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Updated: January 24, 2020

There was a time when you had to compromise vapor quality for stealth, but not anymore. The next generation of wax pens like the Kandypens Prism and the slightly larger Prism+ bring you the best of both worlds packed in a super compact body with high-quality atomizers, a glass mouthpiece and strong battery life.

The new line of vape pens offered by Kandypens has moved away from the shape of their predecessors like the Elite and Gravity. How big is that change and how can users benefit from the improved design? Let’s find out!

And if this is your first wax vaporizer be sure to check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for helpful info and tips.

Review: Kandypens Prism

Kandypens Prism+ Review

Kandypens Prism coils

How it Works

The Kandypens Prism comes with two atomizers and each promises a different vaping experience for the users. The first one is the coil-less atomizer featuring ceramic chamber walls and a durable ceramic plate at the bottom. We appreciate the use of ceramic as it produces untainted flavor and aroma.

The second atomizer is a dual quartz rod which features titanium coils. The biggest advantage of having the quartz rod atomizer is that it extracts amazing flavor from the concentrates so you get big and smooth clouds.

Besides the two atomizers, the package also contains the USB charger and an extra glass mouthpiece.

To get started, first unscrew the top mouthpiece to reveal the chamber which is slightly bigger than Prism. Fill it up with the concentrate of your choice – shatter, wax, or oil. Both the atomizers boast a leak-proof design so you don’t have to worry about wasting wax or mess.

Put back the mouthpiece and click on the power button five times to activate the vape pen. It has a nice blue LED light which looks pretty cool. Set your desired temperature and it will be ready for you to enjoy huge draws of palatable vapor within seconds.

Kandypens Prism colors


Kandypens Prism powerTemperature Flexibility

The Prism offers decent temperature flexibility to allow users to find that perfect spot that gives you milky smooth flavor, just the way you like it. Just click on the power button three times to toggle the switch between the four different temperature settings:

Yellow – 2.3v, Green – 3.0v, Red – 3.6v, Blue – 4.2v

After you have set the desired temperature, unscrew the mouthpiece, fill the atomizer with concentrate and put the mouthpiece back. Hold on the power button and start enjoying the hits whenever you like.

Some users usually tend to prefer higher temperature flexibility and control and tend to lean towards devices like the Focus V Tourist that offers precise temperature control.

Kandypens Prism mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Considering the atomizer designs on the Kandypens Prism and Prism+ are not all that different from what you get with other Kandypens products it is hard to say that the quality of vapor from the Prism is a big improvement. Yes, there is a glass mouthpiece which does lend to a purer overall taste, but at the end of the day the difference is not that large.

Now, the vapor quality is by no means bad, its quite good actually, but we can’t help but feeling we experienced this all before. Even a unit like the Yocan Evolve Plus, which costs considerably less, features a dual quartz atomizer like most wax pens nowadays.

Kandypens Prism

Kandypens Prism front profile

Manufacturing Quality

The Prism and Prism+ also sport a durable stainless-steel body which is sturdy and appealing at the same time. The improved activation power button makes it easier to switch on the Prism smoothly.

Both the coil-less ceramic atomizer and quartz double-coil atomizer are premium quality. We also appreciate the high-grade titanium coils which retain the taste and flavor. Many users however that feel that they deserve better quality for the price they are paying tend to prefer devices like the Linx Blaze

Kandypens Prism usb slotBattery Life

The Prism offers a 320mAh battery, while the Prism+ comes with a 900mAh battery which means it can last longer than Prism. So not only does it have a larger chamber but it has three times more battery power.

Both units can be charged using a micro USB and it takes less than 2 hours to get a full charge.

Users that move out and about usually tend to prefer units with more battery life such as the Utillian 5.

Kandypens Prism in armor case


The Prism+ is just about 4 inches in length. Although a bit wider than Prism, you can still carry it in your pocket or purse without letting others know.

Despite being slightly chubby and heavier than Prism, we don’t feel like it compromises with the portability of the device, unlike the Puffco Peak.

Kandypens Prism in hand

Ease of Use

This is one of the most hassle free vape pens out there. Just five clicks and the blue LED tells you the device is activated. The four voltage settings allow you to set the desired temperature.

It heats up pretty fast so you can enjoy hits while on the go. The atomizers are easy to clean and the leak proof design ensures that there’s no messiness as opposed to the Source Orb 4 Signature Kit which could be overwhelming for the beginners.

Kandypens Prism discreetness


In terms of discreetness, the Kandypens Prism is a huge improvement over its predecessors similar to the Linx Ember Kit. The new design has let go of the bright light beneath the battery and the glowing ‘K’ logo on the outer body. We give it an extra point for removing those annoying features.

The battery indicator has four lights to show different capacities however it doesn’t take away the discreetness of the device. You can conceal the lights with your thumb if you find them annoying.

Kandypens Prism full kitOverall Experience

We are not really sure how to feel about the Kandypens Prism and Prism+, they are great looking wax pens that definitely get the job done. It does have an improved body, USB charging and a glass mouthpiece. But the atomizers are also the same designs we have seen since the Gravity.

For the price you may want to consider looking at a unit like the Linx Hypnos Zero, at least the ceramic atomizer in the Zero is a new take on a classic design, while the Prism offers little in improvement as far as the atomizers are concerned.

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  1. Avatar for Taylor
    Taylor on

    Love my Kandypens Prism. It is working best with my concentrates and produces good and smooth vapors. But now I am facing some battery issue as I’m only able to take 3 or 4 session with full battery. I have already contacted Kandypens for the warranty and hope they will replace the battery of my vape.

  2. Avatar for Marshall
    Marshall on

    I’ve had my Prism for a week. The vapor quality of this vape is good and has a good battery life as compared to other wax pens. The biggest issue is the cost of replacement coils, but love the pen as it’s perfect in everything.

  3. Avatar for Monica
    Monica on

    I love my Kandypen Prism. It charges quick and battery life is great, plenty of battery for a session with friends. One of the only drawbacks is the lack of instructions and maintenance of the product. Youtube to the rescue. My mouthpiece came off of my atomizer, not sure if it is supposed to come apart.

  4. Avatar for Steele
    Steele on

    The pen is awkward to turn on and off; it turns itself off very quickly and unexpectedly while in use; it’s temperamental with clogging. finally, the mouthpiece falls off constantly and there’s no user’s manual. i’d recommend a larger model, if you’re set on a Kandy product.

  5. Avatar for MOLLY
    MOLLY on

    This vape is small and discreet as tall as a lighter and wide like chapstick. The temp controls are perfect for getting the most out of your product, and the draw is amazing. Great battery life and the ceramic could actually gets hot enough. A little more of an instruction manual would of been nice but that’s not an issue.

  6. Avatar for Jonath
    Jonath on

    Hits smooth good and power is were you want it just needs a little more battery but thats what the big one is for but for sure. other than that It’s so awesome and a great bargain. I’m so happy my friend recommended this to me. Packaging is lovely, comes with some fun extras! Sleek and cute!

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