Yocan Trio 3 in 1 Vaporizer Review – Three’s a crowd


We’ve checked out other devices before by Yocan like the Yocan Uni Pro and Yocan Evolve Plus XL and we’ve always been pleased by the performance and build considering the cost. The new Yocan Trio is a device shaped up for use with oil, e-juice, and concentrates. Does it do all three quite well or is a jack of all trades and master of none? Check out our Yocan Trio review here for more info!

If this is your first wax vaporizer, do check out the Wax Pen Buyers Guide for some handy information to help you get started!

Review: Yocan Trio

Yocan Trio vaporizer Review

Yocan Trio vaporizer heating coils

How it Works

The Yocan Trio is quite simple to use. Slide in the pod that you want to use, and hold down the button while inhaling! The Trio also had a pre-heat function which engages when you double-click the same button. That’s all there is to it.

Yocan Trio vaporizer available colors

Yocan Trio vaporizer power controlTemperature Flexibility

The Trio features three voltage settings. We’re not quite sure what they are however they are pretty well chosen. Though better results can certainly be achieved with devices like the Focus V Tourist that have more precise temperature control, we’re pretty satisfied with the given range of the device.

Yocan Trio vaporizer mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Master of none is correct, however, the included pods do a pretty decent job all around. The dual quartz atomizer works pretty good to vape your material but really prefers small loads much more than large chunks.

The e-juice and oil cartridges also provide a satisfying cloud, but they’re all still quite far in terms of performance from a dedicated device such as the Utillian 5.

Yocan Trio vaporizer flat display

Yocan Trio vaporizer front display

Manufacturing Quality

Yocan is a budget-friendly brand with surprisingly well-made devices. The Trio feels a bit on the cheap side as it is quite light and doesn’t feel too durable like the Evolve Plus, but it certainly stands up just fine and we don’t really have any major complaints with it. The pods aren’t the best but they do the trick.

Included in the box is the battery itself, a pod for each e-juice, oil, and wax, as well as a MicroUSB charging cable and user manual. All you’ll really need to get going!

Yocan Trio vaporizer usb slotBattery Life

Being so tiny, the battery life will definitely suffer. You’ll likely get a days’ worth of consistent vaping; however, you’ll want to charge up every evening. Eventually, the internal battery cell will degrade giving you even less battery life wanting you to have units like the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit that have removable batteries. I wouldn’t hold high standards for the Yocan Trio to be a powerhouse long term.

Yocan Trio vaporizer with armor case


Barely 8cm long, the Yocan Trio is definitely among one of the smallest devices we’ve ever come across unlike the Puffco Peak. It’ll slip into any pocket with ease and chances are you’ll have thought you lost it since it weighs hardly anything!

Yocan Trio vaporizer tank

Ease of Use

With one button operation and just slide in a pod to start it up, there’s really not much to know! Simple to use, not cleaning, very user friendly. The pods aren’t too tough to disassemble for refills and the entire device is pretty straightforward. However, users who are looking for a dedicated wax pen usually tend to like units like the Linx Ares which is very easy to use and comes with  2 heat settings.

Yocan Trio vaporizer in hand


Practically invisible when palmed in the hand like the Linx Hypnos Zero, this device is so tiny and light that you’ll really never have a problem tucking it away quickly.

Looking like a mini e-cig and whatnot, you likely won’t arouse much suspicion either, even if you really are just vaping on e-juice.

Yocan Trio vaporizer full kitOverall Experience

The Yocan Trio is really tiny and works well. Designed much more for the occasional user who wants versatility and portability above other things, this device isn’t so fitting for more frequent users. The pods hold a small amount, the performance is alright, and the battery is also okay.

We’d much prefer a dedicated device for each or a higher tier unit if we’re trying to do all three. Like the Linx Blaze for wax, for e-liquid, and Vessel cartridge battery for oil. The performance may satisfy a beginner but for anyone wanting more, it might not cut the cake.

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  1. Avatar for Rylan
    Rylan on

    I love the versatility of this unit as it works pretty good with with oil, e-juice, and concentrates. Just two bad things about this unit. The battery doesn’t last for long and the pods are very small so you can only put a small amount in it.

  2. Avatar for Janiya
    Janiya on

    Battery life isn’t great. With one decent session, it will be half empty (I usually just charge up the battery after every session or two. Second, the size of the pod is very small and holds a very little amount of concentrates. Other than these issues, it works pretty well and the size of the unit is very discreet and cool.

  3. Avatar for Joseph
    Joseph on

    First, I want to say that this vape works pretty good with waxes and oils as I have tried many vapes but didn’t get a good result. The problem is pod are very small and the battery life is just fine. But overall very good vape and very discreet.

  4. Avatar for Hascall
    Hascall on

    Really convenient but the pods brake real fast, they need another material, the plastic they use to make them breaks with the heat! Don’t use the third Temperature , As the battery capacity is low you need to charge it sometimes twice a day.

  5. Avatar for Aurthur
    Aurthur on

    I purchased yocan trio thinking could use it for wax and E-Juice. The E-Juice pod leaks or has a product come up with the mouthpiece. The wax pod I used it not even three days and the pod cracked and started leaking. It’s a good concept but needs some updating.

  6. Avatar for Lewis
    Lewis on

    It is very nice vape and the hits are smooth and hard. It is very comfortable and the weight and size is also perfect. It fits perfectly in my palm and because of that I call it my stealth vape. It does get clogged pretty easy if you pull too hard. And also not very easy to clean it out but that’s my only down side regarding this vape.

  7. Avatar for Waverly
    Waverly on

    I’ve had my trios for a couple of weeks now. I like being able to swap out the coils for different uses. It’s compact and most just think I’m holding a lighter when they see it. Definitely a great purchase and I love it a lot. I will order one more for my cousin as he likes mine very much.

  8. Avatar for Harris
    Harris on

    Decent vape with all three features. You can use oils, juices and concentrates. I have had this vape for 2 months and it’s very difficult to use it because the oil and ejuices pods leak continuously. I have tried filling it half and full but still having the same issues. Very bad experience with this vape so far.

  9. Avatar for Raynard
    Raynard on

    It is an extremely versatile pod system, equipped with a good rechargeable battery that lasts long enough, easy to maintain and operate also it has preheating feature, pods are affixed via magnetic connection, making pod changes on the YoCan Trio quick and easy.

  10. Avatar for Carl
    Carl on

    I love this for my oils. It works great with the three different temperature levels and the different kinds of oils I am using. The one and only thing I wish it included would be a syringe attachment that actually fits down the cartridge to refill with less mess.

  11. Avatar for Jadira
    Jadira on

    I liked using the Yocan Trio because of how convenient it is to use. It has a single power button to control the preset temperature Sure, the vapor quality isn’t as good as it is with a specialized vaporizer, but no specialized vaporizer is this versatile. As long as you don’t expect stellar vapor quality, you will be more than satisfied with the it.

  12. Avatar for Albino
    Albino on

    I loved this vape for the first two weeks but after that, I am having a leakage issue with this vape. I have already wasted a lot of my materials because of this vape and stopped using this now. I am very upset with its performance. It worked pretty well at the start.

  13. Avatar for Davis
    Davis on

    I have used uno and dart vaporizer and now using Yocan trio, I am impressed with its ease of use and features but it provides very similar hits to the Uno and Dart but with a button push. I have used it with the oils and wax and after experiencing the effects of both materials I would say that it can provide good hits with oils but can not do wax efficiently and gets warm when using it with the wax.

  14. Avatar for Kirbs
    Kirbs on

    My circle is in love with this device. Each one literally went and got one after they tried my oil vape. It hits smooth and hard. Very comfortable weight and size. It fits perfectly in my palm and is very stealth. It does get clogged in the airway sometimes if you pull too hard and is not that easy to clean but that’s my only down side.

  15. Avatar for Shawn
    Shawn on

    Yocan took a good step to released a vape that can do all three materials. However, it’s not an effective one. You will only get good hits with e-liquid pods, not with the other ones. Also, the liquids pod creates a mess and leak after time to time that is very inconvenience. Save your money and buy different vapes for different materials.

  16. Avatar for Selima
    Selima on

    Yocan never disappoints. Although I will say that this unit has issues with the plastic pod cracking and the magnet coming off the bottom of the pod. Overall works well when charged, small and discreet Great for light usage not an everyday pen i wish pods will not clog up so quickly.

  17. Avatar for Trista
    Trista on

    The Yocan Trio is so sleek and stealthy which I really like about it. It has three different pods for different materials which is really convenient. The pods don’t leak. It’s super discreet and I am impressed with the performance and the battery life it has.

  18. Avatar for Joe G
    Joe G on

    **** THE YOCAN TRIO IS NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION **** Yocan has announced that “Unfortunately the Trio and the Trio pods are no longer in production. ” Don’t buy this pen because you won’t be able to get new replacement pods and they break very quickly.

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