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Hmm, it feels like we’ve been here before: another concentrate pen claiming to be the latest and greatest in the field, yet there’s not much we haven’t seen in other fine wax pens. Awarded “Best Vaporizer 2016” by High Times magazine, the Kind Pen Dream is a US-designed, China-built pen-style vaporizer built for for working with the stickiest of concentrates. What, exactly, is it about this device that has people buzzing? Read on to get to the bottom of it with us! Also if this is your first time purchasing a wax pen, be sure to check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide which is full of helpful tips of what to look for when purchasing your first pen.

Review: The Kind Pen Dream

Kind Pen Dream Vaporizer

How The Kind Pen Dream WorksHow it Works

Like pretty much all wax pens at this point, the Dream is pretty easy to use. Basically, just load your concentrate into one of the removable chambers; to turn it on or off, tap the base of the unit 5 times until you see the device blink.

Hold the Dream’s base while inhaling to get your draw, then tap the base 5 more times to lock/turn off the device. The overhand style of grip required for controlling the device is not exactly ideal, but the actual controls are nice and simple.

Temperature Flexibility Of Kind Pen Dream VaporizerTemperature Flexibility

There are three temperature settings to choose from, ranging from 350°F (red light), 390°F (yellow light) and 430°F (green light), and access is located at the bottom of the device.

There are manual settings on the base of the mouthpiece for adjusting airflow and cooling, which helps to give a more temperate experience for your concentrates.

As far as concentrate pen vapes go, we appreciate having at least some temperature flexibility present.

Vapor Quality Of Kind Pen Dream VaporizerVapor Quality

Vapor quality is pretty decent with the Dream, if not particularly revolutionary.  You can get some good flavor on the lowest setting, some decent clouds on the highest, and a fairly satisfactory middle ground on the “yellow” setting (390°F).

The glass mouthpiece allows you to see the vapor production as you go , and the 4 built-in settings for adjusting airflow will help to keep things cool as well; twist the textured band located just beneath the glass mouthpiece to give a bit more control on your vapor flow and temperature.

The Dream does end up using a lot of concentrate due to the large coil used, so while it is a bit of a guzzler, the large chamber will accommodate several sessions worth of material for the day. 

Manufacturing Quality Of Kind Pen Dream VaporizerManufacturing Quality

With a very similar build  to the Pulsar Sirius+, the aluminum and glass build of the Dream are quite appealing. The Dream comes included with both dual-quartz and ceramic disc coils, and even comes in a variety of black/white/gold colour combinations.

Be prepared for a little bit of splash-back in the glass, even from smaller amounts of material in the chamber. If you’re apprehensive about the build quality of the Dream, it comes with a lifetime warranty which should dissuade any lingering doubts.

Battery Life Of Kind Pen DreamBattery Life

The Dream uses a hefty 1500mAh battery which can be charged through the included micro-USB, so it should last for a number of sessions throughout the day and beyond.

It will take around 2 to 3 hours for a full charge, but you’ll be set for a good amount of time after. The ten-second auto-shutoff also helps to conserve battery life, as well as keep the unit safe while in transit.

Portability Of Kind Pen Dream VaporizerPortability

The Dream is a relatively portable device, with basically just one caveat. It’s a bit bigger than some other pen vape models out there, but should still fit pretty comfortably in most pockets and bags.

The glass mouthpiece feels strong enough to hold up in transit, though it would have been nice if there was a shield included as it feels like it will inevitably break once we leave the perfectly cylindrical device unattended on its side.

Even if this happens, another glass mouthpiece is included with the package.

Ease Use Of Kind Pen DreamEase of Use

Operation controls for the Dream are pretty simple, although the actually handling is a little bit weird. The heat mechanism is activated by a touch sensor on the bottom of the device, so to take a draw, you’ll press and hold the sensor while inhaling. You’ll have to hold the device in a sort of overhand fashion to do this, which is not really the most comfortable and may look kind of weird when you’re out with it.

Be careful while handling the Dream while it’s in action as well, if tilted you may get a bit of your concentrate leaking down the side. The pieces come apart easily enough and lend themselves to simple cleaning, so even with this potential messiness, you should be able to use the Dream for a good amount of time. 

Overall Experience

This is fine, but just not really notable in much of any way. It’s a solid construction, but one you can already get with either better performance from a unit like the Linx Hypnos Zero, or better value like the Zeus Thunder 2.

At $99 USD, it’s definitely not a bad deal, but by exploring some of the options already available, you may be able to find a pen vape with a better combination of specs to best serve your experience.

If you have any questions or thoughts on the Kind Pen Dream, feel free to leave us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with contests, sales alerts, and other fun stuff. Thanks for reading and, as always, keep vapin’!

If you have questions about our review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!

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