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The Utillian 5 offers those who love wax rugged efficiency with 4 heat settings, 2 impressive coils, and a massive 1050mah battery to keep you going all day. After some time testing the Utillian 5 we found it to be an absolute workhorse able to handle almost anything you throw at it. So let’s dive right in and breakdown what we liked about the Utillian 5.

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Review: Utillian 5 Vaporizer kit

Utillian 5 kit Review

Utillian 5 kit coils

How it Works

Like most wax pens, the battery of the Utillian 5 turns on with five quick clicks and can cycle between temperature/wattage settings with a double click. There is airflow adjustment on the bottom of the atomizer, which you can tailor to your preferred draw restriction.

To load the Utillian 5, remove the mouthpiece to expose the heating coil, place a small amount of wax directly to the coil and place the mouthpiece back on the pen.

Holding the button down will power up the coils and prepare you to take a hit. Inhale while holding the button down and you’re ready to go! It’s best to melt your wax onto the coils by pulsing the power button a few times before going for your hits.Utillian 5 kit available colors

Utillian 5 kit power controlTemperature Flexibility

The battery comes pre-programmed with 4 heat settings which can be used with either the triple titanium or 4mm kanthal coils and range from 2.2v, 2.4v, 2.6v, & 2.8v.

We tested each one of the settings thoroughly (such tough work) and found that the bottom 2 are more geared towards those who prefer flavor and like to sip on a session.

The highest 2 temperature settings really brought the thunder, pumping out some serious clouds. The higher temperatures are better for those who enjoy more vapor or want to clear a load in one draw.

Utillian 5 kit mouth piece

Vapor Quality

We must say though, the lower temperatures develop some amazing flavors at the lack of pure, lung-busting cloud production that the higher temperatures produce. A lot of the performance will depend on the coils that you use as well.

The triple titanium coils are designed to take larger loads of wax and will produce some face melting vapor.

The 4mm twisted kanthal is no slouch either in the vapor department but can be scaled back a bit more easily for smaller loads and more flavor.

There is also the option of a water bubbler which can add some water-filtration allowing you to milk your Utillian 5 for some huge tasty hits.

Bar none, the Utillian 5 atomizers produce the best vapor quality from almost every portable wax vaporizer we’ve ever tried, and we’ve tried a lot of wax vapes in our time!Utillian 5 kit tank

Utillian 5 kit front display

Manufacturing Quality

The Utillian 5 itself is terrifically made and a premium product. It’s sleek, feels nice, is well machined and rugged.

The Utillian 5 atomizers use black ceramic rods as opposed to the quartz rods found in a lot of atomizers out there. The black ceramaic is porous allowing the wax to soak in and wick rather than slip to the bottom of the cup, which tends to be the case with quartz rods. The end result is more vapor and less wasted wax.

The battery on this baby is beefy, we will touch on it a bit more below, but it certainly outshines most others on the market.

In the box is the battery, the Utillian 5 itself, a triple titanium black ceramic atomizer, a jumbo kanthal black ceramic atomizer, USB charger, spare o-rings, and dabbing tool. A pretty good piece of kit for the price you pay and everything is pretty good quality.

Utillian 5 kit usb slotBattery Life

The Utillian 5 battery has a whopping 1050mAh capacity which is great considering most wax pens cap out around 650mah.

You’ll still get a ton of powerful hits off a single charge and it should last frequent users a few days, while the casual user can go weeks before needing a charge. 

Utillian 5 kit with armor case


It is a tad larger than most wax pens, more like a wax marker or a wax bazooka! But that being said its more than manageable to take out with you for the day, easily slipping into your pocket.

With the amount of power at your disposal, you shouldn’t have to worry about charging the Utillian 5 when you go out for the night and even if you do have to charge it, just plug it into any standard micro USB cable.

Utillian 5 kit detached

Ease of Use

The Utillian 5 is the perfect unit for beginners and seasoned vets alike. It is easy enough to be picked up by anyone who is just starting with wax and concentrates.

But hits hard enough and is reliable enough that veterans will also find it a worthy addition to their collection. The Utillian 5 is a work-horse when it comes to wax, able to simply get the job done when you need it to. 

Utillian 5 kit in hand


It looks like a conventional e-cigarette and won’t gather too much attention – ignoring the smell it may produce.

You can take a super quick, powerful hit in less than 10 seconds and stow it away if you need to in those tight situations. 

Utillian 5 kit full kitOverall Experience

For the price it’s available at, the Utillian 5 kit is a perfect choice for those wanting the absolute best bang for your buck possible. It is an absolute workhorse of a wax pen, handling almost anything you can throw at it, providing some serious vapor.

Sure, it’s a bit larger than wax pen vaporizers, but the added heft really pays dividends in the end with the sheer battery life and power you get.

If you’re looking for something with even better battery life and ability to deliver some heavier hits, we’d definitely recommend a mod style battery for the Utillian 5. Of course, the atomizer can be purchased separately, so it’s completely up to you which battery you choose to accompany it. Once again be sure to check out our Wax Pen Ranking to see the top wax pen units currently on the market.

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