and it literally tasted like charcoal. I school all my friends on how wonderful vape life until they joke that I’m a living infomercial for vaping 😀 I like it for the health reasons, the taste, the ability to vape indoors without having that smell linger. Also I’m a pretty active person and lighting up on the top of a mountain is very difficult – don’t have that problem with the vape! It’s easy peasy. Pretty concealing too, love to vape while walking the dog. One of the main reasons I have my medicinal card is for high anxiety, I find that vaping leaves me with such a better feel overall than smoking. F the stereotype that vapers are lazy sloths, that is a very old school way of thinking about things. There are ppls like that out there but they are like that because they lack motivation not because they enjoy herbs. There’s nothing wrong with coming home from a day at work to hit the vape a couple times to unwind. It’s has enhanced my ability to calm down and relax tenfolds.

  100. Avatar for allen d
    allen d on

    So many benefits to vaping!

  101. Avatar for N
    N on

    I’m a 27 year old black woman doing laboratory work in diseases. I work out, study, hang out with friends, travel etc. I use it to sleep comfortably, as well as casually with my friends. I wouldn’t be considered a stereotypical vaper according to societies standards, but I would consider myself a typical vaper because I know and understand realistically, people who vape are just like me. Everyday citizens handling their day to day responsibilities.

  102. Avatar for Robert Soltermann
    Robert Soltermann on

    64 retired very occasional user I just wanted to see what all of the fuss was about and like new tech. Enjoying my Smite maybe once a week. Much better than smoking for sure.

  103. Avatar for Benoit
    Benoit on

    I haven’t vaped yet, but purchased one for my ex-girlfriends birthday as she is a heavy user and I wanted her to have a healthier alternative to smoking it straight up. As I just recently started as a 28 year old accountant, I think I’ll be purchasing one soon for myself as I want a healthier alternative to pipes and drinking.

  104. Avatar for Nalenie
    Nalenie on

    Vaping helped me to quit smoking and that is a AWESOME feeling of freedom. All thanks to medical botanicals and tvape for helping me choose the best one for me ! I feel healthier vaping. Cheers to good health and to tvape for having products that are different and great quality for all of their unique customers needs!

  105. Avatar for Paul
    Paul on

    You can’t truly taste your herb if you smoke it, vaping is definitely the way to go.

  106. Avatar for Brie
    Brie on

    Loving the vape life! I feel 100% healthier, no more coughing lol vaporizing is the way to go! 🙂

  107. Avatar for kim
    kim on

    61-yo F, non-drinker, educated, employed, and a smoker for 40 years, sought vape for serious new fun. Miss my old rep, but the Zeus Smite’s ritual is growing on me. Great data and analysis in this survey: congrats on the effort (share it with govt!) Torontovape’s an outstanding resource. Thanks to all for all you do to support and inspire your customers.

  108. Avatar for Andrew
    Andrew on

    I used to think I was an atypical vaper, but after reading these stats perhaps not! My story is still a somewhat different one though.

    When I was young my father was always the center of attention. He would always be the one making jokes, or recounting stories, and doing what he could to make sure everyone was having a great time at any sort of dinner party or family gathering. He would always be ready to help anyone in need and went out of his way to ensure I learned to treat people the same.

    Sadly, when I was a teenager, he got in a very serious accident at work, resulting in chronic back pain. He was forced to leave his job, which he loved. Worse, the pain isolated him. At dinners he was no longer the center of attention. Sitting for long period would cause him immense pain, so he would often take his dinner to the couch so he could eat while lying down. Gone were the days of joking around and recounting stories. He tried everything to get back to where he once was – physiotherapy, osteopathy, at the behest of my aunt he even tried homeopathic medicine (I don’t think he thought it would work, he just wanted her to stop suggesting it). No medical professional he dealt with was able to help him.

    This persisted until about 4 years ago, when he took up vaping. He had never previously smoked or done anything of the sort before – barely ever even drank. Somehow though, while vaping the pain seems to be bearable for him. He started to become much less isolated. Instead of taking his dinner to the couch, he would vape a bit before we all sat down and could make it through the meal. He became his old self again, telling jokes and stories, making everyone laugh.

    That’s how I got into vaping, through him. I started at first because I was curious about it, but it very quickly became a way that I could hang out with my dad one on one, and we could just chat about whatever. Since we starting vaping together, I feel like I’ve gotten to know my dad better than I ever had before, and we’ve become so much closer. It has not only saved my father from depression, but also completely changed our relationship.

    Anyways thanks for these stats! It’s interesting to know that stories like my own are maybe not as uncommon as I thought, glad to see that so many people’s lifestyles are improved with vaping! 🙂

  109. Avatar for Darren Barnes
    Darren Barnes on

    Choosing to vape was not just a healthy choice, but an economical one as well.

  110. Avatar for SmallTownMom
    SmallTownMom on

    New to the vape world. Looking forward to enjoying my herb with no terrible smoky breath and harsh lung burning anymore!
    My husband and I are both employed, homeowners, who are regularly active, have both gone to college, and have one child! It’s neat to see the statistics posted here.

  111. Avatar for Jennifer Thomsen
    Jennifer Thomsen on

    I’m a 40+ women who works full time, plays baseball and builds things in my spare time. I prefer vaping to other methods of medicating, not that I have ever been known to say no to other methods, for the simple reason of ease and effective dosing.

  112. Avatar for Dan
    Dan on

    Male. 29. Full time in medtech sector. Definitely not the stereotype beyond the age/sex. That said, I live in a city where abstaining from herb is about as common as abstaining from alcohol. It’s normalized here. Everyone vapes. I see old ladies blowing clouds walking down the street.

  113. Avatar for Frances
    Frances on

    I began to vape after an emergency visit to the hospital because I was unable to breathe or just move my body.I was then diagnosed with asthma/copd.(I am a non smoker) I am 55 yrs old and I also suffer with severe ptsd/aniexty disorder/bi-polar. Well after my diagnosis of the asthma/copd I was given inhalers and nose spray which worked about 2 months then my aniexty was off the charts with trembling,unable to sleep,throat soreness,.So I decided to drop my edibles and try to vape after much research it seemed to be the way to go.I now have not had to use any inhalers and I have great sleep and on my last Dr visit I was told my lungs were clear.I have been able to cut way back on my prescription medications for my ptsd,aniexty, bi-polar.I just feel really great and so happy that I have found something that works for me.I would recommend vaping to anyone with similar health issues. I would recommend that you do as much research as possible before you begin so you can successfully become healthy and live a normal life as much as possible.

  114. Avatar for Abhi
    Abhi on

    As healthy, active, and educated young woman, it seems don’t fit the stereotype. A very insight article on the perceptions of vaping.

  115. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    I thought I would be an atypical vaper but maybe not. Female 43, highly educated, don’t drink alcohol, medicinal user, healthy, not lazy. Lol

  116. Avatar for Atton Rand
    Atton Rand on

    I’m new to the vaping scene. I am a law student who recently began to have problems with his voice because of excess smoke. Vapor is much easier on the throat and vocal cords. Ironically, I fit almost the exact bill of the stereotypical vape user this article is informing us is incorrect. I’m a student who vapes on the go to make things more interesting (movies, hikes, video games, social gatherings). Just trying to enhance the experience.

  117. Avatar for Cindy
    Cindy on

    One of theses days being on low income I hope to be able to say more than my experience is minimal and I found this very interesting

  118. Avatar for Ajai
    Ajai on

    Male, mid forties. Definitely prefer vape to combustion. Was never a herb user. Tried vaping for the first time about 3 yrs ago. Now a daily user and use vaping to relax post-work and on the weekends in lieu of alcohol.

  119. Avatar for Mac
    Mac on

    I am a female medical user lol so I suppose I am in a minority, but that seems like a temporary thing. And frankly with more and more people who are seen out and about, especially those who break the apparently-false glazed-over stereotype, the faster vaping will become destigmatized and can transition from niche to normalized more smoothly.

    As anything, education is key. Vapers have become more educated on vaping, and in turn pass that information on. *The more you know*…. lol

  120. Avatar for Joshua
    Joshua on

    Great article, I’m 42 and a Tvape newby. I made my first purchase a of a vaporizer a couple of weeks ago and regret waiting this long. Thanks Tvape!

  121. Avatar for Vince
    Vince on

    Just got on the vape train. Love it so far. Low profile and no heat bag at social events.
    Vape is the answer.


  122. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Interesting to see this shift of acceptance and openness…times are changing:-)

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