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We’ve reviewed numerous products by Grenco before like the G Pen Elite and G Pen Nova and overall the products haven’t impressed us much. The G Pen Nova LXE adds upgrades to the mouthpiece, atomizer, and battery over the original G Pen Nova. Is it the update that’s needed or another product that’ll fail to meet expectations? Check out our review of the Nova LXE here for more!

Editors Note: If you are looking for a rig like experience, massive clouds, great flavor, but in the portability of a wax pen, be sure to check out the Utillian 5, rated the number one wax pen by our customers.

Review: G Pen Nova LXE

G Pen Nova LXE Review

G Pen Nova LXE power controlTemperature Flexibility

The G Pen Nova LXE comes with three variable voltage options – 3.2v, 3.6v, and 4.1v as well as an extended draw mode. This is pretty solid however for the asking price there are other batteries and devices which offer more power settings like the Linx Ember Kit. As it sits though, it’s unlikely you’ll need too many other options.

G Pen Nova LXE mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Could be better like most of Grencos products. It doesn’t do quite as well with big loads as it does smaller, rice-grain-sized amounts.

The vapor path is rather short and maybe a little rough on the lungs something you will experience with Yocan Evolve Plus, but overall it’s pretty okay.

Is it the best wax pen? Certainly not, but we can definitely say it’s a slight step above the entry-level devices.

G Pen Nova LXE back view

G Pen Nova LXE front display

Manufacturing Quality

Grenco has been slowly yet surely stepping their game up. The Nova LXE feels pretty nice in the hand and looks nice, like the Puffco Peak. It is certainly a smudge magnet and gets dirty quickly, but it feels more premium than the average cheap-o wax pen. The redesigned mouthpiece certainly gets gummed up less than the old and its an overall good improvement over the past model.

Included in the box is a basic kit consisting of the device itself, Micro USB, and mouthpiece. That’s about it and while there’s not much else you need, the price tag suggests there should be a little bit in there for the cost. Replacement parts, adapter, cleaning kit, carrying pouch, etc.

G Pen Nova LXE usb slotBattery Life

About the biggest upgrade over the original device, the new Nova LXE packs inside 650mAh of juice. Compare that to the original 300mAh of the old unit and it’s not hard to see it’s a big step up! Frequent users will definitely find this device much better and even casual users will be glad to see the big bump in battery life. Users looking for more battery juice to get more hits usually tend to prefer devices like the Utillian 2 Wax Pen that has 18650 mAh.

G Pen Nova LXE with armor case


It’s still pen-sized which makes it super convenient to use practically anywhere just like the Linx Blaze. In fact, you’re likely to forget it’s even in your pocket in the first place.

Think of a Sharpie marker but just a little bit longer and you’ve got this device. Pretty portable, isn’t it?


G Pen Nova LXE tank

Ease of Use

Budget wax pens are pretty simple to use and the Nova LXE is no different. One button operation that many other devices like the Kandypens Elite use as well makes it pretty straightforward and passing it to a friend or stranger requires only a little instruction for them to get good results.

The redesigned mouthpiece is much better than the old in terms of cleaning. The old Nova got very gunked up and gummy quickly. The new one still gets quite messy, especially if you’re loading up globs, however it’s noticeably less than the old one.

We recommend cleaning quite frequently while the oil is still fresh. Use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to scrub out the build-up and residue.

G Pen Nova LXE in hand


Being the size of a Sharpie along with its matte black appearance and the fact that e-cigs and Juul-type devices are everywhere won’t have people thinking twice about you taking a toke something similar to Kandypens Gravity.

Wax doesn’t smell much like smoked herb either, but those who know what wax smells like will certainly be able to sniff it out. 

G Pen Nova LXE full kitOverall Experience

The original Snoop Dogg G Pen sucked and the G Pen Elite still isn’t very great, but the G Pen Nova and new Nova LXE is certainly not bad by any means. Overpriced? Yes, we’ve seen equal or even better performance from lesser priced units, but the G Pen Nova LXE really isn’t bad and it’s just simple and solid.

We still think the Utillian 5 holds top spot for vapor quality for the value.

It’s definitely an improvement over the original – it stays cleaner, vapes better, and has much better battery life. It’s an improvement across the board and overall we’re satisfied. A bit overpriced but not bad at all!

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  1. Avatar for Owen
    Owen on

    I really hate my G pen Nova as it produces brunt taste after taking 3 – 4 puffs. I have wasted many materials just to get the good vapors from this unit. Complete waste of money. 🙁

  2. Avatar for David
    David on

    Right out of the box you notice its sleek compact design is going to be perfect for discreet sessions. The G pen Nova is super user friendly, and feels very durable in your hand. The battery life is amazing, I casually use it and only have to charge it in the evening around bed time. However, I think the price is little higher as one of my friend using the Utillian 5 and its vapor quality is far better than mine. 🙁

  3. Avatar for Cody
    Cody on

    It is an amazing pen and I really love it. it is very portable, sleek looking and works very well with all concentrates. It produces decent vapor and flavor quality. Personally, I would recommend an extra battery and an extra tank or two to ensure you can always vape without worrying about charging or cleaning tanks.

  4. Avatar for Ricky
    Ricky on

    I wanted to step into a better quality vape pen with push-button activation. The G Pen Nova is just that and oozes sophistication. Not only does it have sturdy metal construction and sleek professional design but also a super easy to refill pod and sexy LED illumination. I’m happy I spent a little more and got a product worth every penny.

  5. Avatar for Joanne
    Joanne on

    It is an amazing pen and this is just the right size for discreet toking. It looks very similar to a pen. It holds enough for a couple of hits and I also love the different voltage settings that it offers. It has a very easy to use charger not like the other pens in which you needed to do screwing and unscrewing for charging. It has a decent battery life as well.

  6. Avatar for Amos
    Amos on

    This pen is incognito, I was camping with lots of people around a bonfire and nobody knew I’m getting waxed out of my mind! Then I shared, I told the old timers this is not your seventies herbs, or back yard concentrate, this is premium budder with a very efficient pen…. didn’t take my advice but they tried and was amazed by the flavorful quality,It is consistent, reliable, durable and definitely easy to clean.

  7. Avatar for NIMROD
    NIMROD on

    I’d been looking around for easy to use wax pen. Looked at a couple others, but ultimately settled on this little guy and couldn’t be happier. I love this sleekness of it it’s so convenient and can fit nicely in my hand and is perfect for a sneaker session. If you’re looking for an easier to use pen, this is the one you want. The only thing that I would change is I would like to have a rubberized coating. Not a huge deal, but a nice to have.

  8. Avatar for Lance
    Lance on

    It is a very discreet pen that will not attract any attention while it is being used. It works really well and the battery life is pretty long. It gives an increased airflow and delivers vapor efficiently and produce flavorful vapors in a discreet manner. It is also very easy to clean & maintain.

  9. Avatar for Donna
    Donna on

    Cool design, perfect size, easy functionality, great dab hits and I love its shape and quality. I have only noticed one issue in 3 months that is charging time as it takes a lot of time to get fully charged. Also, the battery life is not as good as I was expecting.

  10. Avatar for Hallam
    Hallam on

    This vape works but the taste and effect are just not the same. Wax is burned in the device and has a very odd taste and odor to it. Personally, I think that it was a waste of my money have to turn heat to max just to get a draw from it. Nice design, easy use, but trying to get a good hit is next to impossible.

  11. Avatar for Duke
    Duke on

    I wanted a pen that was simple to use straight out of the package without having to wade through complicated instructions. This nailed it! Within minutes I was vaping. It provides good flavorful vapors but little clouds. Overall the vape pen is super sleek, easy to use, and works great!

  12. Avatar for Lucas
    Lucas on

    As all the other reviews can vouch for, this is an overall great product. Super cute, easy, and great customer service. However, I find I am not getting very thick clouds as it can sometimes take a while to truly heat up. I was also having a lot of material leaking through the atomizer (so much so that the atomizer got stuck). I realized that I was putting too much material onto the coils so now all okay.

  13. Avatar for Morris
    Morris on

    I like this vape. It’s all about flavor with this one. You can’t overheat the wax. So every hit is just wonderful. However, you sacrifice those huge clouds and subsequently some potency. I do love this product though, just know what you’re getting.

  14. Avatar for Robert
    Robert on

    The manufacturing quality is not that solid but I like the idea that there is an LED ring around the power button that can indicate both the unit’s temperature setting and its battery life which is very convenient and also gives it a nice catchy look. You can’t use large quantity in it but it works pretty well.

  15. Avatar for Smith
    Smith on

    It’s not a heavy hitter, but good for out and about medicating. The battery life isn’t very good as I am only getting half an hour approx. The performance is okay, but its design is just excellent. BTW I love heavy hitters, so don’t like it much.

  16. Avatar for Ohan
    Ohan on

    A beautifully designed vape. Aesthetics are the gold medal for portable wax pen, and I’ve used others but this one is my fav. So small and incognito too! Not the most powerful and you have to remember to keep it off after using a while because it gets hot.

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