More Myths of the Vaper Lifestyle – A TVape Survey


More Myths of the Vaper Lifestyle

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by: Nima Noori

Founder and CEO of TVape
September 1st, 2017

Our first TVape Lifestyle Survey gave us significant insight into some stereotype shattering data, dispelling the myth that people who vape live a sedentary lifestyle. We queried over 400 customers during our initial survey and received so much data  we were unable to cover all the answers in just one article.

Part 2 of our Vaper Lifestyle Survey  looks to further deflate stereotypes plaguing vaporizer users and show how vapers are just average, everyday humans.

Vapers & Diet

First, we revisit our investigation on the average diet of a vaper. Seeing as people view vaping as an alternative lifestyle, many people would assume the average vaper is more likely to also have an “alternative diet” like vegetarianism or veganism.

Vapers DietHowever, if we look at the results from our survey we see that 88% of respondents identified as omnivores. While only 6% identified as vegetarian, 4% were pescatarian and only 2% were vegan.

A study linked in a Huffington Post Article found, “the number of self-proclaimed vegetarians in the United States has remained about the same over the past 10 or so years, at 5 percent — in 1999 and 2001, it was 6 percent.”

When we compare our survey to this study we can see vapers are fairly average when it comes to the percentage who are vegetarian.

In fact, the same study in the Huffington Post article found, “Researchers also found that 2 percent of people surveyed considered themselves vegan.”, which is the same percentile as our respondents who identified their diet as vegan.

From this, we can deduce the average diet of a vaper is almost identical to the average American diet, with omnivores being the dominant majority.

Vapers & Belief

We were curious to know how the average vaper identifies themselves from a spiritual perspective. Some people may assume vaping may make one more in-touch with their spiritual side.

Vaper Spiritual BeliefThe results from our survey indicate the majority at 34% of respondents identify themselves as Atheists with no spiritual belief.

Those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious is the second largest majority at 30%. 23% of those who responded identify as agnostic, while only 13% of respondents identified themselves as religious.

If  the poll  is split between those who hold spiritual belief sand those who do not, things become a bit tighter, with those who are spiritual accounting for 43% and those who are not accounting for 57%.

Compare this to global averages noted in a Big Think Article which found, “Around 7% of the global population is atheist and if we include the non-religious, it’s 16.5%”. From this we see that vapers are more likely than the average person to have no spiritual affiliation.

So, while herbs may have been actively used to connect with the spirits during rituals of the past, people who vape seem to have a different motive for their intended use.

Are Vapers Introverts or Extroverts?

The stereotypical portrayal of a vaper is usually in a group setting among other vapers or at a party, but how accurate is this perception?

Are vapers introverts or extroverts?To the contrary, our survey found  61% of those who responded considered themselves an introvert while only 39% saw themselves of extroverts.

This is quite contrary to most people’s perceptions of vape users who may see them more as the “life of the party” or “center of attention”. This seems to not be the case.

In fact, we know vapers tend to choose this consumption method for discretion, among other benefits: this would lead us to believe vapers tend to be more secluded with their lifestyle.

Digging a bit deeper, we asked how our customers preferred to spend their weekends.

How vapers spend their weekends58% responded saying  they preferred to spend their weekends at home, while 42%  said they preferred to be out and about.

It would appear vapers are more in the “homebody” camp rather than the “weekend warrior” camp. Compare this graph to the introvert/extrovert graph we can see a strong correlation between the two.

So rather than being the weekend party-goer, it would appear the average vape user prefers to spend their spare time in the comfort of their own home.

Vapers & Entertainment

So now we know vapers are generally more introverted and prefer to spend their weekends at home, we decided to ask them about what type of entertainment they enjoy in their spare time.

A common stereotype portrays vapers as lazy sloths who would rather watch hours of Netflix than read a book.

We first started off by asking our customers on average how many hours in a day they spend watching TV.

How many hours do spend watching TVThe largest majority of respondents at 53% reported to only watching around 1 – 2 hours of TV a day. While the second largest majority at 26% reported watching between 3 – 4 hours of TV a day. 5+ hours of TV watching accounted for 11% and 10% of respondents said they do not watch TV during the day.

In a New York Times article, a Nielsen study found  in 2016, “On average, American adults are watching five hours and four minutes of television per day.”

If we compare this average to our own, we can conclude vapers on average watch 2 hours less TV during the day than the general public.

This is contrary to the general perception of vape users,assuming  they would be likely to watch more TV than the average person.

We then asked vapers how many times in a month they went to the movies. Seeing as television is not their main concern, perhaps they are more apt to go watch a movie.

How many times a month do you go to the movies?59% of respondents said they do not go to the movies within a month, while 38 % said they went to the movies 1 – 2 times a month.

While these results may seem surprising at first, comparing this data to our findings of vapers being introverts (61%) and home bodies (58%), you can see a strong correlation between these results and the 59% of those who said they do not go to the movies.

So, if vapers are not watching a ton of TV and are not going to the movies, what type of entertainment are they consuming? We decided to ask how many books the average vaper has read in a year. A running stereotype is how vapers are generally uneducated and thus not likely to even read a single book within the year.

Vapers are readersWe already learned from our first Lifestyle Survey how a majority of vapers tend to hold either a university degree or college diploma. This further disrupts the perception of vaporizer users being uneducated or uninterested in reading.

31% of those who responded (nearly 1 in 3 vapers) report reading at least 5 or more books in the past year. 29% said  they read between 1 to 2 books. 16% reported reading  3 – 4 books in a year and 24% said  they did not read any books in a year.

If we  split the stats between those who have read a book within the year and those who have not, the split becomes a bit more one sided with  ¾ of respondents saying they’ve read a book and only ¼ of people who said they did not.

A PEW Research Study in 2015 found, “Seven-in-ten American adults (72%) have read a book within the past year, whether in whole or in part and in any format, according to a survey.”

If we compare the national average to our own average we can conclude vapers are pretty much on par with the status quo for reading within the year, with a 3% difference between averages.

This study also found, “Among all Americans, the average (mean) number of books read in the previous year was 12 and the median (midpoint) number of books read was four.”

While we are limited with our results due to capping the max number of books read and reported within a year at 5+, we can still draw comparisons to national findings considering the largest number of respondents reported to reading more than 5 books. As well, the national midpoint is 4 books within a year which is extremely close to our average.

So, when it comes to reading, vapers tend to be slightly (3%) more inclined to reading than the average person but in general they tend to read roughly the same amount.

This once again helps shatter the stereotype vapers are less likely to pick up a book rather than turning on the old boob tube.

Vapers & Video GamesThe video game industry has grown exponentially since its conception back in the 80s and is now rivaling TV and movies for peoples’ entertainment dollars.

We were curious to see if vapers are more or less inclined to indulge in video games, especially since they do not seem as privy to watching TV or going to the movies.

From our survey, we found a pretty even split between those who play video games (51%) and those who do not (49%).

If we compare this to our demographics split we went over in the first Lifestyle Survey post (which saw 55% of respondents were age 41+ and 45% of users were 19 – 40), we can assume  the younger demographic probably makes up for the majority of video game players, while the older demographic most likely is less inclined to play video games on a daily basis.

Regardless, it would appear  1 in 2 vapers tend to play video games which is much more even than we expected, especially with how popular video games have become.

Many would assume the vaper lifestyle would be all about wasting their days playing the latest Zelda, but apparently it is not so black and white.

Do you Vape when you watch TVOur last question focused on whether people tended to mix their entertainment with vaping. This time around we can see the stereotype of vapers enjoying their activities in tandem with their vapor may be true.

A whopping 87% of respondents responded saying  they vape while enjoying a form of entertainment,while only 13%  said they don’t vape while engaging in entertainment.

So, while most stereotypes are not necessarily accurate, every now and then you will find something that a community does agree upon. And when it comes to entertainment, our customers would much rather enjoy it with a vape in hand.

Final Thoughts

Vaper Lifestyle Final Thoughts

Once again, the results from our survey look to shape the general perception of the average vaper. When it comes down to it, the average vaper actually has a lot in common with the average non-vaping human and vice versa.

Vapers share a similar diet, with 88% identifying themselves as omnivores and read roughly the same amount of books as the average person (5+ within a year).

They are most likely to be either an atheist or spiritual and less likely to identify with an actual religion. They consider themselves introverts on average and prefer to spend their weekends at home.

Vapers tend to spend less time watching television than the average person (only 1 – 2 hours a day), enjoy playing video games and rarely go to the movies.

Our results show vapers on average do not adhere to the labels and stereotypes  wrongly associated with them and are in fact, intelligent and progressive members of society rather than mindless TV loving zombies.

We hope as the culture shifts and laws begin to change, surveys like this will help the general public become more accepting of vaping culture, and to see what we all have in common, which turns out to be a lot more than people think.

So what do you think? Would you be considered the typical vaper based on your current lifestyle choices or are you a living stereotype?


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  1. Avatar for Heather Gallagher
    Heather Gallagher on

    I’m a pretty average vaper based on the findings.
    I’m an omnivore raised Catholic but no longer practicing. I watch 2-4 hours of t.v. I’m fully employed finished post secondary education.
    I seldom go to the movies. my favorite things in life are music movies and animals

  2. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    I’m honestly what one would consider a typical vaper lol, though I’m content with the way it is

  3. Avatar for John fedel
    John fedel on

    I’m honestly what one would call a typical vaper lol, though I’m content with the way it is

  4. Avatar for Ted McNicol
    Ted McNicol on

    Stereotypical? I wouldn’t say so as I’m 64 and took to vaping years ago. I like to be able to add herb and have less equipment to carry around.

  5. Avatar for Patrick Groves
    Patrick Groves on

    Vaping has definitely helped with the whole “morning cough” after having an evening smoking herb before bed. I highly recommend it.

  6. Avatar for Dave
    Dave on

    Seems like i fit most of these stats, except i’m a vegan 😉

  7. Avatar for melanie bourque
    melanie bourque on

    My hustband still vaping but is really.
    Safe he dont vaping to much befor he us to smoke al t
    Day long

  8. Avatar for Dana Carrabon
    Dana Carrabon on

    I definitely feel more extroverted and out and about on weekends, it really depends on what’s going on in life. The more vape lounges available the more I’m sure we’d see these people going out

  9. Avatar for Doug Laugher
    Doug Laugher on

    I don’t believe there is any such thing as a typical vaper anymore, getting mainstream.

  10. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Good for the mind and the body.

  11. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on


  12. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    I just received my focusvape tourist a couple of days earlier than scheduled which was very nice. I have began using it with herbal flowers and it is very efficient without the bubbler. I am still attempting to figure out how to get better clouds with the bubbler on. The battery seems to charge weirdly. I charged it for 4 hours the first day and after using it for about 30 minutes I charged it again today but it seems to not want to reach a full charge. I’m still experimenting. I can update again after another few days. I have not used it with concentrates yet I would do that in a day or so and update.

  13. Avatar for Valerie
    Valerie on

    According to your research I definately fall in the stereotypical vaper category 🙂 Introvert, like to spent time at home, spiritual etc. I also know that you get more out of your herb by vaping at the right temp. and is generally healthier for you.

  14. Avatar for troy
    troy on

    intersring artical. what i most relate and agree with is the fact that vaping can play a huge part in your daily life socially and religiously

  15. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Totally agree with your survey results! Long time vapor

  16. Avatar for Ben
    Ben on

    An interesting scope that is covered here… I would definitely be an average vaper based on the categories but maybe more active and extroverted than the tendencies found in your research. I’m very new to the culture (as the financial barrier of entry was somewhat steep to get quality vapor) so time will tell whether my behaviours are impacted.

    Thanks TVape!

  17. Avatar for Jennifer
    Jennifer on

    I completely agree with the survey. I am definitely your stereotypical vapor. Who would have thought anything about me was stereotypical? Not me. Lol

  18. Avatar for Keri D
    Keri D on

    I guess I’m a pretty average vaper by your survey results! I watch very little tv, prefer to read (or crochet) in my spare time and I’m a weird switch between extrovert and introvert, really depends on the day/mood. I’m an omnivore but try to be health conscious, so most of my meals contain very little animal products! Neat survey you did here TVape, love stuff like this! 🙂

  19. Avatar for Jamie
    Jamie on

    I am a typical vaper for the most part. Except I am a computer nerd so I sit behind my comp all day vaping. =p

  20. Avatar for S.R.
    S.R. on

    I don’t believe I’m your typical vaporizer user. I’m mid 50s, a former workaholic, wife, mother of 3 grown adults, grandmother to 6, and a former Occupational Health and Safety Senior Manager in Alberta, Canada. I have Parkinson’s and stage 3 liver disease, among other health issues. I use medical herbs for appetite, pain, anxiety and relaxation. I never thought I’d use herbs but it has done so much to relieve symptoms of my illness but of my medications, too. I use the Utillian 721 at home and the Utillian 420 (believe it or not that’s my birthday, too. lol) when I’m traveling. Both were purchased through TVape and the customer service was OUT OF THIS WORLD. They not only taught me how to use the 721 but they have been there for any issues or inquiries I may have. Online and onsite the ppl at TVape go above and beyond to help their customers find the right equipment for their needs. I love my vapes and will continue to shop at TVape. 🙂 Thank you!

  21. Avatar for Brian
    Brian on

    Pretty average except for my age, 67. Started vaping 2 years ago, and wish I had switched years ago. Only way to fly!

  22. Avatar for Leanne L
    Leanne L on

    I would consider myself a stereotypical vaper.

  23. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Nice to see things are changing in a more positive, realistic direction so people may see and experience the many benefits offered from using herbs respectfully and appropriately and start changing the status quo through proper awareness.

  24. Avatar for Dylan
    Dylan on

    I don’t think I fall into the stereotypes but I do understand them. Such as the diet point, if you’re trying to do a healthier form of smoking by vaping then you’re probably also trying to be healthier in other aspect of your life (exercise, diet..) So I understand some stereotypes.

  25. Avatar for Nash
    Nash on

    I fit most of these actually, pretty surprising to see so many similar types of people.

  26. Avatar for j james
    j james on

    none of us are alone

  27. Avatar for ERin
    ERin on

    This was really cool to read

  28. Avatar for Mal Cohen
    Mal Cohen on

    This article/vaporizing analysis leaves me feeling very normal.

  29. Avatar for Michael Joyce
    Michael Joyce on

    Pretty standard.

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