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This product is an optional accessory for the Arizer Air. The skin is made of silicone and adds more durability and insulation to your vaporizer, while also giving owners the option for a little customization thanks to the color options. Colors available include black, green, red, blue, and pink. This is an official Arizer part and designed specifically for use with the Air.


  • Arizer Air

Package Contents

  • 1 x Silicone skin

How To Install

  1. Remove the glass stem and ensure the vaporizer is cool for safe handling.
  2. Slide the bottom of the skin over the top of the Air.
  3. Make sure the grip enhanced (textured) side of the skin is facing in and touching the vaporizer.
  4. Slide the skin fully over the Air, and position it so access to the buttons and lights is maintained.

How To Clean

  1. Remove skin from the Air.
  2. Wash with warm water and soap.
  3. Allow to fully dry.
  4. Replace skin according to installation instructions.
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