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Updated: 7 Dec, 2019

We’re reviewed a few products by Linx Vapor before like the Linx Gaia and Linx Ember which both performed quite well but nothing out of this world. Linx has brought us some good innovation before and the new Linx Eden seems promising. Featuring a quartz chamber and USB-C charging in a familiar form factor. Find out more in our review of the Linx Eden to see if it’s any good!

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Review: Linx Eden – Pure class

Linx Eden vaporizer Reveiw

Linx Eden vaporizer heating coils

How it Works – Getting to know the Linx Eden

One button operation makes it a familiar process – 5 quick clicks to turn it on and 3 clicks to cycle between temperature settings.

As the Linx Eden seems to be primarily hybrid heating with some convection and conduction going on, so a finer ground and packed down slightly will help you get the best performance. It should take about 30 seconds to reach operating temperature which is par for the course.

Linx Eden vaporizer mouth piece

Linx Eden vaporizer power control

Temperature Flexibility – 4 Pre-Set Temperatures

The Linx Eden has four temperature settings to choose from. While we prefer full granular control like we got on the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer, the four settings provide a good amount of versatility to play with.; 360, 380, 400, and 430°F, or 182, 193, 204, and 221°C for our metric system users out there. We’re quite glad with these different settings since we all too often see preset temperatures being too similar to one another.

Linx Eden vaporizer mouth piece

Vapor Quality – Big flavor, Thin Clouds

You won’t be dethroning the legendary Storz & Bickel Mighty anytime soon or even keeping up with units like the Utillian 722, but it does perform!

There certainly is some hybrid of convection and conduction heating going on here which gives pretty nice flavor. Flavor is also pretty good thanks to the quartz bowl and glass vapor path, however it’s not top of the line by any means.

Cloud production is a bit lacking, which can be a bit disappointing for those who prefer to see larger clouds, this unit is geared much towards flavor and tasty terpenes than spitting clouds of vapor. To each their own in this regard, we personally like to see clouds, like what you get with the Zeus Arc, but others do tend to prefer flavor.  Overall the vapor quality of the Linx Eden is quite solid, but nothing awe-inspiring.

Linx Eden front display

Manufacturing Quality – Stainless Steel Exterior for a Smooth Finish

Linx has put out a lot of well crafted, attractive units. The Eden follows that same notion with its appealing stainless-steel body and well-designed experience. It feels like a premium product even compared to other budget herb vapes in its price territory like the Boundless CF. Definitely impressed with the build quality here!

Included in the box is a really solid amount of accessories too. You get the device itself, 3 glass mouthpieces, mouthpiece cap, cleaning brush, USB-C cable, 4 screens, 3 Linx Lava Plates (concentrate pads), silicone sleeve, and user manual. This is really great for the price point considering most manufacturers will charge you an extra $10-$20 for these spare parts and pads.

Linx Eden tank

Linx Eden usb slotBattery Life – Introducing USB-C Charging for Linx

With USB-C charging we were expecting super-fast charging, though we’re quite disappointed to learn that’s not the case. You get standard speed 0.5 amp charging, which will take almost up to 5 hours to top up the 2500mAh battery. On top of that, the battery is not user-removable like the Flowermate V5 Nano and once the cell inevitably starts to deteriorate, you’re left with a device with poor battery life.

Still, 2500mAh isn’t bad by any means and you can get around 5-7 sessions off a full charge which is certainly enough to last all day.

Linx Eden with amror case

Portability – Perfectly Pocketable

The same size as your usual baton-style e-cig, it fits into most pockets and bags pretty well.

Though, it does shift around in the pocket oddly and doesn’t sit as comfortably as square shaped like the Zeus Arc GT. Still, Eden is small enough to take with you everywhere with minimal space occupied.

Linx Eden in hand

Ease of Use – One-Button for Simple Operation

These budget dry herb vapes are pretty simple to use, and the Eden is quite similar.

The loading area is nice and concave to make sliding herb in easier while the one button operation leaves it very simple.

Taking hits requires no special draw technique, just a nice gentle inhale for 5-15 seconds, so passing it off to a friend or stranger shouldn’t take any special coaching and coaxing.

Cleaning is simple as the glass mouthpiece can be dropped into a glass of isopropyl alcohol and within 5 minutes is as good as new! Users who are fans of round shaped vapor devices lean towards Flowermate Slick that is far easier to use and within budget.

Linx Eden in another hand

Discreetness – Hiding in Plain Sight

It may appear to look like a conventional e-cigarette, which is great for stealth!

Little do they know, you can get blasted into space with it. A pretty noticeable mount of smell will still come out however, so keep that in mind going forward! Users looking to stay low profile tend to lean towards crafty for more discreetness.

Linx Eden full kitOverall Experience – Good with a few exceptions

The Linx Eden is pretty decent overall! The weakest part of it is certainly the battery being fixed and charging very slowly even though it has USB-C.

If you prefer flavor over clouds the vapor quality is quite good and it’s a very well made device with a great feel and finish.

If you’re in the market for a budget herb vape, consider the Linx Eden among the Utilian 421, or Dynavap M.

If you have questions about our Linx Eden Vaporizer review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!


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  1. Avatar for Sam
    Sam on

    It is super easy to use due to the one button design and produces flavorful vapors. It is easy to fill, easy to clean and also, the boost function really gives me an opportunity to get the maximum result. The only downside about this device is that the mouthpiece can get really hot sometimes which makes vaping really uncomfortable but other than that the device is really great.

  2. Avatar for Ava
    Ava on

    Like my Linx Eden very much. Just facing some issues, first with the charging as it takes too much time to get charged fully and second with the vapor quality as it’s not very flavorful as I was expected, overall nice, decent and stylish unit.

  3. Avatar for Linda
    Linda on

    My first ever herbal vaporizer and I am extremely happy. Very easy to use so easy you can teach a monkey to use it and the only problem or suggestion is to make a slightly longer glass piece maybe even curve. If you don’t have one, you better get one. The battery life is hella long. Best purchase so far!

  4. Avatar for Mixy M.
    Mixy M. on

    I had some skepticism with this vape but my friend convinced me to get one and let me just say that this is the best vape I have used! The herbs doesn’t smell and it does give us the pleasure that we’ve been seeking for.

  5. Avatar for Ronald L.
    Ronald L. on

    After using a couple other portable vaporizers, I decided to give the Linx Eden a try. I found it super easy to use and clean. I also love the convenience and portable size of my Eden. The chamber size is also large enough and the performance is really excellent as well. Also, I like the looks and the design of this vape. It was the best decision I have made.

  6. Avatar for Jubal
    Jubal on

    It’s a simple, straightforward design, that’s very easy to use and understand. It is about four inches in height, which makes it very easy to slip into your pocket I like that it has a magnetic cap that covers up the mouthpiece and protects it against dirt, on the other hand vapor quality of the Eden is average but not amazing.

  7. Avatar for Roystan
    Roystan on

    I’ve smoked herb most my life but now use it for medical reasons. Smoking was always hard on my lungs, On recommendation I got this vape to first see how dry herb vaping works. I was very pleased. I can set at lower setting which gives me a good strong high without all the clouds and coughing. Also, the chamber filled will get me the right dosage about 3 sessions. Other than this it has really cool sleek design and has battery life above than average. I like the haptic feedback feature which tell me it’s ready to rock and roll.

  8. Avatar for Ashley
    Ashley on

    The only cons i can think of are longer than normal heat up times in comparison to today’s other vapes on the market. The preset settings are also little disappointed because I always prefer precise temperature setting vape. I have been using it for 4 months and I can say it’s a pretty good vape for beginners only.

  9. Avatar for Taylor
    Taylor on

    The battery has not been an issue for me because I only use the Linx Eden about 5 to 7 times daily and could go longer if needed. The vapor quality is also very satisfying as compared to the other vaporizers that I used before. But the charging time is very bad as I need to charge this vape approx 4 to 5 hours daily which is very bad 🙁

  10. Avatar for Moose
    Moose on

    By far the best vaporizer I have used. I bought my boyfriend another “high-end” vaporizer but it certainly did not catch my attention as this one did with its smooth hits, and sleek sexy design.

  11. Avatar for Zane
    Zane on

    After receiving my Eden I was very excited, I used it immediately and like most other reviewers had mentioned you can taste the flavor so well. Not much vapor is produced from my experience but it is not a deal breaker for me. Overall the look and the feel are top quality!! The Eden is amazing, very nice quality and I’m very glad I purchased it.

  12. Avatar for Peter
    Peter on

    love the look, feel and weight. discreet and looks just like most vapes. being able to do both concentrates and flower is the best. works very well with every. glad I went with linx, researched a lot of options and am not dissapointed. if you’re on the fence, just do it.

  13. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Overall this is an incredible vaporizer. Amazing taste, easy to use, and stunning design. The only flaw I found is that you are unable to take out the quartz heating chamber to clean in between the chamber and the heating element.

  14. Avatar for Harrison
    Harrison on

    Excellent vaporizer for the beginning user. It does its job very well with very good flavor. Nice and compact with a design that will not confuse the beginner. One issue is that it takes way a long time to charge fully and battery drains way quickly.

  15. Avatar for Nicole
    Nicole on

    Linx eden suck bought a week ago messaged company 2 days about it not working and nothing . This thing sucks. The only reason people say it’s good because I’m guessing got some thing . Look at reviews . It dont heat up enough to do anything. Buyers beware it does not work !!

  16. Avatar for Cher
    Cher on

    My linx eden lasted 4 years. Only it is quits now. Turn on, light blinks then all 4 flash 5 times and goes dark. I’ve really enjoyed the flavors. I like to save the decarbed flower for edibles!

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