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We’ve reviewed a handful of devices by Grenco before like the G Pen Gio and G Pen Elite though we’ve never been particularly blown away. Enter the Nova, a 2-in-1 pen for both herb and waxes with a quartz/ceramic chamber and sleek form factor. Check out what we have to say about the G Pen Nova in our review!

If this might be your first concentrate specific vaporizer, check out the Wax Pen Buyers Guide for an introduction and helpful guide on some things you should know about wax pens!

Review: G Pen Nova

G Pen Nova Review

G Pen Nova heating chamber

How it Works

By removing the mouthpiece from the tank you can load in a small, rice-grain-sized amount of material. To turn the battery on, click the button 5 times in quick succession. A triple-click will cycle between the three voltage settings.

An auto-heat setting is available on the Nova which a double click will activate. The Nova will then heat up for 15 seconds before automatically shutting off. For manual mode, simply hold down the button for up to 15 seconds and take your hit.

G Pen Nova detached

G Pen Nova power controlTemperature Flexibility

The Nova has three voltage settings built into the battery – 3.2v, 3.5v, and 3.9v. We feel like these settings are well chosen and give a good variety in your hits.

It’s fairly standard to see budget vape pens have only three temperature settings so we see no problem with this.

G Pen Nova mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Wax pens have always been a bit limited in the performance they offer. The Nova won’t be blowing your pants away at any point but it certainly hits well! The atomizer really only does well with small amounts of material though it gives a pretty pure and flavorful hit.

The vapor doesn’t have much time to cool off before it reaches your lungs, however, it’s not excessively harsh by any means. Overall, the vapor quality from the Nova is average across the board.G Pen Nova flat display

G Pen Nova front display

Manufacturing Quality

It’s slick and feels nice in the hand. The rubberized coating doesn’t attract dust and oils too badly and it feels sturdy in the hand. It’s a budget wax pen and there’s really not much else to say about it.

Nothing that’ll blow you away, though it’s not bad by any means. The built-in ceramic dabbing tool in the mouthpiece work decently well however it gets gunked up extremely easy making it hard to use later.

Included in the box is a very basic kit consisting of the user manual, battery, tank/atomizer, and USB charger. A fairly simple kit that we would’ve liked to see the addition of a cleaning kit and steel dab tool added to it.

G Pen Nova with usb cableBattery Life

With only 300mAh, the Nova is reserved for only very casual users. If you can imagine that your phone has a max capacity of around 3000mAh, you’ve got to wonder how many hits you can get off a 10% full battery. The answer – not many.

Frequent users or those who like to have extended sessions will definitely be disappointed with the short battery life. It charges in around an hour and doesn’t feature pass-through charging so you’re out of luck if you’ve run dry.

G Pen Nova with armor case


Wax pens are some of the most convenient devices ever conceived, and the Nova is no exception to that rule.

Roughly the size of your average Sharpie though a bit longer, it’s easy to slip it into most pockets. For being on the go, a wax pen is one of the better choices you can make!

G Pen Nova tank

Ease of Use

Starter wax pen vapes are all pretty simple to use with the beginner in mind. The Nova is very straightforward to operate and get good results from.

It does, however, get extremely messy quickly, and we recommend maintaining it every few sessions to keep it working optimally. Soaking the mouthpiece assembly and tank in isopropyl alcohol will make quick work of any build-up and grime, and taking a cotton swab to those hard to reach places will get them squeaky clean.

Rinse gently with water before reassembling for a burn-off session. After that, you should be good to go again. 

G Pen Nova in hand


Wax pens are so small and stealthy, making a great addition to your everyday carry arsenal. The matte black finish and small size make it easy to conceal and whip out for a 10-second hit before anyone even notices.

Of course, you’ll put out a large plume of a vapor and a considerable smell, so keep that in mind as well. 

G Pen Nova full kitOverall Experience

The Nova comes in at such a low price point and really it’s not bad at all. It seems like Grenco is stepping their game up slowly with each release, though we’re still not really satisfied with the end results.

The microscopic battery, okay vapor quality, and very messy aftermath leave a little to be desired.

If you are looking for a worthwhile wax pen, we suggest checking out the Linx Hypnos Zero.

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