Arizer Solo 2 vs Arizer Air – Family Feud!

Our goal to compare as many vaporizers as possible and making your job of picking one easier continues! We’re keeping it in the family with this comparison, putting the Arizer Solo 2 up against the Arizer Air. There’s a lot to like about both these vaporizers, especially vapor quality. You’d probably be happy with either, but we think there is a clear favorite…

Solo 2 vs AirSolo 2 vs Air Showdown

Solo 2 vs Air Vapor QualityVapor Quality

As far as manufacturers go, Arizer is second only to Storz and Bickel when it comes to the vapor quality you can expect from any of their units. The original Solo is extremely popular for this reason, and we recently compared it to the Solo 2 and found the the new version is even better.

While the vapor quality is mostly the same across all Arizer portables, there are two big factors that will improve your experience with the Solo 2.  The first is the precision temperature control, allowing you to choose the exact degree you want to vaporize at.

The second is the fact that the airflow is opened up, which means you won’t encounter quite so much resistance. Overall, expect extremely flavorful and smooth vapor from the Solo 2.

You can expect similar results from the Air. You’ll still be enjoying some of the best vapor production available from portables, though I still think the Solo 2 earns the edge thanks to the two factors I mentioned above.

Solo 2 vs Air Manufacturing QualityManufacturing Quality

Here’s another area where Arizer knocks it out of the park. Their vaporizers tend to last a very long time. The Solo, V Tower, and Extreme Q have all been on the market for quite some time, and they’ve proven themselves to be extremely durable.

As far as the Solo 2 goes, there are several improvements that are exciting to see added to Arizer portables.The digital display and temperature control are two that really add to the overall experience, plus people are growing to expect these features out of higher end devices.

Another one is heat up time. It only takes the Solo 2 around 30 seconds to reach vaporization temps. Finally, the battery life of the Solo 2 is fantastic.

The Air is also very well made, though it lacks many of the features I just mentioned. You only get 5 temperature settings with the Air, and there isn’t a digital display. Heat up time typically takes about a minute and a half, and the battery life is about an hour. The plus side is that the Air has removeable batteries.

Solo 2 vs Air Ease of UseEase of Use

Both the Solo 2 and the Air are extremely easy to use. You simply turn them on, set your temperature, and take a draw once they have heated up.

That’s all there is to it. Even cleaning the units takes the same amount of work, as the chamber and stems are the same basic design.

I think the Solo 2 has a very slight edge though because of the digital display and faster heat up times.

They make it just a little more convenient to use, so I’m going to give this category to the Solo 2 as well, even though it was won on a slim margin.

Solo 2 vs Air PortabilityPortability

The Solo 2 isn’t the most convenient unit to carry around with you when you are outside the house. It’s a lot like the Solo in this way. My Solo has always been my go to in-home portable, while I choose smaller ones if I want to carry it with me when I go on a hike.

The size and shape isn’t convenient to carry in your pocket, plus you’ve got the glass stem to deal with as well.

The Air isn’t much better, but it is a little. The shape makes it more pocketable, and the stems are shorter. You’ll still have to deal with packing or carrying two separate parts (base and stem), but this is easier to do than with either the Solo or Solo 2.

Solo 2 vs Air Battery LifeBattery Life

I already mentioned this above, but the Solo 2 offers a ridiculous battery life. You can get up to 3 hours of use, which is around 20 sessions, out of each charge. If you aren’t familiar with herbal vaporizers, let’s just say that this is practically unheard of.

The Air’s battery life is considerably shorter. At only an hour, this puts the Air below average when compared to the vaporizer market as a whole. The silver lining is the removable 18650 batteries, which gives you the option of getting extras to carry with you.

The Solo 2 is still the obvious winner, as you’d need three batteries total just to match it on battery life.

Solo 2 vs Air DisctreetnessDiscreetness

The Solo 2 isn’t a very discreet vaporizer. While you can conceal the base in your hand, you still have the glass stem sticking up above the top. I wouldn’t carry it around in public if I was worried about other people knowing what I was doing, that’s for sure.

The Air really isn’t any better. It’s narrower and the stems are shorter, but you still can’t conceal the whole thing easily. Considering how small some portable vaporizers are, it’s hard to call either of these discrete.

On the plus side, there are things you can do to make using Arizer portables easier to hide. Just do a search for ‘arizer solo cup’ and you’ll get some ideas.

Solo 2 vs Air Temperature FlexibilityTemperature Flexibility

This is an easy category to judge, and, if you’ve paid attention to the rest of the review, you should already know that the Solo 2 is the winner.It offers full temperature control from 122° F to 428° F. The Air, on the other hand, only offers 5 settings total, ranging from 356° F to 410° F.

Solo 2 vs Air Showdown WinnerSHOWDOWN

The Solo 2 just offers so many advanced features and improvements that it blows the Air out of the water. While the vapor quality is fantastic for both, I really enjoyed the less restricted airflow with the Solo 2.

The full temperature control and ridiculous battery life further position the Solo 2 as a top tier unit.

The only area where the Air beats the Solo 2 is portability, but not by much. And the Air still isn’t all that portable compared to options like the DaVinci IQ or Pax 3, so I wouldn’t recommend buying it just because it’s more portable than the Solo 2.

If you are convinced the Solo 2 is the right unit for you, be sure to pick one up from our store. Still think you like the Arizer Air is better? Everyone has their own personal preference and if you are looking to grab one grab one directly from our store.If you’d like to see another comparison, check out our recent showdown between the Davinci IQ and the Pax 3 and to see how these 2 units stack up against the field, be sure to check out our Portable Vaporizer Ranking Chart.


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