Dabado Bolt Pro 2 Review – Dabado or Dabadon’t?

Updated: January 19, 2020

Dabado has set out on doing some improvements onto the original Bolt Pro, but it begs the question – does it do the original Bolt Pro justice? The new Dabado Bolt Pro 2 brings some welcomed upgrades with that tag. Dabado isn’t exactly a newcomer to the scene and their original Bolt Pro is a pretty solid unit with minor complaints.

Let’s see if they addressed those issues. If this is your first concentrates vaporizer, make sure to check out the handy Wax Pen Buyers Guide for an effective rundown on how they work!

If you would like to see how this electric dab rig stacks up against other popular units check out our Best Electric Dab Rigs & E-Nails article.

Review: Dabado Bolt Pro 2

Bolt Pro 2 review

How Dabado Bolt Pro 2 Works

How it Works

Similar to the original unit, the Pro 2 works nearly identically. Choose the desired nail to use, attach the glass piece, and then set your temperature. There are plenty of options for customization with different nail material and glass units.

The XL nail can hold up to 0.5-0.6 grams of concentrated material which is insane! Don’t start with that amount!

In short – nail on, glass on, heat on, apply the material, draw and cap it! The included tool functions as both the cap and a wax tool so no need to reach over for other pieces!

Bolt Pro 2 flat display

Bolt Pro 2 power buttonTemperature Flexibility

This is where the original Bolt Pro had its criticisms – you couldn’t precisely tell which temperature it was being hit at and thus there was often confusion.

Now, there is an LCD display with temperature control similar to the Source Orb 4 Signature Kit and battery readout! Instead of the guesswork involved with the last unit, you’ll get consistent results every time.

200-900°F/ 93-482°C is the temperature range of the new unit. It adjusts in 50°F/10°C increments and the heating time is very quick! Heat-up time depends on which nail you use – the titanium and quartz nails heat up the quickest, while the ceramic one heats up much slower.

Meanwhile, the quartz nail cools down the quickest while the titanium and ceramic nails cool down much slower. Each nail gives a different experience, so it’s best to experiment with all of them!

Bolt Pro 2 mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is excellent as a general statement. Really, it depends on which temperature is used though. Another reason why the addition of more precise temperature control is so great!

Now there’s no wondering which temperature it sits at– instead it can be set to what works best with your specific material, nail, and experience you want.

Nonetheless, the vapor quality is top notch, gives great density and of course, the water filtration helps a ton with smoothness and flavor. Certainly, nothing to scoff at.

The additional glass units Dabado sells are also top notch, look fantastic and enhance the experience even more – although they carry their own price tag with that. Users looking for great vapor quality from a budget unit usually tend to prefer the Utillian 5 wax pen.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2

Bolt Pro 2 front profile

Manufacturing Quality

Dabado is known to put out well-manufactured units similar to Linx is known for units like the Linx Blaze Kit. The aesthetic is sleek and appealing, all of the accessories are well crafted and being able to swap out your heating element in case the first one breaks ensures you’re not just left with a nice looking paperweight!

To add to that, Dabado tacks on a healthy amount of kit for the asking price. Beyond the unit itself, included is:

  • A very nice and sturdy carrying case
  • Spare heating rod
  • Glass attachment
  • Quartz, titanium and ceramic nail
  • Battery, USB charger
  • Silicon protector and silicon container
  • A magnetic stand and magnetic tool

All of these parts are well-built. The magnetic stand is very handy for ensuring the unit doesn’t tip over, which can be disastrous if the wrong circumstances align! As a bonus, the other glass attachments that Dabado offers look stellar. Their Milky Way and Orbit units really are gorgeous!


Bolt Pro 2 batteryBattery Life

Expect between 25-30 sessions, depending on which heat settings are used most often. Of course, the 18650 battery swaps out in a hitch so if you have a spare, you’ll never have to worry.

Charging time is average with the included charger, around 4 hours until full. Overall, zero complaints with the battery life, Dabado made a quite efficient unit with this!

However, users looking for a unit that is as efficient as Bolt Pro 2 but with quick charge time tend to prefer units like the Puffco Peak that can charge within 2 hours.


Bolt Pro 2 with armor case


I wouldn’t exactly consider the Bolt Pro 2 a fully portable unit for on to go use.

You certainly wouldn’t be able to use it in public easily and if being discreet is a concern, I instead recommend a traditional concentrates pen such as the Utillian 2 Wax Pen. It is however quick to stow away into the included carrying case for easy transport or just walking around the house with it.

I wouldn’t take it with me for a hike that’s for sure, but it makes for a very handy unit when sitting around a fire while camping with friends.

Bolt Pro 2 detached

Ease of Use

The Bolt Pro 2 excels in ease of use as if you are using the Yocan Evolve Plus. A complete beginner would have no problems setting this up with a minimal amount of guidance and a more experienced user would have it ready faster than you can prepare your wax!

This unit really is great for the newbie and experts alike and Dabado made it very easy to get what you want out of it.

Cleaning is a breeze with the size of the nail, some 99% isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs or ZEUS Grime Wipes make maintenance simple and effective.

Bolt Pro 2 full kitOverall Experience

The Bolt Pro 2 is a very welcome upgrade to the original Bolt Pro, with its precision temperature control and display. It’s not a massive world of difference between the two, however, if you’re in the market for an e-nail and you’ve been wondering how the Bolt Pro 2 stacks up, I’d quickly recommend the Pro 2 instead. Dabado addressed the small problems and make adjustments to remedy that.

For $200, the Bolt Pro 2 sits perfectly in that price range. Other cheaper units often don’t have a replaceable heating rod which is risky, and some units are even more expensive for the same features. The only criticism I have is there’s nothing overwhelmingly innovative and new about it – there’s nothing wrong with perfecting a tried and true method though!

If you’re looking for something more portable and discreet, the Zeus Thunder 2 or Focusvape Tourist may be more suitable for you. The Focusvape has the benefit of being able to use the dry herb as well.

Though if you’re looking for a semi-portable complete oil rig, the Bolt Pro 2 by Dabadoo is the last place you’ll have to look!

If you have questions about our Bolt Pro 2 review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts, and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’

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  1. Avatar for Wallace
    Wallace on

    Even with the water filtration attachment it is very easy to use and maintain. Water filtration helps in getting a smooth draw especially on the low temperature which is really great. But, it lack the temperature control and it is not a discreet unit at all.

  2. Avatar for Blake
    Blake on

    It has a nice sophisticated look to it and feel very durable and comfortable in my hands. When the first time I used it, I got a feeling of excitement as it is a unique new age vaping device with great features. It has a nice LCD display and has a temperature control with which I can adjust the temp settings according to my needs. Lovely device!

  3. Avatar for Ross
    Ross on

    Just received a few days ago and I really loved so thought to write a review starting with the case it has a really nice case which comes in the box build quality of the unit is marvelous and produces great vapor quality and clouds. Surprisingly it comes with a hand blown glass water diffusers for smooth vapor what could be better than this JUST WOW. Wish I could use it while on charging as the battery life is not good enough.

  4. Avatar for Weisly
    Weisly on

    Awesome vapor quality..not the prettiest device but definitely worth the extra dollars spent. it is a great dab rig. When it comes to vapor/cloud quantity and quality, customization options, and ease of use, it is my favorite rig in my fast-growing collection of portable vaporizers.

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