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Updated: August 10, 2020

We review the Grindhouse Shift, a rebranded version of the Healthy Rips Fury and Hippie Rebel, and many more. Is the Grindhouse Shift any better than its clones or does it have something special going for it? Check out our Grindhouse Shift review here!

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Review: Grindhouse Shift

Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer Review

Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer heating chamber

How it Works

Like its twin brothers, the Grindhouse Shift works in very much the same way. A few rapid clicks of the button will turn the device on while the temperature may be adjusted with the corresponding buttons.

Load up around 0.15 grams into the chamber with a medium ground herb. Pack it down lightly and let it heat up. Inhale briskly and enjoy!

Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer heating chamber

Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer power control

Temperature Flexibility

The Grindhouse Shift also has full temperature control like its clones. Going all the way up to 430°F/221°C, you have plenty of versatility to tune in your ideal temperature setting, fully extract your herb, or use other herbs like sage or lavender.

However, the vapor path is relatively short so you may find yourself sticking to lower temperatures in order to use the device. If you’re looking for big clouds and big rips for every session, then try checking out the Volcano Classic Vaporizer.

Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The vapor is a bit harsh due to the relatively short vapor path, especially at higher temperatures.

The flavor that you get from concentrates when using the Grindhouse Shift is pretty good thanks to its quartz insert. Dry herb, on the other hand, could be better.

It doesn’t taste overly bad, but the dry herb chamber lacks premium, flavor-preserving materials like ceramic and quartz, unlike the concentrate insert. The flavor is also top-notch, competing with other high-end units, though still not on the same level as something like the Firefly 2+.  

Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer front display

Manufacturing Quality

There are very few differences between the Grindhouse Shift and its close relatives. Included in the box is a standard kit including the device itself, USB charger, concentrates cup, cleaning kit, spare gasket, and spare screens. We’d definitely prefer a glass mouthpiece, but we’re not really disappointed at all with the normal one.

The unit mostly uses inexpensive materials (except in the herb chamber where it matters most.) A premium, metal construction is always nice, but in this case, it would’ve resulted in a significant price increase. Considering this is a budget device, the construction isn’t bad. It’s just not the best. We would have liked to see a metal shell similar to the design of the Zeus Arc which is far more robust. Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer flat display

Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer usb slotBattery Life

Another aspect of the Grindhouse Shift that’s less than impressive is its battery life. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge, but you’ll only get about 40 minutes to an hour of use, depending on the temperature that you use. It lacks fast-charging, which would really help it out.

The battery isn’t removable, so there’s no way around the excessive charge time. If you’re an occasional user, it likely won’t be a deal-breaker, but if you don’t want to wait an hour and a half in between sessions, I wouldn’t recommend this one. You’d be better served with a convection unit like the Utillian 722, which offers 2300mah of battery. 

Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer with armor case


The Grindhouse Shift is about three inches tall and an inch thick. It isn’t the most compact unit on the market, but it’s not the largest either.

Most people won’t be bothered by its size when carrying it around, but if your pockets are particularly tight, it might become annoying. If you are looking for a small portable vaporizer with a host of useful features, then the DaVinci IQ is another great option to look at.

Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer tank refill

Ease of Use

Using the Grindhouse Shift is pretty straightforward. There are three buttons that make up the user interface. One turns the unit on, and the other two are used to adjust the operating temperature.

Cleaning is also simple. The mouthpiece and chamber can be swabbed with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol, likewise with the screen. Rinse the mouthpiece with water before performing a burn off session. Do you prefer packing your herb on the go? Then you might definitely like the Mighty Vaporizer.

Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer full kit


The discretion factor here is pretty awesome. It resembles an all-in-one e-liquid vaporizer, so if you don’t want people to know you’re vaping herb or concentrates, it isn’t something you’ll have to worry about too much.

On top of its discreet form factor, the dark colors don’t draw very much attention. All things considered, this is one of the most discreet 3-in-1 devices out there. But if you prefer extreme portability and super discreetness, then check out the Dynavap M.

Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer full kitOverall Experience

The Grindhouse Shift is decent but it’s certainly not perfect. It’s a good package for the price but really, it could use improvements in three areas.

The battery could be better, temperatures could be higher for concentrates, and the device’s construction could be of more premium quality.

If you are on a budget and looking to spend a bit less you may want to consider the Utillian 420, the metal exterior and glass mouthpiece gives it a slightly more premium feel.

If you are willing to spend a bit more, something like the Zeus Arc will offer premium clouds in a compact design.

If you have questions about our Grindhouse Shift Vaporizer review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!

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  1. Avatar for Lily
    Lily on

    This is my second vaporizer and by far a decent vape. The ease of use and size make it ideal for me and the best thing is it also works with the waxes and thick oils. One drawback is it doesn’t have a good enough temperature setting to vape waxes and I have wasted grams of my material just to get decent vapors.

  2. Avatar for Jarret
    Jarret on

    It is built like a tank and has such a smooth inhale you don’t even think you had gotten anything. It does not burn the herbs and heats very evenly and you just need to stir it once after the first countdown is over. I also really like its digital display which makes it very convenient. My only problem is that the mouthpiece is made up of plastic which sometimes gets too hot so, I have to wait so it can get cool downed.

  3. Avatar for Gerard
    Gerard on

    My Grindhouse shift works pretty well. It’s very easy to use, you can just load it up, put in your pocket and go anywhere. The temperature setting is very precise. The vapor quality is so pure and clean. It comes with the concentrate as well with which you can use waxes and concentrates. Battery life could be better but not a big issue.

  4. Avatar for Leah Toth
    Leah Toth on

    Hi I’ll need replacement on my vape. My old one doesn’t work well.

  5. Avatar for Fintan
    Fintan on

    Its been 2 weeks since I’m using this, really was a big toke at first but after 1 week its really hard to draw i might have to clean this , Overall It is smallest vape I have every bought, palm-sized power hitter for dry herb, wax, and thick oils. this little wonder goes anywhere with me . Battery life is also good, recharges quickly, has large heating chamber, and controllable temperature setting also very easy push-button operation.

  6. Avatar for Max
    Max on

    The draw is silky smooth and flavorful, but the vapor is wispy, so you won’t be making many clouds. However, don’t let this fool you, you will get the most out of your herb. Battery life isn’t so good but not bad at all because the performance is pretty excellent.

  7. Avatar for Nancy
    Nancy on

    Good vape. The vapor quality is pretty good but it’s looking very cheap in my hand. The quality of this vape isn’t as good as I was expecting. The puffs are very good and also the vape is very discreet.

  8. Avatar for Rhys
    Rhys on

    This seems like a decent unit for the price, except that I can’t use it for more than 2 – 3 draws because the mouthpiece gets very hot and nearly burns the lips, even when following the instructions and waiting more than 5 sec between draws. That makes it pretty much useless. The unit is designed with a fairly thin plastic mouthpiece over the steel top of the heating chamber. As a result the heat from the steel conducts into the plastic and, bingo, burnt lips.

  9. Avatar for Louis
    Louis on

    I have my Grindhouse shift vape for a couple of weeks now. There are things I don’t like. The flavor of the first few hits, also good. But then, it starts to get hot. The mouthpiece gets too hot for me. Now I did need to go to the lower temperature settings to get any good vapor. I tried at high-temperature settings but it never worked well. At the low, the vapor was good but got too hot.

  10. Avatar for Ofri
    Ofri on

    I was very impressed with the build quality and it feels solid and heavy in your hand which I was not expecting. I also love the little screen and super fast heat up time. What I’m super disappointed in is the effects you get off it. I feel like the buzz mostly wears off after 10 minutes and it feels like a heady high without any body effects. It’s like I feel impaired but not effetcs which isn’t worth it.

  11. Avatar for Donell
    Donell on

    It is my first vaporizer and I have been using it for a year now. Works very well, quite easy to clean and maintain. The best feature is temperature control as it allows you to fine tune it to the herb. .My only problem is that it seems to run out of battery and if I don’t use it for a day it goes completely flat so needs to be charged constantly.

  12. Avatar for Elijah
    Elijah on

    I bought two other vaporizers from different companies, and it was a complete waste of money. I should have gotten a Grindhouse Shift, to begin with. It works great. I use the low setting, and it pulls great. However, the battery life sucks. This is the only issue, so you can ignore it.

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