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When looking for an ultraportable and convenient herb pipe, you’ll want something that self contains and seals the herb away for travel, like the Journey pipe. Enter the Fishermans Friend pipe available at around $25. A mere 2” when closed and less than double that when open, it’s truly a pocket portable pipe. Check out our review of the Fishermans Friend pipe below!

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Review: Fishermans Friend pipe

Fisherman's Friend Pipe Review

Fisherman's Friend Pipe heating coils

How it Works

It’s a pretty simple concept overall, and using an herb pipe is a pretty simple process, to begin with. Load up the herb and then slide the lid over it to prepare it for travel.

Once you’re ready to hit it just slide the lid open and light it up. Inhale and then close the lid once done. We recommend emptying it out as soon as you’re done with your session.

Fisherman's Friend Pipe parts

Fisherman's Friend Pipe front display

Manufacturing Quality

We love the build of the Fishermans Friend. Simple yet effective. It kind of reminds us of the Utillian 420 in its simple approach. The wood looks quite nice alongside the stainless steel and also feels nice in the hand. This isn’t a luxury pipe by any means but it certainly beats a lot of the cheaper options around. Not to mention the storage compartment is super convenient for multiple sessions with friends when on the go!

Included in the box is a really simple kit consisting of the pipe and some screens. All you really need though, isn’t it?Fisherman's Friend Pipe inclined view

Fisherman's Friend Pipe in use

Ease of Use

If you’re reading this, the chances are that we don’t need to tell you how to use a pipe! It’s pretty straightforward and if cavemen can do it, so can you!

Cleaning is quite simple with it since the stainless steel section comes right out. The wood will, however, absorb a lot of the smell and it’ll be practically impossible to get rid of that entirely once it sets in. Keep that in mind if the odor is a concern of yours. You may want something like the Genius Pipe if you are concerned about cleaning.

Fisherman's Friend Pipe in use


It’s a pipe. Don’t they all perform the same? In practice, mostly yes. There isn’t any special air path like we got in the Solo 2 for the smoke to follow to let it cool down, and no real performance upgrade over other pipes.

In terms of portability though, it’s terrific! Smaller than a sausage cut in half (we couldn’t think of a proper analogy here), it’s easy to slip into your pocket and forget about it. 

Fisherman's Friend Pipe full kitOverall Experience

It’s small, it’s portable, and it’s convenient. Inexpensive, made of wood and steel, and about the size of two lighters stacked on top of each other. Pretty nifty if you ask me and if you’re looking for a portable herb pipe, then you really can’t go too wrong.

The included herb storage is really our favorite part about it and really seals the deal for a portable pipe. No carrying around baggies or herb containers, easy to reduce your total carry weight!

If you think a vaporizer is more up your alley check out the LITL 1 an inexpensive beginner vape that is super tiny and easy to use.

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