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Stonesmiths have burst onto the scene with the Stonesmiths Slash, a sleek and stylish wax pen in the vein of the Puffco Plus. USB-C charging, a built in dab tool and a high build quality tee it up to be a Puffco killer, but does it have the goods to compete with the big boys? Find out below.

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Review: Stonesmiths Slash Review

Stonesmiths Slash Review

Stonesmiths Slash heating coils

How it Works

As with any device, we highly recommend charging it fully before your first use. Next, remove the magnetic mouthpiece. Then, load your favorite concentrate into the chamber with the dab tool on the inside of the mouthpiece. 5 taps will turn the device on, and 3 will change between voltages.

Once you have selected your preferred voltage, press and hold the fire button to start heating your wax. You can also double-tap the fire button to activate the auto mode, which will heat up the device to that temperature for 12 seconds. Then inhale and enjoy!

Stonesmiths Slash power controlTemperature Flexibility

The Slash has 3 different voltage settings to work with – blue is low, green is medium, and red is high. I couldn’t get any more detailed information about the voltage settings, however, for all intents and purposes, it gets the job done.

For those who prefer more precise voltages, I might check out something like the Utillian 2, which has four voltage settings and great flavor.

Stonesmiths Slash mouth piece

Vapor Quality

There’s a lot to love about the vapor quality of the Slash. I found I could truly taste the terpenes of my chosen concentrate with the coil-less ceramic bowl, on the lower two settings.

On the highest setting, as with most wax pens, the flavor went away in exchange for a pretty decent amount of cloud production.

The air intake holes on the side of the mouthpiece bring fresh air into your hit, making the draws free-flowing and relatively smooth. Plus, they can double as a sort of carb cap, if you press your finger down over them they can certainly increase the amount of vapor coming through the device.

Stonesmiths Slash inclined view

The biggest tip I have for you is don’t overfill the device. I have definitely inhaled some wax when I wasn’t careful about this. I usually find a rice grain-sized amount will get the job done. The other big one, just like with other wax pens, is press and hold the fire button for 4-5 seconds before beginning to inhale.

The Slash can knock you for a loop, for sure. It delivered some potent, relatively flavorful vapor. However, the biggest downside in my opinion is the mouthpiece. It tends to get very hot by the end of a session. This definitely did not impress me – the only solution I could think of is running this guy through a water piece, but I haven’t quite figured out the best way to do that yet.

If you want a fantastic wax pen that delivers mouthwatering, huge rips, be sure to take a look at the Utillian 5.

Stonesmiths Slash front display

Manufacturing Quality

Everything about the look of the Slash is sleek. The box is minimalist, with a nice design – and when you open it up, the Slash definitely holds up. It is well built, from the magnetic cap to the threaded connections. The built-in dab tool is a nice touch as well. That ceramic coil-less bowl is solid, nothing too spectacular, but gets the job done well.

The USB-C port on the bottom of the device helps make it look even sexier, and I quite enjoy the gunmetal finish. The device is sturdy and the included sleeve helped prevent scratches (on the relatively small area it covers).

The other thing I liked about this device is the six-chamber concentrate container it comes with. For anyone who likes to have multiple types of concentrate on the go, this is the perfect tool to take along with you.

Stonesmiths Slash detached

Stonesmiths Slash usb slotBattery Life

The Slash has a 1000mah internal battery that is well above what was expected in a device new to the market. The USB-C charging is a huge plus as well, as it charges back up quickly.

You can determine where your battery is at by the lights on the front of the device. Three solid LEDs mean it is 90%-100% charged, two solid and one flashing means 60%-90% battery, one solid LED and one flashing means 30%-60%, and one flashing LED means less than 30%.

Stonesmiths Slash with armor case


The Slash is a pretty portable device. With the 1000mah battery, a built-in dab tool, and that concentrate container I touched on above, it makes a great travel buddy.

If you’re looking to use it on a weekend adventure, I might recommend picking up the ZEUS Charge just to ensure you’ve got enough juice to last your whole trip.

Stonesmiths Slash heating chamber

Ease of Use

The Slash is simple to use, 5 taps to turn it on, 3 to change voltages, and 2 to use that auto mode, 12-second heat-up function. The magnetic cap and included a dab tool make loading simple.

It is also relatively easy to clean as the mouthpiece comes apart into three pieces – the silicone top, metal body, and the dab tool at the bottom. As with most wax pens, I would recommend heating up the chamber after every session and cleaning it out with a cotton swab.

Stonesmiths Slash side view


The Slash is relatively discrete, as the clouds on the lower two settings are minimal, it fits in your hand really well, and can be hidden almost entirely.

It heats up really quickly as well, making it pretty great for a low key on the go session. I would also highlight that built-in dab tool as well, just one less thing to whip out for a session in public.

Stonesmiths Slash full kitOverall Experience

The Slash is a well-machined device that looks slick and fits in your hand and pocket well. I like the 1000mah battery, the flavor of the hits on the lower voltages, and the USB-C charging.

Honestly, the biggest downside is how hot the mouthpiece gets, and that’s a pretty big downside in my opinion. The price is pretty right though, coming in at less than $100.

It doesn’t dethrone the Utillian 5, which is still our favourite. I would say this one will vary from connoisseur to connoisseur – it would be a solid introduction to the world of wax.

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