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After the ever so loved Healthy Rips Fury 2 took the market by storm, the highly anticipated Healthy Rips Fierce has fully launched! Building off the same design as the Fury 2, the Fierce features a larger chamber, longer battery life and removable battery, and an even stronger hybrid heating element! Is the Fierce the better and stronger bigger brother we hoped it would be? Check out what we have to say about it here in our review!

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Review: Healthy Rips Fierce

Healthy Rips Fierce Review

Healthy Rips Fierce coils

How it Works

To anyone with the existing Fury 2, you’ll be glad to know it works in an almost identical fashion. Three rapid clicks of the button will power the unit on, while the other two buttons can be used to adjust the temperature setting to your heart’s desire. You can manually set the session timer to anywhere in between 3-8 minutes, which will reach temperature in about 40 seconds.

Fill the chamber up with loosely packed, finely ground herb, or instead fill the glass stem up similar to how Arizer Solo 2 works. Once the stem or mouthpiece is inserted and the unit reaches temperature, go ahead and inhale! The Fierce will beep once the heater has reached the desired temperature.

Healthy Rips Fierce buttons

Healthy Rips Fierce power control

Temperature Flexibility

The Fierce includes fully customizable temperature control, ranging from 160°C/320°F up to 220°C/430°F. This is a healthy range for use with dry herb, however, it leaves a little to be desired with concentrates.

Waxes and resins require temperatures a bit higher than herb, at around 250°C to effectively vaporize. It’ll still work, however, it won’t be quite on par as with a dedicated Utillian 5.

Healthy Rips Fierce mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality from the Fierce is pretty good! The glass stem options give good flavor while providing ample cooling to smooth out the hit before it reaches your lungs. One thing we noticed with the glass mouthpiece is it can get a bit warm on the lips after longer durations of use, something we have experienced with the Flowermate Slick vaporizer. The default mouthpiece works quite well too, however, just like the original Fury 2 it is still primarily made of plastic.

The cloud production is also pretty decent, the heater is powerful enough to keep up with the heaviest hits your lungs can muster, and the slightly larger bowl holds a bit more herb than the Fury 2, leading to some larger hits.

We’re definitely satisfied with the vapor quality from the Fierce, and it’s an improvement in every aspect over the Fury 2. Less draw resistance, a larger more potent bowl, and upgraded heating element make it a solid upgrade.

Healthy Rips Fierce front display

Manufacturing Quality

The Fierce had some initial quality control issues; however, the customer support team over at Healthy Rips assures us they’ve addressed all the problems.

The Fierce is a bit heavier than expected, definitely heavier than something like the Zeus Arc GT but that extra heft feels nice in the hand. The rubberized Kirksite alloy body feels great and leaves you confident that it’ll withstand some abuse. The mouthpiece options are attractive and compliment the look well and we are overall very satisfied with the feel of the Fierce.

Included in the basic bundle is the unit itself, one battery, a protective/smell proof cover, standard & glass mouthpiece, concentrates pad, cleaning tools, charger and user manual. This is plenty of kit and good value for the money.

Healthy Rips Fierce parts

Healthy Rips Fierce usb slotBattery Life

The Fierce was promised to improve on the mediocre battery life from the Fury 2 – and it definitely delivers! Each chunky 4050mAh battery is quoted by the manufacturer to last around 2 hours. We found in our tests we got a maximum of 90 minutes from a full charge or about 15 6-minute sessions. For most people, this will definitely be enough to get them through multiple days without worry! Some users who want an even longer battery time prefer Arizer Solo 2 that has 3 hours battery life and requires less charging.

Adding to the fact that the Fierce has an easily removable battery and USB-C charging, it’s a very good choice for daily users who want a beefy battery and don’t want to be bogged down if they’ve run out of juice. 

Healthy Rips Fierce with armor case


The Fierce is notably bigger in the pocket, though it still feels rather compact and portable. Its weight at 283 grams is, in fact, a bit more than the bulky Mighty.

The durable body also lends a certain sense of confidence as it doesn’t feel nearly as fragile or delicate as other units. Even with the glass mouthpiece, only a small bit is exposed and a drop might not spell disaster. But we wouldn’t recommend testing that.

Healthy Rips Fierce heating chamber

Ease of Use

The Fierce is wonderfully easy to use and both seasoned users and beginners will be able to pick it up and get great results with little work. Passing it off to a friend or stranger for a few hits will require no coaching at all for them to get potent clouds of vapor – just inhale and away you go just like the LITL 1!

Cleaning is equally simple, as the glass pieces can be submerged and agitated gently in isopropyl alcohol, while the chamber can be cleaned with a cotton swab soaked in iso to remove any build-up and residue.

Healthy Rips Fierce in hand


The sleek black body lets the unit be pretty stealthy, and it hides away relatively well in the hand. It won’t completely disappear from sight within your palm, but it doesn’t bring much attention to itself anyways.

It’s not quite as portable as small vaporizers like the Davinci Miqro or even its little brother, the Fury 2, though it still does quite well for how much performance it totes!

Healthy Rips Fierce full kitOverall Experience

We find the Fierce hits the right spot in a lot of ways! Cool, flavorful, powerful vapor production is coupled with great battery life, full temperature control, handsome design, a removable battery, and a load of mouthpiece options to choose from – it’s hard to find anything really wrong with the Fierce!

If you are looking for a device that is considerably smaller but delivers the goods in the vapor department we recommend checking out the Zeus Arc. And if you are looking for a unit with a ton of battery life, consider checking out the Arizer Solo 2.

If you have questions about our Healthy Rips Fierce Vaporizer review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts, and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!


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