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The Innokin Riptide just might seem like another generic addition to the growing list of mods flooding the market at an unceasingly growing rate. But most of the Innokin Riptide’s best qualities are hidden underneath the devices simple facade. Sporting a huge internal 3000mAh battery which powers the mod to fire at a fixed output, the Innokin Riptide kit comes bundled by the Crios tank which features a maximum e-liquid capacity of 4ml. Let’s dive down into details of this below and see why its worth a look.

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Review: Innokin Riptide Kit

innokin riptide review

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Manufacturing Quality

At first glance, you look at the Innokin Riptide and assume it’s another cookie-cutter device among the growing inventory of cookie cutter devices being released these days.

The uninspired aesthetics have a big part to play in this as the Innokin Riptide doesn’t have much going for it design-wise: A simple and all yet too familiar tube-style device, albeit coated in a rubberized finish to aid in tactility and improved ergonomics.

It’s at this point where function takes precedence over form when you take a closer look at the specs of the device: a whopping 3000 mAh internal battery for starters keeps the Innokin Riptide powered. While a battery of this size isn’t unheard of, it’s still pretty uncommon and places the Innokin Riptide within a small yet growing subset of compact yet powerfully efficient mods to grace the market. If you are looking for a 510-thread battery for oil cartridges we suggest checking out the Yocan Uni Pro.

Speaking of compact, the Innokin Riptide is a joy to hold. Measuring out to 24mm in diameter with a height of just barely over 100mm, the device’s slim form factor coupled with its smooth yet grippy exterior make wonderfully ergonomic. The rubberized finish extends itself all the way down to the firing button which also sports the same grippy texture.

The Innokin Riptide fires at a fixed output which is based on the current battery life, so you won’t find any fancy display or extra buttons to fiddle with the mod. A simple tri-LED array is located above the firing button, intuitively informing you of the battery status of the mod. A micro USB charging port is located towards the bottom of the mod as well as sufficient battery venting.

innokin riptide available colorsThe top of the Innokin Riptide sports a spring loaded 510 connection which is not only compatible with the included Crios tank, but also has support for other atomizers which fit on top. The machining is extremely smooth, devoid of any rough burrs or jagged edges, ensuring that tank sits perfectly flush on top of the mod, making a perfect connection every time.

innokin riptide mouth piece

Flavor Quality

Innokin must have made some improvements over their previous coil designs as the 0.25-ohm coil heads which come packaged with the kit vape wonderfully and far exceed my expectations. Flavor-wise, it’s hard to find any complaints. Subtle notes of my chosen e-liquid came through each puff clear, crisp, and clean.

The design of the Crios tank definitely helps in this regard. Thanks to the dual fully adjustable airflow slots at the base of the tank, airflow can be easily manipulated into giving you the perfect vaping experience suited to your preferences. Users who are interested in 510 thread cartridges for oil often prefer the Tronian Nutron.

Innokin strongly recommends using their 0.25-ohm coil heads, and while it’s difficult to disagree with them due to the more than satisfactory performance the included coil heads are capable of, coils of other resistances work just fine. The lifetime of each individual coil head is par for the course, hitting about a week of use with optimal performance before flavor quality tapers off and calls for replacing of the coil.

innokin riptide power buttonPower Flexibility

The Innokin Riptide works very similarly to how a mechanical mod would operate, outputting a wattage based on the resistance of the installed coil. What this means is that you won’t get any options to change the wattage on the fly, and if you’re looking to up the power output, you’d need to use lower resistance coils.

Despite this, I don’t see or feel the need to do anything of the sort. The recommended 0.25-ohm coil heads work perfectly with the mod, and while vapor production potentially falls a bit behind the more advanced box mods out there, it’s hard to find any issues with the overall cloud production of this kit.

The Innokin Riptide lacks any sort of support for alternative vaping modes such as temperature control, TCR, or a pre-heat wattage curve. This is almost a given, considering the small form factor of the device, and doesn’t really merit a con based on the mods intended use.

innokin riptide flat display

innokin riptide tankEase of Use

Three clicks of the firing button to turn the Innokin Riptide on, another three clicks to turn it off. Press the firing button to vape. That’s all there is to operate the Innokin Riptide, and it’s clearly designed with ease of use in mind.

The Crios tank holds up to 4ml of e-liquid making frequent refills a thing of the past. The tank also uses a convenient top fill mechanism making for easy refills. Swapping out the old coils for new ones can hardly be considered a chore. Simply unscrew the base of the tank along with the old coil, thread in the new one and you’re done.

Don’t forget that whenever using new coils, its always best to prime the coil heads by dripping a little e-liquid directly onto the coil head before filling the tank and wait for 5 minutes after filling, to ensure that the wicks are properly saturated with e-liquid.

innokin riptide with armor case


You won’t find much to complain about the overall compactness and portability of the Innokin Riptide. It’s small dimensions, and grippy finish makes it wonderfully ergonomic, even for those of us who have sweaty hands with the increased tendency of dropping things.

The Innokin Riptide is comfortable to hold even for long periods of time thanks to the lack of sharp edges on the mod, and slipping it into your pocket or bag is easy as pie, making it a great device for vaping outdoors.

The 3000mAh battery is more than enough to get any vaper through a single day of even heavy use. The micro USB charging port allows the internal battery to be topped up with any powered USB source so finding some extra juice for the battery is rarely a problem when required.

innokin riptide back side

innokin riptide full kit

Overall Experience

The Innokin Riptide kit provides a great option for vapers who are interested in vaping with a tube-style mod. The powerful and long-lasting battery paired with the solid performance of the Crios tank make this combination hard to pass up.

Not to mention Innokin’s reputation for manufacturing long lasting and reliable devices should make this an almost must-get for anyone looking for device remotely within this kits specifications.

If you want something extremely simple, check out the Kandypens Rubi and if you are looking for a mod style kit to start with we recommend the Vaporesso Revenger.

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