Pax Era Pro Review – Worth the Price?


Pax labs have been slowly chugging away on new designs and concepts. Their latest release – the Pax Era Pro – is an incremental update to their exciting Pax Era, one of our vaporize oil pod vapes.

With a focus on transparency and safety on the oils that you’re vaping, the Pax Era pro is a pricey yet sound piece of tech. Check it out in the Pax Era Pro review here!

Review: Pax Era Pro

Pax Era Pro Review

Pax Era Pro heating coils

How it Works

The Pax Era Pro retains the same simple function as its predecessor and all you need to do in order to get it working is slide in a fresh pod and inhale. The Pax Era Pro, just like the Tronian Pitron, has no physical button – just inhale are the device will activate.

With the Android app (sorry iOS users, Apple banned all vaping apps Apple banned after the oil vape controversy), you can change temperatures, monitor your oil, and figure out more specific details on the safety and legitimacy of the pod.

When you’ve finished that pod, just swap in a fresh one and you’re ready to go. Of course, you’ll have to charge it once in a while too!

As a safety feature, Pax integrated a feature into the smartphone app which allows you to remotely lock the unit so it can’t be used. Handy if you accidentally leave it around minors or even want to restrict your own usage.

Pax Era Pro flat display

Manufacturing Quality

Pax does a great job with the intuitive user experience and design. The Pax Era Pro is no exception and it feels & looks like a premium product. A nicely machined body, impressive engineering, and some great software to back it up.

If you are looking for this type of quality in a 510-thread battery we recommend checking out the Vessel.

Their “POD ID™” system is an excellent response to the oil vape problem which arose after contaminated and dangerous oils started to surface on the markets.

Not to mention haptic (vibration) feedback, all the safety certifications, and app controls you have. There’s no doubt the Era Pro is the #1 in its field.

Pax Era Pro available colors

Pax Era Pro Flower LogoPower Flexibility

With power and temperature control by way of the app, you can adjust the temperature setting to your liking. To learn about the best temperature settings for vaping, check out our article.

If you have multiple different pods, the Pax Era Pro is smart enough to distinguish between them and remember the temperature setting for each one – handy if you like to vape on different cartridges throughout the day.

Pax Era Pro mouth pieceVapor Quality

Much of this depends on the quality of oil within the cartridge. Of course with variable and controlled temperature settings you’ll get excellent versatility for flavor: hit size as well.

In fact, pods that you buy will have “EXPERT TEMP™” which automatically sets the Era Pro to the recommends temp at the extractor’s recommendation.

This is a nifty and brainless feature that allows you to get the supposed best experience possible out of any specific cartridge. All being said and done, the Pax Era Pro has about the best vapor quality you could hope for out of an oil cartridge vaporizer – if the oil is of good quality.

You can also select and alter dosage settings to help control the amount of oil you consume. With 4 settings to choose from, you get good versatility to play with.

Pax Era Pro usb slot

Battery Life

These little oil vapes get pretty impressive battery life considering how teensy tiny they are. With the Era Pro, you can expect approx. 100-150 puffs per charge, which is certainly not bad. That’s enough for multiple days worth of vaping and it’ll top up within 45 minutes on the charger.

Speaking of which, it uses a standard USB-C port which is nice to see. As we all slowly transition from MicroUSB to the new norm, we’re glad to see the Era Pro incorporate this.

Pax Era Pro in handPortability

Like a stick of gum, the Pax Era Pro is absolutely tiny! Okay, maybe a few sticks of gum, but still.

All oil cartridge vapes are pretty puny and can be taken practically anywhere. There’s not much else to be said here aside from the fact that you might even lose it in your own pocket!

Pax Era Pro detachedEase of Use

Super simple to use with inhaling activation, we’re certain a chimp could figure out how to use this device.

You do have some advanced features tucked within the smartphone app though so for vaporist’s who want some more versatility, you’ll be happily sorted out.

Pax Era Pro in another handDiscreetness

Pretending like oil vapes aren’t a problem with how convenient and stealthy they are – the Pax Era Pro is remarkably discreet. Of course, all oil cartridge vapes are so small and easy to hit that they’re quite the problem across schools.

The Era Pro can be whipped out and used for a quick, heavy hit within 5 seconds, and then put back as nothing happened.

Pax Era Pro full kitOverall Experience

While the oil vape market has slightly stagnated lately, the new Pax Era Pro brings some innovative tech into a bite-sized package. The temperature controls, Pod ID, dosage control, vibration feedback, and other features really set it apart from every other oil vaporizer out there.

Yes, it’s much more expensive than the others and it’s only compatible with Pax Era certified pods, but it gives experience in a class of its own. Definitely a keen little piece of tech and we’re excited to see what else Pax has in store for the future.

If you are looking for an oil pen battery that is compatible with 510 thread cartridges check out the Tronian Tautron.

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