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When you have an excellent design for a vape that many can dig even up to the point that a big brand manufacturer such as Smok decides to hop on the bandwagon, you’ll know at that point that the design has a significant amount of merit. Inspired by all the modern vape pens as of late, comes the Smok Fit, Smok’s own iteration of the ultra-compact air activated pen vape. With a 250mAh battery and featuring the same great build quality and polished looks as its competitors, the Smok Fit tosses its hat in the ring for the interest of all new vapers looking to make the switch. 

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Review: Smok Fit

Smok Fit Review

Smok Fit front profile

Manufacturing Quality

When a pen vape uses a high-grade aluminum alloy as its exterior chassis, you’ll know that the manufacturer isn’t messing around with making their device as presentable and functional as possible.

The finish of the Smok Fit is extremely polished, giving it a svelte texture that feels awesome to the touch and feels even better to hold in your fingers. Available in a gunmetal gray, blue, and red color options, not only does the Smok Fit feel great to use, but it looks fantastic as well. If you are someone who also uses 510 oil cartridges and other vapers have reported Smok Micare is a good place to start.

There aren’t any buttons marring the smooth exterior of the Smok Fit which is to be expected from this type of pen vape. Instead, the only item that breaks up the flow of the device’s aesthetics is a singular LED light which serves as an indicator for the pen vapes status. A micro USB port can be found at the bottom end of the Smok Fit which serves as the charging port.

Smok Fit available colors

The entirety of the Smok Fit can be divided into two main parts. First is the aluminum alloy which houses the 250mAh battery, LED indicator, and charging port. Second is the removable and refillable pod system constructed mainly out of polycarbonate for maximum resistance to wear and tear over time.

The good news is that Smok has included two of these with the kit, so should you lose or damage one, having a spare is always a good option.

Smok Fit mouth piece

Flavor Quality

One of the main differences between the Smok Fit and its inspiration, the Pax Juul, is that the Smok Fit doesn’t come with pre-filled pods or cartridges.While this can be good or bad news depending on what type of vaper you are.

Casual vapers tend to lean towards the Juul’s disposable pre-filled pods as this eliminates the need to find your own e-liquid. The main limitations of this design are that you’re limited to vaping on whatever e-liquids are available for the Juul.

The pods aren’t refillable either so you’re forced to toss them away and purchase new ones as soon as the e-liquid in the pod runs out. People who use 510 cartridges tend to prefer the Vessel cartridge battery.

The Smok Fit takes a different approach and uses refillable cartridges which lets you vape on virtually any e-liquid of your choosing, giving you unlimited flavor options. The cartridges are refillable as well, holding up to 2ml of e-liquid which should last for a decent portion of the day before requiring topping up.

Unlike other ultra-compact pen style vapes, the refillable cartridge has an extremely tiny fill port which makes for a more leak-free vaping experience thanks to the rubber stopper.

You might think that the extremely tiny fill port will make things difficult when transferring e-liquids into the Smok Fit, but thankfully Smok has included a tiny needle-nosed filling bottle which you can fill and take with you on the go, perfectly designed for filling up the Smok Fit’s cartridges (just don’t lose it!).

Flavor is extremely smooth, which is quite surprising considering this is Smok’s first foray into creating this type of coil and pen vape. There are no funny aftertastes to be experienced here, and the coils bring out a respectable amount of flavor considering the low output.

Vapor production, naturally might not appease the hardcore cloud chasers out there, but given the devices tiny battery, it’s hard to complain as it closely mirrors the performance of other devices of its kin.

Smok Fit power kitPower Flexibility

Smok hasn’t published any concrete details on the actual power output on the kit, but based on my experience with this pen vape, vaping output seems to fall between 6-11 watts depending on the battery level.

This means you won’t be chasing any massive clouds with this pen vape, but its no slouch in the vapor department and should be enough to satisfy most, especially if you are just making the switch.

Smok Fit flat display

Smok Fit with tankEase of Use

If you thought AIO kits were easy to use, then you’ve never seen or vaped on one of these types of devices before. Without any buttons to activate the pen vape, the Smok Fit is fired by pulling air through the mouthpiece.

This means that the pen vape starts vaping as soon as you start puffing. Simple as that. Refilling the cartridge is an uncomplicated affair as well.

Just flip the rubber stopper open, use the filling bottle Smok included in the kit and fill ‘er up!. Don’t forget to properly to close the rubber stopper afterward to prevent any unwanted leaks while vaping.

Smok Fit with armor case


The Smok Fit holds its own on the battery department, using a slightly larger 250mAh battery compared to the Juul’s 200mAh. It’s not difficult to get a full days worth of use out of the device, but heavier vapers might find the need to top up the battery during the latter part of the day.

Any powered USB slot is capable of doing this so finding a suitable power source shouldn’t be too difficult.

The Smok Fit practically fits anywhere and is one of the easiest devices to tote around. It’s extremely light as well, weighing in at a mere 20grams so you’ll barely feel it in your pocket. Just be a bit wary as devices of these form factor are prone to and misplacement!

Smok Fit with tank

Smok Fit full kit

Overall Experience

The Smok Fit is a decent alternative for those looking to make the switch to vaping but would like to use a platform that allows them to vape any e-liquid of their choice.

However not much sets it apart from other pod-based vape pen systems on the market. In fact, we still prefer the Kandypens Rubi over the SMOK Fit, the Rubi has a slimmer design, the rounded edges feel nicer, and we found we got less spit back. 

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    smok fit only worked for a month and my boyfriend purchased it and it lasted for 2 weeks. having one of the vape was fine if something went wrong but we have two and they both went out last week, dont buy this product if you like to vape, it’ll last you two weeks to a month maximum.

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