XVape Aria Review – Aria ready for this?

Updated: August 20, 2020

We’ve reviewed some devices by XVape before like like Xvape Vista Mini 2 and XVape Avant. We’ve been never blown away by XVapes offerings but the new XVape Aria is their new budget portable herb vape set to beat out the competition. Is the Aria Vape any good? Find out more in our XVape Aria review for more info!

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XVape Aria Review:

XVape Aria Review

XVape Aria heating coils

How Xvape Aria Works?

The XVape Aria operates similar to other budget portable herb vaporizers like the Dynavap M 2020. 3 clicks of the button turns the device on while the temperature can be adjusted with the lower two buttons. Filling the device up with finely ground herb and packing it down will yield the best results.

Once it heats up, vibration will let you know once it’s ready to go. At this point inhale slowly for 10 seconds and enjoy!

XVape Aria flat display

XVape Aria power control

Temperature Flexibility

With the XVape Aria, you get full temperature control letting you go from 212°F – 464°F, or 100-240°C. This is definitely a wide range and even high enough to char/burn your herb. It takes 20 seconds to start up heating where vaporizers like flowermate slick required 40 seconds.

Considering how many devices tout themselves as able to handle both dry herb and concentrates, most never provide a temperature range which goes high enough.

XVape Aria mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Budget dry herb vaporizers all perform very similar. This is largely due to using similar ceramic/steel conduction heating ovens just like LITL 1 vaporizer. Conduction heating has its drawbacks, but is cheaper to produce.

The XVape Aria can put out okay clouds with decent flavor for the first few hits, but the flavor quickly begins to take on that roasted popcorn flavor after not so long. We wish they opted for a glass mouthpiece like the Utillian 421 vaporizer, which offers much better flavor.

The vapor path is rather short so the vapor is a bit harsh at higher temperatures. Unfortunately there is no way to mate it to an Zeus Iceborn. With concentrates the device works but not all that well and certainly not quite as good as a dedicated wax pen vaporizer like the Utillian 5.

XVape Aria front display

Manufacturing Quality

XVape isn’t creating luxury devices, they are putting out budget devices for sure. Both the airpath and electronics path are isolated but the device feels cheap overall. The leather on the outside is a strange choice. Time will tell how long it stays in good shape for. Whereas, the competitor like ZEUS they are manufacturing expensive and luxury units like the Zeus Arc GT and more.

Beyond that, included in the box is a standard kit consisting of the device itself, USB charger, concentrate pad, cleaning brush, cleaning wipes, and instruction manual. There’s not much else we could really ask for, maybe just some spare screens or so.

XVape Aria detached

XVape Aria usb slotBattery Life

With an integrated 18650, 2600mAh battery, you’ll get a decent amount of time with this device! Sadly the battery isn’t removable for quick changing on the go or replacing when it starts to go bunk similar to the Utillian 722 vaporizers. You do however get USB-passthrough power to help you drive the device if it runs out of juice.

You should get around 4-6 sessions per charge before needing to top up and it’ll take around 2-3 hours to top up from empty.

XVape Aria with armor case


Handheld and slightly bigger than your average chocolate bar, it fits pretty well into any pocket or bag and doesn’t weigh more than 135 grams. Lightweight, small, and simple to use, it does pretty well at portable tasks, unlike the Mighty which is quite large and not so pocket friendly either.

XVape Aria detached

Ease of Use

Budget dry herb vapes are all quite straightforward to use and the XVape Aria follows that notion. Taking slow, long draws will yield better performance from the device, so make sure to let friends and people know that tip when sharing! Users that prefer vaporizers with higher performance and yet easy to use usually tend to like units similar to the Arizer Solo 2.

Cleaning is quite straightforward as the mouthpiece can just be dropped in a glass of isopropyl alcohol to clean up quickly, while a cotton swap with iso will quickly clean out the chamber. We recommend cleaning frequently to really get the performance in tip top shape all the time!

XVape Aria in hand


Most will probably confuse it for a typical e-cig setup when using it out and about however it doesn’t quite look like a tradition e-cig to those who know. Still, you shouldn’t run into any problems using it and when out, though it will put out a considerable amount of smell throughout the session. Users who want to avoid the smell problem at all costs usually prefer convection based units like the Crafty where the herbs are heated by hot air instead of coming in direct contact with the surface.

XVape Aria full kitOverall Experience

The XVape Aria doesn’t really bring anything outstanding to the table. It works okay and provides a decent performance for the price, however we’ve found devices like the Utillian 420 or the Flowermate V5 Nano to offer better performance at an equal price point!

Hopefully in future iterations we will see a longer vapor path and perhaps better materials used like a ceramic chamber and glass mouthpiece to offer better flavor.

If you have questions about our XVAPE Aria Vaporizer review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!

5.5 Mediocre
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  1. Avatar for Isaac
    Isaac on

    It looks pretty good in my hand as it’s very discreet and stylish. On the negative side, flavor is amazing early in the session but falls off very quickly. Also, the vapor quantity is just okay as it doesn’t produce good clouds.

  2. Avatar for Nicolas
    Nicolas on

    I bought this vape because it has a removable battery option so I can take it camping and to music festivals. However, I don’t like the vapor quality as all of my friends are the Zeus products user and they made big clouds than mine. So overall it was my mistake because I bought this vape and didn’t think about what my friends suggested.

  3. Avatar for Udeza
    Udeza on

    My new obsession! Love this baby, gets a bit warm but always hits consistent clouds for me. I’m not sure what else to say other than this is it right here! So easy and the perfect size. I like the bowl capacity and love to blow big clouds so I always set it to the highest temp.

  4. Avatar for Carl
    Carl on

    I really like this awesome device. It is a great vaporizer, because its small, portable and heats up very fast which is best for a quickie . The chamber size is enough to fulfill my needs and it is recommended not to pack your herbs not too tight because if it is packed too tight, it will be hard to suck on. Only downside is, that the mouthpiece gets really hot after some time and if you have very sensitive lips, then I won’t recommend this device to you. But for me its totally bearable.

  5. Avatar for Keaton
    Keaton on

    This beautiful vape is covered in a textured, faux animal skin covering which provides grip and adds to its elegance . Also it has a top notch OLED screen to ensure your Fahrenheit or Celsius readings will be 100% crystal clear but that is not all I paid for vapor quality on the Aria is solid for the first few four draws or so, but after that, it starts to taste chared and can come dangerously close to combustion level which has made me vert frustated.

  6. Avatar for Shamir
    Shamir on

    It works well, compact, affordable, but you have to charge it all the time. I use it sparingly through the day and have to charge 1-3x per day to use it. I would have paid more for a unit with a better battery if I knew. If you don’t mind constantly charging this would probably rate 4/5 stars overall. very fun and easy to use smooth every time.

  7. Avatar for Mills
    Mills on

    I’m a light user of dry herbs only and use this once or twice a day, 3 or 4 times a weeks. I only have to use a tiny amount of medium ground herb in the chamber. Performance of this vape isn’t as good as I was expecting but you can say it’s a decent vape to use herbs.

  8. Avatar for Amanda
    Amanda on

    This is the best dry herb vaporizer yet and I’ve tried a few. Compact, easy and reliable! What more do you need? Long battery life? It’s got that too! The performance-wise it’s a brilliant vape with features.

  9. Avatar for Zach
    Zach on

    I’ve been using the Aria for about a month now and I have gotten to the point where I can write a review in good faith. The Aria is a decent product. However, I believe there are many other vapes in the market that have better vapor quality as compared to this one. My friend have Zeus Smite and it works far better than this one.

  10. Avatar for Lucky
    Lucky on

    This is my first experience purchasing & using a vaporizer. I feel like I got a really good first vaporizer for the price! The only downside is that the battery does not hold the charge for very long (but it does recharge pretty quickly), and the screen gets pretty clogged up, and has to be cleaned after almost every use. But I am enjoying vaping much more and no more irritated throat or coughing.

  11. Avatar for Felix
    Felix on

    Overall I like the Xvape aria. Taste is relatively decent but cloud production isn’t always great. Seems like it’s a little lacking. I’ve tried numerous ways of packing the oven and the only way I can get decent vapor production is ) is with a tight packing at 400+ Fah.

  12. Avatar for Rick
    Rick on

    Oh my LORD! This baby is now my GO TO. Seriously a game changer device for me, I currently vape my dry herbs at 410F and it’s perfect for me at this temp setting. And, the 10 Min cycle is more than adequate for me and a friend. Having a great time with this device!

  13. Avatar for Evra
    Evra on

    The Aria really is a great device, really great piece of kit. Its simple, yet very discreet and I wish I knew about it before. After i very under-impressive performance from my previous vaporiser, its amazing how far they have come. It was weird the first time when only a small amount off vapor comes out but it is still very hard hitting. I love the sexy looking leather skin off it.

  14. Avatar for Britney
    Britney on

    The XVape is a decent unit, not a special one. The size and shape are just perfect along with the plastic mouthpiece which is pretty solid. However, I am a little disappointed with the quality and performance of this vaporizer. No special feature just a simple unit with common specs.

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