Ed’s TNT WoodScents Review – King of Log Vaporizers?


You can definitely tell there was a lot of masterful hands-on work and love put into each and every one of these units. No two units are the same and they’re seriously gorgeous. Ed’s TNT is a small, home-grown operation with each unit made by, well, Ed. Ed’s TNT WoodScents is a piece you’d just love to leave on your table or countertop simply as a gorgeous centerpiece. This unit uses primarily convection heating with a very clean and no-frills high-quality titanium vapor path. It also comes with a boatload of accessories too – you essentially get two vapes with one purchase!

It comes in at just shy of $295USD for domestic woods and up to $500USD for more exotic woods! Ed’s TNT WoodScents Titanium AromaLog/Vaporizer Diffuser is quite a mouthful, but is it the best log vaporizer conceived so far? Let’s find out!

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Review: Ed’s TNT WoodScents

Ed’s TNT Woodscent Review

Ed’s TNT Woodscent coils

How it Works

Loading your herb is similar to other log vaporizers; you take your stem and you slide some of your plant matter into it or use a straw method by gently inhaling through the stem to collect the herb at the bottom of the piece. Use a nice fine grind.

Give the unit a couple of minutes to heat up (or leave it on all day), tilt your unit to the side and slide the stem onto it, making sure to not spill any material!

Now, there at three ways to use this unit. I’ll brush over each of these methods.

First way: Using the glass stem, slide it on, give it a bit of time to heat your material – a few seconds should suffice, and then go crazy! Take long, slow, deep draws for the best results. As you draw, rotate the stem for the most even and optimal vaporization. Your vapor will depend on the draw technique.

Second way: Use the included water pipe adapter and attach it to your favorite water piece! The Wood AromaWPA fits both 14 and 18mm joints and is absolutely gorgeous. Works wonderfully on a water pipe and the flavor and smoothness is a very welcome addition.

Ed’s TNT Woodscent detached

Third way: Included is what’s essentially a custom DynaVap VapCap. You fill it with your herb, place it onto the logs heater, allow it to heat up for a few seconds, and then remove it and take your draw. Really unique and adds to the experience! You can also use this exactly as you would a VapCap M with a torch when out and about.

Ed’s TNT Woodscent power control

Temperature Flexibility

You’re given a temperature control via a rotary dial that goes from 1-10, with a massive heat range of 220-660° F (104-349° C).

This will allow users to set the dial to a preferred temperature setting – 6-8 is a good range however you can fine-tune your experience to whatever is most suitable. Play around with it to find what works best! But if you are looking for a more simple alternative with great temperature flexibility, check out the Zeus Arc GT.

Ed’s TNT Woodscent mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The taste is absolutely phenomenal! Nice, terpene-rich flavor, very pure and bright as well as nice and cool! The hits with the included WPA are bigger while the hits through the glass stem feel thicker.

The water setup is definitely top-notch and hits can get huge! Efficiency is outstanding and a little bit goes a long way. The titanium heating element works exceptionally well as the perfect heat source, and especially through water is very smooth and cool.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find other units at this price point that gives such great vapor quality, other than the Utillian 722 which also boasts excellent vapor quality because of its convection heating. Kudos to you Ed, great execution!

Ed’s TNT Woodscent front profile

Manufacturing Quality

Ed really does exceptional work. He’s a phenomenal woodworker and you can tell that each and every unit is top-notch. From all USA-sourced materials to incredible hand-carved pieces, there’s really no complaints beyond the power cord which feels a tad stiff.

To top this off, Ed includes in every unit, regardless of price, a monstrous amount of accessories!

To start, you get the unit itself, the power cords and:

  • 2” 14/18 mm wooden Water Pipe Adapter
  • 14mm glass WPA
  • 4” straight glass stem
  • Matching 3” 14mm tapered Aroma Stem w/condenser tube & VapCap cap by DynaVap
  • Titanium tip for wood Aroma Stem w/Ti disc and o-rings
  • Glass AromaCup (for essential oil diffusion)
  • Spare parts (o-rings, filters)
  • Bomb Ass Butter wood treatment wax
  • Wooden push rod, poker tool, small brush, and conical mesh filters.

For just shy of $300, this is seriously impressive. If you ever have any issues or questions, Ed will gladly help you out with anything as well.

Ed’s TNT Woodscent coils

To top it off, a lifetime warranty is included with each purchase! Every manufacturer should see this and take notes! This is how you take care of a customer. However, it still lacks a digital display unlike other prominent vaping devices such as the Utillian 421.

Ed’s TNT Woodscent with armor case


Being a desktop unit, it’s not exactly what is considered portable; however, it’s the most portable desktop unit you can get.

Throwing it in a bag when going to a friend’s house is easy, however since you get a DynaVap Vapcap M with it, you can safely leave the house with just that and a torch. For a more portable alternative, the LITL 1 is also a good choice if you want something easy to carry around in your pocket.

The main unit itself will fit in any sized bag and the wooden VapCap will easily stow away into a pocket.

Ed’s TNT Woodscent in hand

Ease of Use

Akin to other log vaporizers, the WoodScents vaporizer is quite easy to get accustomed to and the process is quite simple.

Plug in the unit, set it to the desired temperature, fill whichever stem/mouthpiece is desired and after letting the log heat up for a couple of minutes, insert the mouthpiece onto the titanium heater on the unit and let your material cook. Are you someone who instead prefers to pack their herb on the go? Then you might definitely like the Mighty Vaporizer that features dosing capsules, which allows you to easily repack your herbs for ease of use and on the go vaping.

Cleaning is very simple – 99% alcohol, a cotton swab, and a paper towel is all you really need. Alcohol wipes such as ZEUS Grime Wipes work great in a pinch and cut the cleanup time down to just seconds.

Ed’s TNT Woodscent in another hand


For a desktop unit, the Ed’s TNT Woodscents is about as discreet as they come. To anyone who has no idea what it is, it’ll just appear to be a nicely carved piece of wood sitting on your countertop with a plug coming out of it. Sadly its lack of resemblance to an e-Cig takes away a few points from its discreetness. For a much more discreet alternative, the Crafty vaporizer is a good choice.

With proper maintenance, no odor should be lingering in case you wouldn’t want anyone to smell the aftermath of a session.

Ed’s TNT Woodscent full kitOverall Experience

If you’re in the market for a log vaporizer the size of a soda can, enjoy the stellar performance and vapor production, amazing craftsmanship, lifetime warranty, a huge amount of accessories, and great efficiency, then I highly recommend the WoodScents vaporizer.

Ed’s an enthusiast just like you and me, a great member of the community and knows how to make a stellar product. For $300 you get what’s essentially a top-tier log vape and a custom VapCap to accompany it, as well as a healthy amount of accessories. Absolutely this is the log vaporizer to beat with great value too. And be sure to check out our ranking charts to find out the best overall vaporizer!

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