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Updated: September 22, 2020

Smok has been pumping out mod after mod in the recent months and people are having a hard time keeping up. Their latest release comes in the form of the Smok X-Priv. A full-featured box mod that supports variable wattage, temperature control, and adjustable TCR settings, the Smok X-Priv is powered by 2 18650 batteries and fires up to a maximum of 225 watts. The kit which includes the TFV12 Prince tank which boasts of a huge e-liquid capacity of 8ml seems like the mod to beat.

Let’s delve into the details below and find out if the Smok X-Priv is just as good in practice as it is on paper. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: Smok X-Priv Kit

Smok X-Priv Review

Smok X Priv Review

Manufacturing Quality

Upon the first glimpse of the Smok X-Priv mod, it’s clear to the naked eye that this is a device that bleeds quality. The sides of the mod which are constructed from a zinc alloy are beautifully finished with a variety of color options that you can select from.

Colorways range from Prism Gold all the way down to Prism Rainbow, and regardless of which color you end up getting, the end product is undeniably a sight for sore eyes.

In addition to its good looks, the Smok X-Priv is quite resilient to dings, chips, or scratches so you can rest assured that the Smok X-Priv isn’t just a device that looks good out of the box, but a device which will continue to look good for as long as you use it.

The front and back panels of the Smok X-Priv employ a type of glass panel which is quite glossy. Unfortunately, this also means that the front screen and back end of the mod are potential fingerprint magnets. The back of the mod is coated with a honeycomb pattern which contributes positively to the general aesthetic of the kit, with some minimal branding located towards the bottom.

Like most Smok devices, the firing button takes shape in the form of a firing bar found on the side of the mod, offering a comfortable and ergonomic way to fire the mod every time you use it.

Smok X Priv colors

Looking at the front of the Smok X-Priv and it’s difficult not to be impressed by the beautiful display Smok has chosen for this mod. The 2 inch OLED display offers a crisp resolution with rich and vibrant colors. The large real estate of the display also means that more information gets to be displayed on the screen which is a nice plus.

Individual battery lives of each of the 2 18650 batteries can easily be monitored, as well as the current wattage or temperature, current vaping mode, coil resistance, and a whole suite of other functions that can be adjusted through the Smok X-Privs intuitive menu.

The battery compartment is accessed through the magnetic back panel. The magnets are strong enough so as the battery door doesn’t wiggle or rattle at all when handled. Proper polarity markings are easily visible ensuring that you install your batteries in the correct position every time. 

The only fault I could find here was that the Smok X-Priv doesn’t have any holes for battery venting which is quite odd as it seems like Smok shouldn’t forget about such a basic detail.

Smok X Priv mouth piece

Flavor Quality

Using the relatively new V12 Prince coils, the flavor is exceptional by every standard when vaping on the Smok X-Priv kit. The Prince tank does a good job of creating a smooth and non-turbulent airflow regardless of what setting you place on its fully adjustable dual slotted airflow ring.

It’s important to note that this is a kit for vapers who are fans of direct lung style of vaping so new vapers who’ve just switched over to vaping and are looking for a familiar experience might find themselves in unfamiliar waters when vaping with this kit.

Both coils that come with the kit are well-suited to high powered vaping with the 0.4-ohm quadruple coil having an optimal wattage range of 60-80 watts, while the 0.12-ohm decuple coils are capable of vaping up to 110 watts of power, one of the highest power coils to come stock with any kit.

Flavor and vapor production on either of these coils is exceptionally good and cloud chasers will find nirvana when trying out these V12 coils for the first time.

If you are someone who also uses 510 oil cartridges and other vapers have reported Tronian Tautron is a good place to start.

Smok X Priv power controlPower Flexibility

It’s highly likely that the secret to Smok’s success doesn’t just lie within their ability to make typically good looking devices, but also their ability to cram such huge and complete feature sets into each and every one of their kits.

The Smok X-Priv is no exception to this standard as it boasts the very best of features seen in any other device on the market. It’s 225 watts of maximum output should be more than enough for every vaper out there, with a wide range of settings for temperature control, customizable TCR settings, and a pre-heat mode for variable wattage.

In addition to this, the Smok X-Priv mod is also compatible with atomizers which have a maximum diameter of 28mm, giving you many potential options for upgrading or changing things up in the future should you be curious and look into trying out other tanks or RDAs.

Smok X Priv flat display

Smok X Priv in handEase of Use

It’s pretty much a given that a device such as the Smok X-Priv, with its wide array of customization and features, will definitely require a learning curve a bit higher than most all in one or pen-style devices.

This, however, doesn’t get in the way of beginners simply looking for a straight up vaping experience.

A simple 5 clicks to turn the device on, make sure the coils are properly installed, fill up the tank with e-liquid and you’re ready to start vaping.

The Smok X-Priv’s software allows for the smart configuration of your wattage settings, automatically setting the device to the most optimal output for your current coil, making first time usage for beginners a walk in the park.

Smok X Priv with armor case


The Smok X-Priv’s heftiness puts it at above 230 grams, making it rather cumbersome for storing in your pockets especially if your primary mode of transportation is walking.

On the other hand, the overall dimensions of the mod make it pretty compact, with a height of 151mm, width of 46.5mm, and thickness of 30.4mm, it’s still a device that can easily fit into most purses or bags.

Battery life isn’t an issue with the Smok X-Priv. The dual 18650 batteries go a long way when it comes to delivering power to your vape. A full day of heavy use at high wattage comes easy, while 2-3 days of moderate use at medium settings is fully within the capabilities of the mod.

Smok X Priv datached

Smok X-Priv full kit

Overall Experience

The Smok X-Priv provides a valuable package that combines both form and functionality. While it’s not perfect and definitely has its flaws which can be improved upon in future iterations, the Smok X-Priv can be the weapon of choice for any vaper looking to upgrade their setup, or even for beginners who are looking to make the big plunge and go straight for high powered kits, instead of simple starter kits.

If you want something extremely simple, check out the Kandypens Rubi and if you are looking for a mod style kit to start with we recommend the SMOK Procolor.

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    Danny on

    The smok x-priv is a great mod, I use it as my daily driver. Easy to operate, great run time, smooth power, and very reliable. I own 4 and think its gotta be one of the best smok mods.

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    What an exceptional vapor production of this unit just wow. Using it regularly and enjoying it a lot so far.

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