Pulsar Hand-E Nail V3 Portable E-Rig Review


The Pulsar Hand-E Nail is a powerful and portable vaping unit designed to be used with wax and concentrates. It boasts a unique shape and comprises of a glass filter, a magnetic cap made from stainless steel and a removable dab tool. When we look at the exterior, it appears promising. But, does it really deliver as expected? Let’s find out.

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Review: Pulsar Hand-E Nail V3 Portable E-Rig

pulsar hand e-nail review

pulsar hand e-nail coil

How it Works

Don’t let the exterior façade of the e-rig deceive you. It looks a little complex but is actually much easier to use that you think. At the bottom, there’s a magnetic stand that helps the unit stay firm on a table. On the top, there’s a removable titanium dish where the wax or concentrate goes.

Another part of the device is a glass attachment that needs to be fitted over the titanium dish. To activate the device, click on the power button three times. When the display light turns blue, the device is ready to use.

In the glass attachment (also known as the bubbler), add a little water to enjoy smooth filtration. Now click on the power button again three times again to heat the titanium dish. A white light will indicate that the device is heating. When the light turns green, it indicates that it is ready to use.

pulsar hand e-nail colors

Now take the dab tool and add a little concentrate into the titanium dish. You can place the magnetic carb cap to direct the vapor to the bubbler. 

pulsar hand e-nail power buttonTemperature Flexibility

The starting temperature for the Pulsar Hand e-Nail is 650°F and it can reach a maximum temperature of 980°F. This means you can use the device to vape all types of waxes and concentrates.

To start the heating process, click on the power button three times. There’s no option to adjust the temperature manually as you have with the Source Orb 4 Signature Kit. You can switch off the power button once the desired temperature is reached.

pulsar hand e-nail mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Just like most e-rigs we have tried we were happy with the vapor we received. These devices have the ability to extract the highest quality flavor from different types of concentrates and waxes.

We would not say this is the best vapor quality you can get as you would expect from the Puffco Peak but we were impressed to find that the flavor stays steady from the start to end.

If you can use the included tool correctly, you should be able to enjoy amazing flavor while taking big draws using the Pulsar e-Nail.

pulsar hand e-nail flat display

pulsar hand e-nail front

Manufacturing Quality

When it comes to e-nails the Hand-E nail is on par with the manufacturing quality we have seen in other popular units like the Focus V Tourist.

The top of the device where the nail sits is made out of ceramic which is effective in absorbing and dissipating the extreme heat that comes from the nail. We have seen other iterations where silicon is used in this spot instead and prefer the ceramic as it tends to be cleaner.

The device comes in an attractive metal case with special compartments for each part.

The thoughtfully designed glass filter works as a great mouthpiece for you to enjoy flavorful hits. We would give the product full marks for manufacturing quality.


pulsar hand e-nail usb slotBattery Life

The Pulsar e-Nail comes with a powerful 2500mAh Lithium-Ion battery to give you multiple sessions in a day.

There’s a USB charger included in the kit so you can easily charge the battery anytime. It takes about one and half hour to fully charge the device.

The battery is quite impressive as compared to other wax pens such as the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit that have an average of 650mAh batteries.


pulsar hand e-nail in armor case


With the ability to achieve a temperature of 975°F, this portable e-rig delivers a kind of power you expect from a good old-fashioned rig but powered by a battery. The case makes it easy to toss in a back-pack for easy travel.

Now don’t get us wrong, this unit is not as portable as say a wax pen like the Utillian 5. But for those who want a rig like experience on the go, this is pretty good.

pulsar hand e-nail top

Ease of Use

Assembling the Pulsar e-Nail is pretty easy and you don’t have to be an expert to understand how it works. You just need to open the box, place the magnetic stainless steel cap and screw the battery section.

After you have assembled the unit, attach the glass mouthpiece. Place the concentrate in the atomizer, switch on the device and wait until the desired temperature is reached.  Set your concentrate on the tool and you are ready to vape.

Users that are new to the wax dabbing usually prefer devices like the Yocan Evolve Plus that are beginner friendly with great results.

pulsar hand e-nail in hand


We would not call the Pulsar e-Nail discreet because it is designed in a unique fashion to give you a traditional rig experience.

It can be carried in a bag, but you cannot hide it in a pocket.

Users looking for a discreet unit usually tend to prefer devices such as the Linx Blaze.


pulsar hand e-nail full kitOverall Experience

The Pulsar Hand-E Nail is overall a solid portable e-nail, but really does nothing to set itself apart from any other e-nail on the marketplace. So if you are looking for a simple e-rig that just works, the Pulsar Hand E-Nail should serve you well.

However, if you are looking for something a little more unique when it comes to the e-rig experience we highly recommend checking out the Dabado Bolt M Pro with Thunderbox Pro. This e-rig has a box mod setup that will actually allow you to fine-tune your vapor to your own preference and offers bigger nails for even bigger clouds.

For those who may be in the market for a simple yet effective wax pen, we recommend checking out the Linx Hypnos Zero.

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  1. Avatar for Christian
    Christian on

    This is my first rig and wanted something that was small yet packed a punch. It works great and is a nice product as well but the nail does not stay hot or on long enough and the glass is also a little loose but still tight enough to stay on. Otherwise, it is a decent product to start!

  2. Avatar for High L
    High L on

    I bought this today from a local head shop today and it’s a great unit I like the design and build quality but the nail does not stay hot or on long enough. I end up with puddles on the nail even after a small amount of wax. That is the only down side about this. Everything else is just amazing!

  3. Avatar for Ethan
    Ethan on

    I am very unhappy with my Pulsar Hand-E Nail V3 as there is no notification when at temp or when turning off, which is very annoying. They should’ve added some features in this unit for indication. The performance of this vape is good, but you can’t ignore that issue.

  4. Avatar for Hedger
    Hedger on

    This is cool it’s very convenient but replacing the glass has been difficult very unbalanced can tip over very easily needs a cradle. It’s a great dab rig that’s portable my only problem is the battery life Is low like 5 or 6 dabs gotta plug it in wish I had extra batteries and charger for them.. but it blows clouds is much you can handle 😉

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