Jane West Classic Review – People still use dugouts?


We review the Jane West Classic! Tucking inside is a one-hitter, poker, and two herb storage compartments all in a sleek stainless steel chassis, it seems like a well-built item. About the size of a pocket flask or power bank, it’ll make for a nice carry object. Check out what we have to say about the Jane West Classic in our review here!

Review: Jane West Classic Dugout (storage + inhaler)

Jane West Classic Dugout Review

Jane West Classic Dugout heating coils

How to use

Not much to learn how to use here! The one-hitter can be filled up with a person’s worth of herb and taking a hit simply means sparking it up. The rest of the dugout has a few compartments for specific functions, all easily accessible with the turn of the latch.

We recommend emptying the one-hitter before putting it back in for storage!

Jane West Classic Dugout inclined view

Jane West Classic Dugout front display

Manufacturing Quality

It all looks pretty elegant and nice, which is the goal the brand definitely set out to achieve.  The modern styling of the Jane West line reminds us of the clean modern aesthetic of the BRNT Designs collection. It doesn’t look like paraphernalia at all; rather something your girlfriend would like to pull out at the coffee table when she’s with her friends. That’s who it’s marketed for after all!

The little spring-loaded mechanism is a nice touch, as that’ll reduce any rattling from loose items and keep it tight against the body. Not necessary, but nice. We would’ve liked to see the lids held in by magnets to prevent any accidental spillage, however.

In the kit is pretty barebones but all you really need – the dugout, a one-hitter, and stir tool. Not much else you’ll need really. The build quality is ok. A thin layer of stainless steel and plastic are the main constituents. Nothing to write home about really.

Jane West Classic Dugout top view

Jane West Classic Dugout in hand

Ease of Use

Cleaning is pretty simple as using the included stir tool can let you easily empty out the chamber without searching around for a toothpick, stick, or hairpin.

To thoroughly clean the one-hitter we’d recommend scrubbing the inside out with a cotton swab soaked in iso or soaking it in the Zeus Purify solution like you do for any vaporizer such as the Utillian 620.

Jane West Classic Dugout in use


Not much to comment about here! Its compact looks sleek and fits well in most pockets and purses.  To get a sense of its size, think of it as big as those small flat power banks you see or the Davinci IQ.

The one-hitter is actually a bit too small for our liking, and only good really for one hit, as the name suggests. 

Jane West Classic Dugout full kitOverall Experience

It’s nice and all, but for the price tag? Not really worth it in our eyes. If anything, the dugouts best purpose would be served by stuffing a Dynavap M inside instead! Then we could really get the idea of a concept of one place to store your ABV, lighter, herb, and DynaVap. Maybe we’ll go test that out instead!

A bit underwhelming though for the cost and really just a nice luxury if you’re set on the idea of a one-hitter and dugout combo.

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