Volcano Vs Phantom Vaporizer Comparison – SHOWDOWN!

This time the famous heavyweight of the vaporizer world, the Volcano, is in about to defend its title agains…we’ll a knock off.
The challenger attempting to dethrone the champ in this match is the copycat, the Phantom vaporizer. It attempts to copy everything from the balloon system to the valve set and even the design, but can it pack the same punch? For this challenge we’re going to break down the components of these units and compare them to see if the Phantom can dethrone the aromatherapy king or if it ends up just another wannabe.

Volcano vs Phantom Vaporizer

Volcano and Phantom vaporizers


Valve Set Comparison

The Champ

The Volcano’s Valve set is made of high quality components, and the valve set clips neatly and securely to the vaporizer. The screens in the valve set are fine, preventing pieces of botanical from being blown into your balloon. Extra-fine screens are available if you enjoy incorporating botanical dust into your blend. The Valve set retains its structural integrity even at the highest temperatures.

The ChallengerPhantom Vaporizer with valve set in front of the unit

The Phantom valve set looks similar to the Volcano’s valve set, but there are big differences. Firstly, the valve set doesn’t clip to the vaporizer in the same secure way. This means you have to hold your valve set in place while filling a balloon with vapor, or it may fall off.
Secondly, the plastic material used on the exterior of the valve set doesn’t do a good job of withstanding against normal heating. The plastic on our Phantom Valve set crumbled when handling it. Every time we picked it up a new piece fell off. This compromised the structure of the valve set, and we lost a good amount of botanical when we went to pick up the valve set and it just fell into two parts.
Finally, the screens that come with the unit are simply too coarse. Large pieces of botanical fly through them, filling up your balloon with a ridiculous amount of debris. This really takes away from the overall experience, and you will find yourself spitting pieces of botanical out after each draw. We picked up some Volcano screens to counteract this, but we had to throw away all of our Phantom screens.

Check this Video that Wickie did. You can see in the video how the components of the Phantom seem lower quality than those of a Volcano just from the video alone.

Balloon System Comparison

A full volcano balloon with solid valve The Champ

The Volcano’s balloons are made of pure polyester, which is the ideal material to use for the purpose of filling with vapor for consumption. Remember with a high-quality vaporizer only very safe and pure materials will be used in the construction of the unit. These balloons make a signature “crinkling” noise when filling, which is a result of the lack of a softening agent. These balloons are food-safe, heat proof, and flavourless. They don’t impart any substances onto the vapor.

The Challenger

The Phantom balloons seem like a good deal in terms of price, but when you consider how fast they break you’ll be logging on to TorontoVaporizer to buy some Volcano balloons. The seam on the balloons seems to be fused with some sort of glue or heat-sealing, which fails after 1-2 balloons are filled. The bags tear at the seams quickly, and eventually vapor will be pouring out of 20 places at once. You can try taping them together, but they are garbage after more than two fills.
These balloons tend to not crinkle in the way that the Volcano does. This worries us, as they may have used softening agents, which are toxic compounds which you would inhale.

Temperature Control & Display

The Champ

Digital Volcano temperature displayThe Volcano, whether you opt for the Classic or Digital version, has accurate temperature control. With the Classic version, temperature is selected on an analogue dial. You select the desired temperature, turn on the heat switch, and wait a few minutes. Once your unit has achieved its desired temperature, the control light will flick off, letting you know that you can turn on the fan and fill up a balloon with vapor. The unit has extremely accurate temperature control, telling you exactly what temperature the unit is operating at. If you rather read the detailed digital Volcano Vaporizer review, follow this link.

The Challenger

The Phantom has a digital “temperature displays”, but the display is more for looks than for an accurate description of the temperature the unit is operating at. Rather than having a heat-detecting diode, these units estimate what temperature the vaporizer should be operating at after a few minutes of heating. It may display the temperature you desire, but still be many degrees cooler. Some users reported waiting an additional 10 minutes before the temperature displayed on the unit was the same as the actual working temperature. Nothing is more frustrating than turning the fan on, expecting your Phantom to pump out vapor, to only see a wispy stream of thin vapor be produced. The heating element used in the Phantom doesn’t seem to be as strong either, as it takes much longer to heat up. The time that the vaporizer takes to re-heat between balloons is exaggerated too compared to the Volcano.
All in all, if you’re thinking of buying a Phantom vaporizer, save your money. They are low-quality knockoffs attempting to be like a Volcano, but they simply don’t come close. The fact that the manufacturers would skimp out and use cheap balloons leads us to believe that they cut corners in other areas that we didn’t notice. Who knows what other compounds or dangerous chemicals we inhaled while trying these units out, but it’s the risk we take to provide you with the facts. If you are looking for a vaporizer that is a great deal as compared to buying a Volcano, there are only two options in the market, Extreme Q and VapirRise (follow the links for the review). They are both outstanding value, but the Rise has significantly better technology and was released years after the Extreme Q. In fact the Vapir Rise gave the Volcano a hard time in the comparison, but at half the cost it is still worth the money. The Extreme Q is cheaper and assembled in Canada and as a Canadian Vaporizer Store, we are definately happy to have a great company like Arizer representing not only Ontario, but Canada as a whole. 🙂
The winner of today’s showdown is without a doubt the Volcano.
Volcano Vaporizer Wins the Showdown


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    Anonymous on

    Your website is too complicated for meNot everyone wants to read for an hour. I never did find out the price of the volcano and I’m exhausted and I am going to a different website you should have just photographs of all your products that you have for sale. I click the photograph and now everything about that product comes on my screen. The first thing I would like to see is the price after I click the photo and before I click the photo of would like to see the price

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      Holly B on

      Thanks for your opinion. We have done a lot of website changes in the past year to make the experience more user friendly. Take a look and see if its better for you? We always appreciate feedback, especially if it helps us improve the vaporizer buying experience for you. Hope you ended up with a great vape you love after all. 😀

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    Anonymous on

    I understand your complaints about the phantom, it is made with 2 shoddy parts, the balloon and the plastic housing for the herb chamber. So for those of you who want a volcano vape but only want to spend $150, get yourself a phantom. With the $450 you save you can throw away those phantom balloons and buy a 20m roll of volcano balloon material you can easily suit to your phantom easy valve. Replace the screens if you want but after 2 years of use my one easy valve still doesn’t have a piece of botanical in it as the reviewer states. As for the plastic housing, go ahead and throw that away too. All you really need is the metal herb chamber which you can place right on top of the unit. It seals perfectly with the light pressure you must apply anyway to fill up your easy valved bag. Remove said metal unit with a pair of regular old kitchen tongs to avoid the burn. Now you just saved yourself $430 and you can laugh at all the way to the bank at those volcano snobs. Oh and the fan has a muffler on it so it’s 1/4 as loud as a volcano. All these claims about noxious fumes and chemicals from the phantom are simply false, after 2 years of use my lungs feel like a kid again. For all of you owners of Volcano’s, congrats, you own the pioneered design and I saved money. Enjoy!

    • Avatar for Holly B
      Holly B on

      great tips! Thanks for your input! 😀

    • Avatar for JDC
      JDC on

      Sweet. I just ordered one myself. Hopefully I’m not disappointed.

      • Avatar for Holly B
        Holly B on

        Did you order a Volcano or phantom? Let us know your experience with either – we’d love to hear! 🙂

  3. Avatar for David
    David on

    Thank you for your review. Can you believe there trying to sell? the knockoff version here in florida for $700 at the medical cannabis dispensary what a joke

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