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Updated: August 24, 2020

We’ve checked out a lot of devices by Boundless before, like in our Boundless CFV review and Boundless CFX. The new Boundless Terp pen is the successor to the Boundless CF-710. Three times smaller, equally lighter, and supposedly powerful as the original, we were very keen to review it. Is the Boundless Terp pen any good? Check out our review of it here for more!

If you’re new to wax vaporizers, make sure you check out the handy Wax Pen Buyers Guide for a wealth of information to help you find what best suits you!

Review: Boundless Terp Pen

Boundless Terp Pen Review

Boundless Terp Pen heating coils

How it Works

The Terp just like the Linx Ares works somewhat like a nectar collector. On one end is the ceramic atomizer which heats up and should be applied directly to your concentrates while inhaling. It has a sensor to automatically detect an inhale for nearly seamless use. The magnetic cap quickly pops on and off to protect the coil from any possible damage.

You can either use the Terp just like a nectar collector or pre-load it for a session later – just melt some wax onto the coil and inhale from it later for a session at any point!

Boundless Terp Pen detached

Boundless Terp Pen power controlTemperature Flexibility

Sadly, there is no power control. The longer you inhale, however, the hotter the coil will get. It’ll heat up within a couple of seconds and cool down quite quickly as well.

A crude form of power control would be by modulating your inhales and such, manually activating and deactivating the heater. This may take a little bit of effort and learning however good results can be achieved.

We would have preferred to see ranges closer to what we experienced with the Utillian 5, which gave us 4 voltages to choose from for some seriously tasty or massively cloudy rips.

Boundless Terp Pen mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Does it ever hit like a truck! Wax pen vapes nowadays are pretty potent and even the most basic ones can leave you wheezing for air from monster hits. The Terp follows that trend, though the vapor is actually quite a bit better than others for one simple reason; the vapor path.

At the air must travel the distance of the pen from one end to another, the vapor is drastically cooler than if the heating element were right near your lips. This leads to much smoother, cooler, and nicely flavored vapor.

Depending on your material and draw technique used, you can achieve light, wispy yet flavorful hits or monster draws that’ll practically leave you asthmatic. Certainly, the Terp works much better with small loads than large, we recommend only going for a maximum of a rice grain sized amount to have the Terp working the best.

However, when it comes to nectar collectors we still tend to prefer the Linx Ares, which doesn’t have any exposed coils for much better flavor and longer coil life.

Boundless Terp Pen flat display

Boundless Terp Pen front display

Manufacturing Quality

It’s a simple little device with not much to it. Boundless has a pretty good reputation for their build quality, albeit a bit cheap with many of their devices being mostly plastic. The Terp is instead metallic like the Linx Hypnos Zero and feels great in the hand, they may have taken a nod from fellow wax pen maker Linx. Comfortable, classy, and well machined, we have no problems with how the Terp is made.

Included in the box are the internal battery, outer body shell, replaceable ceramic coil, mouthpiece, protective metal cap, USB charger, and quick start guide. This is par for the course and we would’ve liked to see a spare coil included in case the included one inevitably dies.

Battery Life Of Boundless Terp Pen Wax VapeBattery Life

At 300mAh, the internal battery is fine. With such a small unit you really can’t expect anything crazy, and realistically we say you can expect between 30-45 decent hits before needing to top up.

This is fine for multiple days of use or maybe a group session, but expect to top up the battery more frequently if you take multiple hits throughout the day or go for extended outings. Frequent users, however, prefer units like the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit that aside from having good battery life, it’s also removable – a blessing in disguise for the ones constantly moving throughout the day.

Boundless Terp Pen with armor case


This thing is smaller than the infamous Grasshopper vaporizer. Barely larger and heavier than your average ballpoint pen, this thing is seriously impressive and can be taken practically anywhere.

Very easy to slide into your pocket to forget about later and pull out for a quick session.

Boundless Terp Pen in use

Ease of Use

Draw to inhale devices are incredibly easy to use and simple. Though you can really master the draw technique to play with the coil to get your favorite results, tossing it off to a friend or stranger for a quick hit or two will require almost no instruction – just inhale! No need to even take the cap off!

The entire unit disassembles pretty nicely too like the Utillian 2 Wax Pen, making cleaning a lot easier than most. Simply submerge the parts in isopropyl alcohol (not the battery) or use a small cotton swab dipped in iso to scrub away at any build-up and grime.

Boundless Terp Pen in hand


Barely the size of a pen, it’s super easy to conceal and some people may even mistake it as a pen unlike some portables like the Puffco Peak that are a big larger in size. Don’t rely on that though! Since it has near-instant draw to activate, a quick power session could be had in mere seconds. Pull it out, take a draw, and you’re done! Simple as that.

Boundless Terp Pen full kitOverall Experience

For the suggested retail price, you really can’t go wrong with the Terp pen. It’s tiny, affordable, works well, and is great to just throw in a bag or your pocket for ‘emergency’ sessions. It’s built well, and Boundless certainly has a good reputation among the community now.

As for coils, you can reasonably expect to replace it every couple of months or so, which is about average for these wax pen devices. It all disassembles nicely, cleans well, and hits quite well! Not the greatest for heavy users and those with high tolerances, but the average user will certainly be more than satisfied!

We still think the Ares offers better flavor and prefer the coil-less nature of the Linx product line and if you want to get away from the nectar collector style check out the Utillian 5 wax pen, an absolute powerhouse that will challenge even your favorite rig.

If you have questions about our Boundless Terp pen review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’


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  1. Avatar for Cole
    Cole on

    The design of this vape is exceptional. Using large amounts of waxes with the Terp Pen will cause reclaim to gather in the airpath and behind the coil – eventually clogging the whole pen and that really sucks because after that the cleaning become very difficult.

  2. Avatar for Alice
    Alice on

    I have owned a few pens but this is the best so far. I just love its dual feature as you can either use the Terp just like a nectar collector or pre-load it for a session later. It hits smoothly, normally with most pens it really irritates my throat. Battery life is not good but that is only one bad thing about this unit.

  3. Avatar for Simon
    Simon on

    A good device for vaping in a discreet manner. I just got this device a couple of days before and it is really a pen-shaped device. It is very sleek and lightweight. There are no temperature settings that this pen offers but I am surprised that it has auto puff technology so you don’t need to press the button to turn it on. Simply add the recommended amount of material and start vaping.


    This thing ends up to become a clogged up mess of wasted Wax and a big pile of junk with weak hits! It melts the wax and sucks it down in clogging up the whole this constantly wasting 50% of your shatter. Its a big POS after used for a month. New coils does not help letting it melt the wax into the unit constantly with weak hits wasted wax/shatter big time! 50% utilization of your drug at best.

  5. Avatar for Samuel
    Samuel on

    Sure it looks expensive and the vapors it produces are pretty good. But I bet you didn’t know I jumped in the lake not once but twice with it and it still worked! That impressed me. However, the battery life sucks as you can’t use it for a full day with one charge.

  6. Avatar for Denny C.
    Denny C. on

    It is a very efficient, and effective! Excellent for Micro dosing! Hits are very smooth with really nice cloud production! It also has a good battery life and you can take a ton of hits before recharging. The build quality is excellent 10/10. Also, can be easily disassembled and cleaned. If you clean this vape regularly and take care of it then it will last long.

  7. Avatar for ABSALOM
    ABSALOM on

    I owned 2 of these when it came out its very good for the price and hits like a champ,,, when the coil is new. These coils don’t last long, mine lasted 5 -7 days until it starts to weakened. After a couple of days it’ll wear and be wasting more wax for little puffs (kind of looks like it’s boiling the wax than vaporizing). Yeah the replacement of coils is where it gets you on this vape. But when its new its great.

  8. Avatar for Hale
    Hale on

    Excellent and unique technology wax pen from Boundless! I ordered this vape for myself approx 2 months ago and still using the same coil that comes with the box. The flavor became a little harsh now which is why I order some new coils for my partner. Using it daily before bedtime and take a few puffs at the office LOL. Overall a good wax pen.

  9. Avatar for Lacey
    Lacey on

    It works great, and at this price range, I can see it being a good deal for a lot of users, specifically like me as I am more enthusiastic about hit size or vapor size. It tastes good, but not amazing as compared to the clouds that it produces, and can be slightly tricky to pull off a very flavorful hit in volume due to the size of the coils. Nonetheless, this is a nice product and I have no major complaints.

  10. Avatar for Claudia
    Claudia on

    I’ve bought two! One for me and one for my adult son. He’s a seasoned pro while I am a newbie. He likes the terp pen more than his nectar collector thing, and I would much rather use the terp pen than a dab rig. This is a great invention!

  11. Avatar for Antonio
    Antonio on

    It is a well executed and thought out device! Extremely Versatile!! Very solid and easy to clean.. Good battery life!! Hits are really nice smooth and tasty with good cloud production!! It doesn’t take very long to charge. It is the ultimate bang for your buck!!

  12. Avatar for Marilyn
    Marilyn on

    The boundless Terp is a decent pen, I am very impressed with its airflow, very smooth, clean and flavorful. I am very unhappy with the battery life as I can only use it for a few hits and then need to charge it again. Performance-wise it’s a brilliant vape but battery life is very bad.

  13. Avatar for hadon
    hadon on

    I love this little pen. My wife ordered me one and I’ve been using much less than I was. The coil can’t handle too much at one time but you get huge hits from the small amount that it can. It’s super easy to use, comfortable in the hand and extremely efficient.

  14. Avatar for Chad
    Chad on

    This is an awesome wax pen. I just bought a black one that has a nice rubber coating which looks nice. It also feels like it is built very well and the magnetic cap was a pleasant surprise. It produces decent clouds and taste. It is a very easy to use vape and maintain but the battery life could have been better as it needs to be charged oftenly.

  15. Avatar for Jacob
    Jacob on

    I am very impressed with my Terp. It is very easy to use and delivers excellent vapor quality. It looks pretty cool and easy to maintain. I love that it heats up within 5 seconds. However, it’s not for heavy users as I also use this vape on trips only. The coil lasts for only a month so pretty expensive option to vape waxes.

  16. Avatar for Julian
    Julian on

    I thought this is some of the usual vape pens I used before but this gave me a simple yet a very good vaping experience than previous vapes. I was surprised that even though it’s small, it is giving me nice clouds like I wanted. I also love the option that you can use it like a nectar collector style. Very good device!

  17. Avatar for Austin
    Austin on

    I have had my pen for about two weeks and noticed it clogs very easily. My friend who got his vape a few days ago has already noticed clogging, probably because he consumes a bit more than me. This would not be an issue if it wasn’t for the difficulty when cleaning. Overall a good pen just having this issue.

  18. Avatar for Fair
    Fair on

    It’s sleek, it looks cool and it works wonderfully. . Would be a much better overall experience if cleaning was easier and more accessible to those who are not engineer-minded and comfortable taking things apart. Other than that, the pen is great and very convenient.

  19. Avatar for sandi evilsizer
    sandi evilsizer on

    Love it !!!!! Whoo hooo

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