Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2: Sibling Rivalry Showdown

Updated: August 11, 2020

The Arizer Solo is one of the most beloved vaporizers of all time. The amount of people who have relied on it as their first and sometimes the only vaporizer is likely higher than any other unit on the market, and its popularity continues over 6 years after it was first released. There are plenty of units out there that are higher powered with newer features, but few have ever challenged it on overall popularity.

Things are about to get interesting though, because Arizer has just introduced the Solo’s younger brother to the market, the Solo 2. The Solo 2 has a lot to live up to, and it will have to be pretty impressive to steal the spotlight from the OG Solo. I expect to have a hard time deciding the winner in this showdown between Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2. This is sibling rivalry at it’s finest, and today we’re going to find out which is the better vaporizer…

Solo vs Solo 2

Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2 Vapor Quality Vapor Quality

For years, the Arizer Solo was the undisputed champion when it came to vapor quality at an affordable price point. To this day, the Solo is still known as one of the best units to get if you are looking for good vapor quality from a portable vaporizer.

The overall design is simple, and the glass stem helps make sure that the flavor isn’t altered when en route to your mouth. While the long stem makes the unit slightly less portable, it also allows the vapor temperature to cool, further increasing the quality over most portables.

The design for the Arizer Solo 2 is remarkably similar to the original Solo, especially when it comes to the vapor pathway. The heating chamber is largely the same, and vapor pathway is still comprised of a long glass stem.

A quick glance may lead you to assume that the vapor will be roughly equivalent, which would be great considering the achievements of the original. Amazingly, the Solo 2 is actually better. There are two big things that contribute to this assessment.

First, the Solo 2 offers temperature control down to the exact degree, which is something the original did not. Second, the draw resistance and airflow is better.

Both units put out great vapor, but the Solo 2 is slightly better.

Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2 Manufacturing QualityManufacturing Quality

This is another area where the original Solo’s really shine. They are built like tanks and are comparable to the Mighty vaporizer but cheaper. While the glass stems are easy to break if you drop it or aren’t careful, they can easily be replaced for cheap. The actual base of the unit is seemingly invincible.

I know a lot of people with Solos, and I’m pretty sure they’re all still on their first one. Most of them have had them for 3+ years, which is a long time as far as portable vaporizers are concerned.

The Solo 2 hasn’t been out long enough to comment on its long term durability, but a visual inspection suggests it’s made with the same overall quality standards.

Like I mentioned above, the new one looks a lot like the original, but Arizer did make some very nice upgrades. The digital screen and precise temperature control are obvious improvements, and the battery was upgraded as well.

Once again, they’re both extremely well-built, but the Arizer 2 wins thanks to the upgrades.

Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2 Ease of UseEase of Use

The original Solo only has two buttons and is pretty simple to use. Using it is as easy as holding both buttons to turn on, then adjusting the temperature level up or down using the buttons individually.

You have to set your temperature every time you turn it on, but that only takes a second or two. That’s basically all there is to it.

The Solo 2 is also very easy to use. There are more settings to navigate, but the digital screen makes doing so straightforward.

Users that are looking for an even easier option tend to prefer devices like the Utillian 722 Vaporizer that has a single button operation.

Neither one of these units is hard to use by any stretch of the imagination, but the visual feedback of the Solo 2 gives it the edge.

Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2 PortabilityPortability

Here’s an area where the Solo is outshined by competitors like the Zeus Arc Vaporizer. While it is a fantastic device, it’s not the most portable unit in the world. It’s relatively bulky and would be awkward to carry in your pocket.

You really can’t carry it with the glass stem attached, which means you either have to pack it right before you use it or get stem caps which are sold separately. These problems are alleviated by a carrying case, but that still puts it behind a lot of smaller portables.

The Solo 2 is smaller, and definitely wins in this category. It’s no where near as bulky, and it comes with a shorter stem option in the box. With that being said, it’s still not going to be the most convenient option as far as vaporizers go.

Arizer does include a hip belt carrying case with the Solo 2, but this doesn’t seem like something people will actually use.

Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2 Battery LifeBattery Life

This is an easy category to compare. They both have built in batteries, but the Solo 2’s battery is bigger. You can expect to get up to 2 hours of continuous use out of the OG Solo, while the Solo 2 will deliver up to 3 hours. Even the top tier rivals like the Davinci IQ do not come anywhere close to the battery life both these units offer which makes them highly desirable vaporizer by both the beginners and seasoned vets.

The Solo 2 wins this one, and the upgrade is especially nice considering the fact that the overall unit is significantly smaller.

Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2 DiscreetnessDiscreetness

Due to it’s size, the original Solo was never considered a very discreet unit. When people try to keep using it hidden while in public, they’ve typically had to do something clever to cover the outside. The most famous is putting the Solo in a cup and sucking on the stem like it is a straw.

The Solo 2 isn’t very discreet either. It’s slightly smaller and comes with a smaller stem option, but it’s still obviously not designed with discretion in mind. The screen may also attract a bit of attention, even though it can be dimmed.

This one’s a toss up. If you really need a discreet portable and this is the most important feature of your future vaporizer something similar to the Davinci Miqro, you probably don’t want either of these. If we had to choose we would give the slight edge to the Solo 2 because it is marginally smaller and comes with a shorter tube.

Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2 Temperature FlexibilityTemperature Flexibility

The Solo comes with 7 temperature settings. These range from 50C to 210C. This range provides enough flexibility that pretty much everyone who uses it is able to find a level that they like.

The Solo also makes it very easy to change the temperature while using it, which is what popularized the habit of increasing the temperature as the session goes on. All you have to do is hit the up arrow once to move up a temperature level.

The Solo 2 features temperature control down to the exact degree. The range can also increase to 50C to 220C. These two factors make the Solo 2 the obvious winner in this category.

Some users that prefer quick hits on the go usually tend to like devices like the Fire 2 Plus with heat time of just 5 seconds, unlike the Solos that has the heat times of 3 minutes for the older brother and 30 seconds for the younger.

Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2 Showdown WinnerSHOWDOWN

The Solo 2 has outshined its older brother for sure. It’s the better vaporizer, and there really isn’t much to debate on that front. Arizer made a bunch of great improvements on an already fantastic design, so we’d expect the Solo 2 to become a user favorite for years to come.

While the original Solo may have been upstaged by the newer version, it’s still a great unit. If you don’t have the money for the new one, the Solo still represents some of the best vapor you can get for the money. Considering it’s been proven over the better part of a decade, it’s also an extremely safe bet.

You really can’t go wrong with either of these. We can fully support buying either. If you have the money, get the Arizer Solo 2. If you don’t, get the original Arizer Solo. You’ll be happy either way.

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Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’! 😉

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  1. Avatar for Dee
    Dee on

    Nice comparison. What about upgrading? Do you think it is worth it to get the Solo 2 now even though my original is working great?

    • Avatar for Kevin H
      Kevin H on

      Personally, I think it’s worth an upgrade. The Solo 2 is a big improvement over the original Solo, especially when it comes to the airflow. You really don’t get that milkshake type pull from the Solo 2, the unit heats up in 30 seconds, and the precise temperature control and increased temperature range are nice additions. If you have loved your Solo, you should be more than happy with the Solo 2.

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