VapirRise 2.0 Vaporizer Review (12/2019)

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Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Vapir released their new triple-option stationary vaporizer, the Rise, in the summer of 2013 and it made a great first impression on us. The packaging was great, the quality of the materials was high and the build was robust. However, after taking the unit for a test drive, we agreed that it had some downsides: a lot of parts, low maximum temperature and constant fan. The Review Team’s decision was made after much debate: the VapirRise came to market with lots of great ideas, but a few shortcomings resulted in a mere average review score. This was disappointing to say the least, given the unit had so much potential. Since then Vapir has made some tweaks to their original VapirRise and rebranded it the VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate. Some changes like the ability to turn off the fan were big improvements, while others, like ditching the balloon adapter and just having the whip feed into the balloon, we didn’t love. Please keep reading to find out what has been updated on this great stationary vaporizer.

VapirRise Vaporizer

VapirRise Vaporizer Review

VapirRise How It Works

How It Works

The Rise works by using a stainless steel encased heating chamber in combination with an internal fan to create pure convection vapor. The first thing to do with this unit is pre-heat it prior to each use. Set the temperature to 190 degrees Celsius, fan setting to a minimum and let the unit run for 3 to 5 minutes. Next, there are a number of the different heating chamber to choose from for user customization and select the right one for your desired vape session. While waiting for the unit to preheat, load your ground botanical into the removable chamber. When your desired temperature has been reached, click the chamber in place and let the session begin!
VapirRise Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing Quality

Our assessment of the Rise’s manufacturing quality has not changed: this unit is very well built, with high quality components and materials. The unique LCD touch pad display is extremely user friendly and has a great look and feel to it, making operation with this unit a breeze. Versatility is another key advantage of the Rise. The vast array of accessories gives connoisseurs the ability to completely customize their vaporizing experience similar to the Volcano Hybrid. Whether you’re vaporizing on your own with the whip or using the multi-user adapter with a few friends or blowing up balloons for a party, the Rise has an option for it all. So A+ manufacturing quality and an accessory piece to match every vaporizing situation, it is easy to see that the design of the unit has been well thought-through. The one thing we should note from the change is that they have altered the balloon system. The old system incorporated a balloon adapter similar to the Volcano’s set up. They now no longer include that adapter for the balloon but rather you feed the whip from the single user adapter into the valve of the new balloons provided by Vapir. While this still works to achieve a balloon, it feels like a step back from the previous offering.
Vapor Quality

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Rise is very good at offering very flavourful vapor. The unit now reaches 215 degrees Celsius while before it only reached 204 degrees Celsius and still offers the best tasting vapor at this temperature point amongst all other stationaries. Now connoisseurs that take a liking to intensely thick vapor can rejoice because Vapir addressed their major concern with the temperature range. However, users looking for even higher temperatures to get stronger vapors tend to prefer units like the Arizer Extreme Q that has top temperature of 260 C.

On the previous version of the Rise, you were unable to turn off the fan and this was concerning to a lot of connoisseurs who did not want to lose any of their precious vapor. We are happy to say that Vapir listened to the critiques and has added the option to disable the fan while using the unit. Leaving the choice of having a forced air session or just drawing normally from the whip completely up to the users discretion.

VapirRise Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The Rise takes a little bit of organization with the initial setup of the unit due to all of the parts. But, once you understand that the pieces are there to help your life, not complicate them, it’s easy to set aside the ones you want and get going. The two large fan and temperature buttons on the display are easy to understand and the robustness of the unit makes operation and maintenance a breeze. No more worries about broken glass parts! This is probably one of the most important things to note about the Rise: there is no glass. Now while using glass is great to ensuring vapor purity, surgical grade stainless steel does the job equally well, so you’re getting all the upside of glass without the super fragile downside. Keep in mind that all other stationary vaporizers in the same price category as the Rise have glass components and the only unit that is comparable in robustness is the Classic Volcano, which is more than double the price.
VapirRise Temperature Flexibility

Temperature Flexibility

Temperature flexibility has gone from okay with the Rise to great. You can of course adjust the temperature to the exact degree with the LCD display touchpad unlike the Plenty which is analog, and they have bumped up the temperature range to 215 degrees Celsius.  As mentioned in our previous review, we like to see stationary units with higher output capacity as compared to portables, originally this was something the Rise was lacking, however, the increase in temperature range has now improved the rises overall output. The increase in temperature range also has not sacrificed the quality of vapour. Even at 215 degrees Celsius you can still achieve great flavor while exhaling big clouds. This was probably one of the best improvements to the unit besides the ability to shut the fan down and really delivers the vapor quality we had hoped for.

VapirRise Overall Experience

 Overall Experience

The Rise is an immensely convenient unit with great manufacturing quality and unlike other stationary vaporizers in its price category, offers an extremely robust build with absolutely no breakable parts. It is reliable as it is versatile, with an accessory piece to customize every vaporizing situation. It also looks great and is both small and compact, which makes it a discreet tabletop gadget. While we don’t love the new balloon system, the Rises multiple functionalities and pretty great vapor quality make it a great choice for the price point. So, if you’re a connoisseur who wants options, great flavor and long, relaxing sessions, this is a great unit for you. We were happy to give the Rise a second chance with the review team and it has proven to us that first impressions aren’t always right!
Now if you’re looking to get the best vaporization experience possible with the VapirRise 2.0 we’d like to recommend pairing your unit with the new vapor cooling device from ZEUSArsenal, the ZEUS Iceborn. This revolutionary device actually increases the vapor quality of your VapirRise by 2 points, dramatically cooling it down for smooth frosty draws. It’s also much more efficient than other filtration devices that use water, so you can get even bigger vapor clouds! Take a look!

Read up on more of the performance specs and package details of the VapirRise, by following the link. We hoped you enjoyed reading today’s VapirRise Vaporizer Review.  Remember to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for future posts by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter or  to be updated and win great prizes 😉 

Thanks again for reading and as always, keep vapin’!
8.5 Score

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  1. Avatar for Vape Forest
    Vape Forest on

    Hey TorontoVaporizer! This is one insightful Vapir Rise review. We agree that while this vaporizer does incorporate a great deal of features that give it a lot of potential, it still has some room for improvement. Should be interesting to see what Vapir (the manufacturer) comes up with next. Hopefully they’ll take some time to improve this powerful new vaporization system.

    • Avatar for TorontoVaporizer Canada
      TorontoVaporizer Canada on

      Agreed. Hopefully they will make the necessary changes to make this an outstanding unit. It certainly does have a lot of potential, especially for group vaping (given all of the very cool additional accessories).

  2. Avatar for Cam A
    Cam A on

    Hey, I would like to know your comparisons on this vs. the Plenty, seeing as the Plenty only reaches 202 celcius but doesn’t give the “thin, airy vapor” like you say the VapirRise does. How much botanical does this unit hold versus the plenty (since the plenty can be pretty damn packed.) Thanks

    • Avatar for TorontoVaporizer Canada
      TorontoVaporizer Canada on

      Cam you’re correct that the Plenty reaches a slightly lower temperature than the rise but doesn’t provide the “thin, airy vapour” that the Rise does. There are a few reasons for this. 1. The surface area of the heating chamber of the Plenty is much larger/wider than the Rise allowing for more even vaporization, in addition the distance is much shorter for vapour to travel with the Plenty, all of which contributes to the production of thicker vapour. 2. The fan of the Rise cannot be disengaged. As soon as the temperature is set, the fan will automatically start up, making it impossible for the unit to offer thick vapour because the fan (even on the lowest setting) will right away start dispersing vapour produced in the heating chamber (it will never get hot enough inside the chamber because of the constant air flow). 3. Since the Plenty does not house an internal fan, the ability to build up substantial vapour within the chamber when you are not drawing on the unit is much higher. The Rise cannot do this with a continuously engaged fan since it’s always spitting any vapour produced right out. the plenty has relatively thin vapor too, but because of the factors above it just makes it passt our cut. All of this is written in other reviews, as well as the fact that the Rise’s temperature is much too cool to vaporize oils (Medical Jane Review), is very tedious (Medical Jane and Vape Critic) and most review sources do not like the fan and heat combination, which is the same feature that made the ViVape disappear from the wider market of high end stationary vapes. With regards to the amount of botanical held in the Rise chamber vs. the Plenty, the Rise again doesn’t come close. The advantage the Plenty has is similar construction to the Volcano heating chamber, very wide surface area, with the ability to pack in quite a bit of botanical.

  3. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Looks like a promising unit to me. Never tried a stationary unit before might just have to look into one.

  4. Avatar for Kailee De Jong
    Kailee De Jong on

    Looks pretty sweet. Although, I do personally prefer a dense session. I like the idea of the continuous fan to keep it going and ready whenever. One word that really popped out to me was “Unrbreakable” that is a great feature. And that “stealth” chamber… AWESOME.

  5. Avatar for ben lee
    ben lee on

    Unbreakable sound great. After a few too many sessions, people get clumbsy.

  6. Avatar for Mal Cohen
    Mal Cohen on

    sounds like a great desktop computer/office tool

  7. Avatar for Vapir
    Vapir on

    Thanks for the review, TorontoVaporizer! We took your remarks, as well as the comments of your readers, into great consideration.

    Keep your eyes peeled for exciting announcements. 😉

    • Avatar for TorontoVaporizer Canada
      TorontoVaporizer Canada on

      I think i know what you are referring to, and i can confirm that the announcement is worth the wait!

  8. Avatar for Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson on

    Thx for the review, so it’s fair to say that for your dollars the balloon attachment is a decent experience ???

    • Avatar for TorontoVaporizer Canada
      TorontoVaporizer Canada on

      oh yes 100%. 🙂 they focused with their product on providing a value (price/quality ratio) that will blow volcano out of the waters. If you look at dollar spent vs experience in return, you will be very positively surprised. This is for all those that have seen the EQ and dont want to deal with glass parts breaking, but still are looking for great value. Finally they have an option.

  9. Avatar for Patrice Gagné
    Patrice Gagné on

    When the test for Vapir rise V 2.0 ??????

  10. Avatar for Chad
    Chad on

    I always thought glass was a better choice for vaping. Breakage is (almost) unavoidable. The EQ just seems a simpler choice with better vapour. But I’m often ridiculed for saying the Solo is better than the Pax, so what do I know 🙂

    • Avatar for Holly B
      Holly B on

      Glass often provides a more ‘pure’ taste than plastic but we don’t find that this is an issue with the Rise at all. The advantage of the Rise here is that, although it is more expensive, the pieces rarely ( if ever ) break and don’t need to be replaced like the EQ, so you make up in maintenance costs what you loose initially. But we do agree with you about the Solo vs Pax!!! 🙂

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