Kandypens Special K Pen Vape Review – Not so special

Updated: August 24, 2020

While we’ve reviewed a handful of Kandypens devices before like the Kandypens Rubi and Kandypens K-Vape, we’ve had mixed feelings and never felt particularly impressed. The Kandypens Special K sports 510-threading to affix and juice/oil atomizer of your choice. With a luxury look, expensive price tag, and pen-shaped size, is it worth buying? Check out our Kandypens Special K vape review here for more info!

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Review: Kandypens Special K

Kandypens Special K Review

Kandypens Special K power controlPower Flexibility

The Special K features three voltage settings to choose from – 3.2v, 3.7v, and 4.2v. This is pretty decent considering it’s a pen however at this price point, full and complete control of power should be expected!

You’ll still get a good range to choose from, however cheaper devices even feature more settings to choose from. Not so impressive already.

Users that prefer a complete voltage control usually prefer devices like the Tronian Nutron.

Kandypens Special K detached

Kandypens Special K front display

Manufacturing Quality

Unlike the quality yet low cost units manufactured by Yocan such as the Yocan Uni Pro, Kandypens has never impressed us with the build quality and the same reigns true for the Special K. We see the same cheap charger adapter, materials, and overall feel even in this ‘premium’ product. No, that’s not real gold, although the price tag should have that! Not to mention

Included in the box are the device itself, pen cap, USB charger, and 2 oil tanks with okay performance. Really unimpressive given the cost and not at all what we consider to be premium.

Kandypens Special K usb slotBattery Life

They managed to stuff inside a 600mAh battery which we’re fond of. Though on the flip side they use a really cheap USB thread-on adapter which sucks to use.

No MicroUSB, no USB-C charging, and if you lose the original adaptor (likely to happen to some of us!) then you’re out of luck. Pass-through charging is also not available and overall we’re quite disappointed by this too.

Kandypens Special K with armor case


It is very convenient and portable to use like every oil vape, but significantly less durable than something like the Vessel cartridge battery and CCell Palm which feel more premium and powerful.

Kandypens Special K in use

Ease of Use

The Special K is quite easy to use like the units such as the Tronian Nutron any oil vape pen. One-button interface and simple operation make it straightforward and easy to use. You shouldn’t have a hard time getting quality results from almost any wax pen.

Kandypens Special K in hand


Unlike the Linx Hermes 3 which is slick and slim, it is shaped like a big chunky pen, the Special-K looks like a premium pen when the cap is on. Still, some may find it strange why you’re carrying such a fancy pen if you’re not in formal business attire.

On the other hand, it’s quite small and you’re able to take it practically anywhere without a problem.

Kandypens Special K full kitOverall Experience

While it still performs alright and looks nice, compared to much cheaper devices, it simply doesn’t even come close. Devices like the Linx Hermes 3 Oil Pen and Yocan Hive among others all perform better for less with even more features.

We’d recommend against the Kandypens Special-K for its iffy build quality, poor charging function, mediocre results, and high price tag.

If you’re into spending this kind of coin for a good battery, check out our review of the Vessel Oil battery!

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  1. Avatar for Nancy
    Nancy on

    This was my first time buying a battery coming from using disposable vapes all the time. Kandypens K oil pen looks stylish and discreet. But the bad thing is even the lowest setting seems to be burning the oil which is a bummer and the casing won’t fit a lot of cartridges due to it’s awkward size but if you use just the provided tanks and fill them with your own oil it works just fine.

  2. Avatar for Crixis
    Crixis on

    I like this pen a lot but the cost is kind of crazy for what it is. And it’s not entirely user-friendly. For instance, if you have an oil cartridge that is a little wider the cap is useless. Well made and good quality but not worth the price.

  3. Avatar for Moose
    Moose on

    I like the quality and amount of vapor the Special-K produces, it’s very tasty, and there’s no burnt taste like some other pens I’ve used. As to the “pen” design, it’s a great concept, and it adds a good degree of stealth to vaping in public places.

  4. Avatar for Mickel
    Mickel on

    The design of the pen is awesome and has a nice smooth draw. The case it comes with is awesome as well. My girlfriend also loves it so much that she is buying her own. But, few things that should be fixed in it is that the “K” logo on the bottom of the pen lights up when using the pen, so that detracts from the stealth factor. Another issue is the light color scheme used for the various power levels. In the Special-K, red is the coolest setting, green is the middle, and blue is the high setting. Intuitively, green is cool, and red is hot–that puts blue in the middle. Having said this, I still enjoy this pen, it performs very well, the charge lasts a long time.

  5. Avatar for Philip
    Philip on

    Looks cool and gives nice hits. More flavorful and smooth draws. The battery life is good and comes in sleek shape and design. The built quality is top-notch and has nice pre-set settings. Easy to clean and can be used while on the go. I am very impressed with it.

  6. Avatar for Sandy
    Sandy on

    I had used other wax pens that cost as little as $50, but they only lasted and perform well for a couple of months which is very disappointed. This pen’s charge lasts a very long time for me. It is heavy and well-made too. However, the vapor quality isn’t pure and smooth. Overall a good decent device.

  7. Avatar for Ryan
    Ryan on

    This one looks hot beautiful! I just love the new color a lot. It’s so simple to use, small, light and very easy to hold. I love that it comes with three different temperature settings. I can enjoy the way I want.

  8. Avatar for Martin
    Martin on

    I love this for my cartridges. Easy to remove the casing and swap pens, It comes with two empty carts for those who make their own, and the 3 piece concept makes this baby so sleek and discreet!

  9. Avatar for Katie
    Katie on

    I bought this pen because I wanted something with a cap. This is well made and looks like a writing pen, so it is super discrete. I can fit both .5 and 1 gram disposable oil cartridges in it just fine. The pen also comes with 2 glass reusable cartridges so I can fill my own as well. The 3 temperature settings are clutch when vaping something a little more viscous.

  10. Avatar for Nathan
    Nathan on

    The experience with this vaporizer is so far so good. I love everything about Kandypens Special K pen. I am using this vape with prefilled cartridges and enjoying it a lot. I haven’t tried its oil cartridge so I can’t tell much about that. I love the design as I simply put it inside the front pocket of my shirt and no one can think that it’s a vaporizer.

  11. Avatar for Pamela
    Pamela on

    Have been using it for several months. I love the stylish look and setup with the carrying case and accessories. Only negative thing so far has been durability. Have accidentally dropped it once and the lower casing which houses the battery started to dislodge. Was easy to apply pressure and slide back into place and haven’t had any issues since. Overall great pen!

  12. Avatar for Sallim
    Sallim on

    When I decided to look into vaporizers I felt overwhelmed. There are a lot of choices out there and I didn’t want to spend a lot on something I wasn’t sure I would even get into, so the kandypens special k was the perfect choice. It is very easy to use and maintain. it heats up quickly and is easy to load although the build looks cheap but as the price. I will be getting another one soon so that I can have one for more use with CBD and not have to change it out every time.

  13. Avatar for Jay
    Jay on

    It looks just like my pen which is really great and increase the level of its discreetness. Three different temps makes this a must have. Besides that, its unique design allows for incognito vaping and functionally, it is the best pen style vape I have ever used.

  14. Avatar for dom lattanzi
    dom lattanzi on

    The Crystal Pen is a piece of junk
    a YoCan outperforms it

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