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It’s not uncommon for a popular mod or device to get miniaturized. Unfortunately, what happens in the process is that a feature or two is lost, corners are cut, and we often end up with a rather lackluster shadow of what was once a great piece of kit. The Smok X Priv Baby is no such thing. Despite it being practically half the size of it’s bigger brother, the X Priv, it still retains most of the features, as well as the fit and finishing of what makes the original X Priv such a great mod. Let’s dive down into the details of the kit down below and see if it’s worth picking up.
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Review: Smok X Priv Baby kit

Smok X Priv Baby Review

Smok X Priv Baby front display

Manufacturing Quality

Despite the significantly smaller form factor of the Smok X Priv Baby, there are no corners cut when it comes to the construction or overall build quality of the device. Perfectly fit into a seamless zinc alloy chassis, the Smok X Priv Baby offers a premium look and feel that’s further accentuated by the large 2-inch high definition color screen.

With the UI neatly displayed in an icon-based matrix, the final result is a very elegant device. The back panel does feature some branding such as the Smok logo and the X-Priv Baby label down, not to mention the trademark honeycomb pattern which we’ve come to be familiar with most of Smok’s devices.

The zinc alloy chassis is finished beautifully with what seems to be electroplating in a variety of colors available to suit your taste. The mod features the signature side firing bar which is sufficiently tactile similar to the firing bar on the original X-Priv. Up/down buttons are located right below the screen, and while they do serve their purpose well enough, they can tend to be a bit mushy.

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Smok X Priv Baby available colors

The top of the mod houses the stainless steel 510 connection finished off with a gold plated pin to facilitate a perfect connection between the device and the included tank. You also won’t notice a battery door on the Smok X Priv Baby since it utilizes an integrated 2300mAh battery. 

Smok X Priv Baby mouth piece

Flavor Quality

The Smok X Priv Baby kit comes with the fabled TFV12 Prince Baby tank, as well as 2 baby Q2 coil heads rated at 0.4ohms for the perfect balance between flavor and cloud production. The Prince Baby tank features dual adjustable airflow slots at the base which can be tweaked to get the ideal amount of resistance depending on your preference, but take note that it does tend to get a bit turbulent when setting the airflow mid-way.

In terms of actual performance, the Smok X Priv Baby doesn’t miss a beat. It fires fast, practically without any noticeable delay, and it ramps up quick as hell, ensuring minimal downtime before your coils hit the desired sweet spot.

Flavor and vapor production are around what can be normally expected from a device that fires up to 80 watts. The airflow slots are positioned just right ensuring you get optimal flavor without skimping on overall cloud production.

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Smok X Priv Baby power controlPower Flexibility

For such a tiny device, the Smok X Priv Baby packs an extensive host of features. Temperature control for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel for starters. With a temperature range of 93-315 degrees Celsius, it shouldn’t be a problem for any vaper to hit the perfect spot.

The Smok X Priv Baby also supports adjustable TCR curves for those who’d really like to fine-tune every detail of how their device vapes. Adjustable pre-heat curves are also an option for those who like to vape on wattage mode and use bigger, harder-to-fire coils as their daily driver.

When it comes to headroom for future upgrades, there are multiple avenues where the overall vaping experience can be improved. For starters, the TFV12 Prince Baby tank also supports Smok’s own V8 Baby T12 duodecuple coils for a massive amount of vapor production that even custom coil builders will have trouble duplicating.

Smok X Priv Baby flat display

Smok X Priv Baby tankEase of Use

Thanks to the large colored screen, understanding heads and tails of the Smok X Priv Baby’s UI is a walk in the park. The clean icon layout makes menu navigation a breeze, allowing even the utmost of beginners to vaping to quickly get a hang of optimizing the mod to their needs.

The basic operation of the mod doesn’t deviate much from the norm. 5 clicks on the firing button turn the mod on and off, while 3 clicks give you access to the menu.

The TFV12 also uses a push/slide mechanism to open the top cap, revealing large fill ports where you can refill the tank with any e-liquid of your choice. The tank holds up 2ml by default, but with the help of a convex glass extension, e-liquid capacity can be bumped up to a nice 4.5ml, further decreasing your need to refill the tank often.

Smok X Priv Baby with armor case


With overall dimensions measuring out to a mere 68mm by 47mm by 29mm, the Smok X-Priv Baby is easily pocketed without too much trouble. Ergonomics are on point as well, with the edges of the device conveniently rounded out for a more comfortable grip that should make long vaping sessions a breeze.

Unfortunately, the only con that really stands out with the Smok X Priv Baby is the rather lackluster battery life. With the integrated 2300mAh battery, there’s no option to swap it out for something fresh. 2300MAh doesn’t go that for a high powered device such as the Smok X Priv Baby so it’s most likely that you’ll need to recharge the mod midway via its micro USB port to get a full day’s worth of vaping out of it.

Smok X Priv Baby mouth piece

Smok X Priv Baby full kit

Overall Experience

Despite its middling battery life, the Smok X Priv Baby is a decent performer across the board. From its fast ramp-up times, all the way to the bucketload of features that the mod supports, its one of the best small form factor kits available right now, especially considering the kit includes TFV12 Prince Baby tank, which by itself already presents a tremendous value already, though we still think the Smok X-Priv features the best value.

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    Ryan Bell on

    This thing is GREAT! Works very well and im pleased with my purchase.
    However; the charging port is on the bottom of the mod! I litterally have to unscrew my tank to charge, so charging on the go, or during a commute is next to impossible.

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