ZEUS Temple Herb Box

ZEUS Temple

Classy Moisture Extraction Box

ZEUS Temple Herb Box

ZEUS Temple

Classy Herb Storage

For the Elite Connoisseur

100% Grade A organic Mahogany wood, 2-part herb divider and a pure, all-glass pollen catcher are just a few of the ways the ZEUS Temple box oozes classiness.

ZEUS Temple Layers

8 Coats of Premium Black Gloss

For a Rugged Scratch-Proof Exterior

ZEUS Temple Bag ZEUS Temple Herb Box Poem on a Scroll

Stealthy Stashing, Efficient Vaping

A herb reserve that duals as a moisture extractor to get you denser vapor, faster.

Customer Reviews

“Got a bolt grinder, smite and now a humidor. So I'm a ZEUS fan for sure. Got this box as an upgrade to my order for 30$ and for that price its deffs worth it. I didnt realize that for portable vapes its best if your stuff is real dry, but I can actually tell the difference this box makes in the experience. dunno if i would by at the regular price but i love this box for the price I got it for. If you can afford it, go for it!" - Shelly

“Gorgeous box, nice and simple. But what's awesome is that just a storage box lets you get everything you possibly can get. Even better with a Zeus grinder, totally recommended.” - Superman

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