VAPMAN Vaporizer Review

We all know the Volcano Hybrid and Aromed Vaporizer which are made in Germany. But a new country on the vaporizing map is Switzerland. The VAPMAN has been well known in Europe for a couple of years, and has been extremely popular in places like Amsterdam. It’s hand made in Bienne Switzerland, which is also where all the major watch manufacturers like Omega and Swatch are. The VAPMAN Vaporizer is made from the finest quality materials (gold, premium wood, stainless steel and a unique insulating mineral), and today we will bring you the first North American review in our traditional in-depth TorontoV style.

VAPMAN Vaporizer Review

VAPMAN Vaporizer Review

How it Works

The VAPMAN looks mysterious, but once you know how it works it’s very simple. You remove the cap attached to the mouthpiece by turning it counter-clockwise. This reveals the golden heating chamber, so you can loosely fill it with your botanicals using the funneling tube. When the unit is at room temperature, first heat the bottom of the heating chamber for about four seconds, then give it a two-second break. Second, heat it again for 2-3 seconds, then take a tiny puff and blow it out. See the vapor and decide if the density is to your liking. If it is too thin repeat the second step until the vapor gets to the thickness you prefer. Basically every time you repeat the second step, the heating chamber gets hotter and the vapor gets thicker. With this method, you can get your vapor to be super thin or super thick.
Once you become an expert you can even become more accurate with the density of the vapor you create by holding the little air holes on the top of the unit.
Vapman Temperature Flexibility

Temperature Flexibility

The VAPMAN Vaporizer has a very simple heating method, which means the temperature settings are dependent on how long you heat the unit. The problem with manually heating battery-powered units is that controlling the temperature is extremely difficult and inaccurate. The difficult part is that you have to manage the temperature and drawing speed at the same time. The heat that the battery generates kicks in very quickly and dissipates very quickly as well, making it a bit of a hectic undertaking which not everybody likes.
With the VAPMAN Vaporizer, you can be more laid back, since your heat first and then draw. The cool thing is that the VAPMAN has managed airflow (the only other unit with it is the Arizer Solo 2, which is widely believed to be the best portable vaporizer in the market today). The gold and copper combination will serve to distribute the heat evenly through conduction heating, keeping it stable so you have no time pressure to draw on the unit after heating it.
With the Complete style of the VAPMAN, you have even better control overheat, since the heat reflection of this unique metalloid will allow you to control the temperature of the air flowing into the heating chamber, effectively adding an element of convection vaporizing to this unit (convection vaporizing is a type of vaporizing that premium units like the Volcano Vaporizer utilizes).
Vapman Bowl Vapour Quality

Vapor Quality

While doing our VAPMAN Review, we found out that it has the best vapor quality you can get in its price category, as you have complete manual control. Small units often have comparatively low vapor quality, but the VAPMAN gives you control over all the aspects of your vapor temperature and thickness. The torch lighter makes it relatively easy to manage the amount of heat that is applied to the unit.
The temperature of the vapor can also be increased and decreased to your liking by using the choke holes on the top part of the VAPMAN. While this unit does need interaction and manual control like the Classic Volcano and it provides the mechanisms needed to get very good Vapor Quality. It is just like having a car that is manual as compared to being automatic. Many people who enjoy driving select a manual over an automatic car because they want more control. It is up to personal preference. After getting past our learning curves, we found this unit to perform exceptionally well in this category.
Now if you’re looking to get the best vaporization experience possible with the Vapman we’d like to recommend pairing your unit with the new vapor cooling device from ZEUS Arsenal, the ZEUS Iceborn. This revolutionary device actually increases the vapor quality of your Vapman by 2 points, dramatically cooling it down for smooth frosty draws. It’s also much more efficient than other filtration devices that use water, so you can get even bigger vapor clouds! Take a look!

Manufacturing Quality

In our VAPMAN review, we look at the manufacturing quality because this is where the VAPMAN really shines. All of it is made with the highest quality materials and workmanship similarly to the Zeus Arc GT. It’s a simple system with nothing that can really break down.

Vapman Manufacturing Quality


Basic Style: With the Basic style of the VAPMAN the wood gets darker and conditioned within the first 10 uses. There is no underside mineral coating, so the wood will harden to achieve a similar insulating effect. This is normal, but to the new user it might look like the unit is burning. Just don’t point the torch lighter directly onto the wood and you will be fine.
Complete Style: This is the advanced model of the VAPMAN. The unique insulating mineral sheet wrapping around the heating pan is exceptionally stable at high temperatures. The coating insulates the wood from the heat and reflects it back to the heating chamber and air holes. The detailing on this style of the unit is great and the glowing red of i5 when the torch lighter touches it is really cool.

Vapman PortabilityPortability

The VAPMAN is tiny and super portable. Unlike most vaporizers, you have to carry the lighter as well, which is not optimal, but on the other hand, you don’t even need to worry about battery life. The VAPMAN and its lighter combined take up less space than most other portable vaporizers. It’s durable because of the excellent workmanship and comes with its own protective case. Even the case is made in Switzerland and has a very unique and nice touch to it. If you want something small but packs a lot more punch like desktop vaporizers, then check out Mighty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel.

Vapman DiscreetnessDiscreetness

This is the downside of the VAPMAN. While the torch lighter does help with controlling vapor quality and it’s generally a cool gadget to play around with, using it to heat the unit is not the most discreet sight. The VAPMAN can be hidden in a closed hand. The egg-shaped case is stylish and very discreet. Most importantly, however, it is airtight, locking in any odor you might not want to bother your loved ones with. The tiny size lets you keep it in a small bag or pocket where it won’t draw attention. The unit requires almost no maintenance and in terms of odor, the vaporization is so efficient that there is really minimal odor development. For a much more discreet alternative, check out the Crafty plus vaporizer.

Vapman Overall Experience

Overall Experience

The VAPMAN is as close to a premium vaporizer as you can get without paying the premium price. The Vapor Quality is great and the Manufacturing Quality is even better. The Basic Style is great for price-conscious individuals that are new to vaporizing and the Complete VAPMAN is performance wise better than other vaporizers in its price category. The design looks very cool, and the method of use is simple and shows off the very nice torch lighter. We liked how hands-on the heating method is so that everything feels completely under your control. We expect the VAPMAN to get a well-deserved prominent position among portable vaporizers.

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

Thank you for reading today’s VAPMAN Vaporizer Review post. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the section below. Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter or for contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff!
See you soon, as always, keep vapin’! 😉
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  1. Avatar for rms68
    rms68 on

    This is going to be an absolute must for American kitchens everwhere. Have you ever tasted cherry pie after being baked with one these little gadgets? Best little pie helper ever!

    • Avatar for Team TorontoVaporizer
      Team TorontoVaporizer on

      LOL…..Best comment EVER!

  2. Avatar for Mikhaila
    Mikhaila on

    See, this seems like the kind of thing we need more of, classy vapes that let you control them. But you don’t say when it’s coming out! Can I preorder it?

    • Avatar for Team TorontoVaporizer
      Team TorontoVaporizer on

      You can preorder it, just follow the buy now button. It will be released in less than a month 🙂

  3. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    I ordered mine from Switzerland and have only just opened it. How many 8 second long vapes should I get from a tankful? Will it be as economical to use as the MFLB? My MFLB cut my expense by about two thirds and paid for itself within a few weeks. Will Vapman be as good in this respect?

    • Avatar for Team TorontoVaporizer
      Team TorontoVaporizer on

      The vapman tends to be more efficient than the MFLB. The gold plated heating chamber is smaller and formed like a cone. While with the MFLB you have to constantly tap the unit to make the botanical move around to the vaporize efficiently, with the vapman there is no such thing required. The best comparison you can do is to vaporize with both units and once you are done compare the left over. While with the MFLB you have small spots of lighter color, with the vapman everything should be an even golden brown. 🙂

  4. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Being new to using botanicals and this device. After aprrox 1 month of regular use really really enjoy vapman experience.
    How ever… Last night decided to clean the thing and had ordered recommended smokesoap kit. On the soap bottle it says that device can be left to soak 1-2 days for easier cleaning. So i left vapman overnight to soak in smokesoap/water mix in glassjar.
    This morning…. i go to check and something is wrong. all the metal pieces really shines…BUT the wood is warped…the mika has turned soft and is coming off in layers….The device is ruined.
    ….i am very dissapointed. I wish Team Toronto had informed that this way of cleaning is a no no…. unless you want to break your vapman…I was damn near in tears to see that one can definetly not soak the device
    >>>> Quote from review:
    Manufacturing quality is where the VAPMAN really shines. All of it is made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. It’s a simple system with nothing that can really break down.
    Well…break down it has. What do i do now????????????

    • Avatar for Team TorontoVaporizer
      Team TorontoVaporizer on

      Very sorry to hear that. For cleaning instructions, it is always best to go by the instructions for the vaporizer rather than what they write on the cleaning solution. The Vapman is made of high quality pear tree wood, but any wood gets ruined if you leave it in liquids to soak. If you look at the product page under the cleaning section, we recommend only to clean the inside of the heating pan. I wish we could do something for you, but that classifies as physical damage 🙁

  5. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Great info, but man this is a slow-paced video! Buddy, you can move faster…! Cut this video time in half!

  6. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    really want one to so my arizer solo has a buddy. i want it for outdoor non electrical use. my questions though how is the vapor quality? does the small bowl become annoying? meaning having to reload to get to preferred state. im going to buy it anyways

    • Avatar for TorontoVaporizer Canada
      TorontoVaporizer Canada on

      The Vapman is an excellent companion to the Solo vaporizer. The vapor quality of the Vapman is actually very good compared to other vapes in the same price category. We gave the Vapman Basic a 6.5/10 (higher than the MFLB) and the Vapman Complete a 7.5/10. The Complete offers an element of convection heating, hence the slight improvement in vapor quality. The small heating chamber is interesting to use at first but only because there is a tendency to use a fair amount of botanicals when vaping. But that’s what so great about this unit. It is SO efficient. A small sprinkle goes an incredibly long way, not only giving you the same results, but helping you save BIG time!

  7. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    how do I go about lighting this? I have a low quality torch lighter and i tend not to see vapes or know when the vapor is lit. Are you supposed to be able to see the vapor?

    • Avatar for TorontoVaporizer Canada
      TorontoVaporizer Canada on

      Great question. So, getting a good quality torch is highly recommended to improve the overall experience. We highly recommend the ZEUS Torch lighter. The Vapman can produce light and thick vapour, depending on your preference. Here’s how to work with it. Take about 4-10 seconds to heat up the bottom of the heating chamber (to warm it up). The Vapman should be held between the thumb and index finger and turn the unit sideways. Now, hold the top of the blue flame 1 cm away from the gold chamber and heat for 2 to 3 seconds, then take a small draw and blow it out to “test” the vapor thickness. If the vapor is not thick enough for your liking repeat the second step until the vapor gets to your ideal density. The more you heat the thicker the vapor will become. You can produce even thicker vapour by closing 1, 2 or all 3 of the choke holes on the top piece of the Vapman ;).

  8. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    I am thinking about purchasing either the solo or the vapman mica. I would really like to know how the vapor quality compares between those two. Sorry if my English isn’t good i am from Germany.

    • Avatar for TorontoVaporizer Canada
      TorontoVaporizer Canada on

      Hallo und wie gehts! 🙂 This is a popular question! We had another connoisseur as that just below :). Again, it’s hard to compare the vapour quality of these two units as they are in different categories and meet very different needs. The Vapman is a great, great unit when it comes to value for money. It’s efficient, small, portable, no need for batteries and super quick to use and clean. The vapour quality is also the best when compared to other units for the same price (like the Magic Flight) and the Mica (Complete) edition even better so because you have that added convection vapour! For the money the Vapman Mica produces some really good vapour. In my opinion they can’t be compared because the meet very different needs – so if you’ve got the budget, I would recommend both! The Solo for your long sessions (for indoor use as well) and the Vapman as you’re go to when the Solo is out of battery, for a quick session, or for when you’re planning outdoor activities. 😉

  9. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Waiting for my Vapman to arrive. How does this compare to the Arizer Solo? Just bought this and its amazing.

    • Avatar for TorontoVaporizer Canada
      TorontoVaporizer Canada on

      That’s a tough one because these units are so different and excel is very different areas! The Solo gets the highest score across the board when it comes to vapour quality in a portable, it produces very flavourful, clean and crisp vapour. In comparison to the Vapman, the difference is noticeable – primarily when it comes to the temperature of the vapour and the crispyness. The Vapman because its so small and compact, produces warmer vapour and because there are no glass pieces, the vapour is not as crisp and smooth. However, the flavour is very nice and especially with the purchase of a wooden stem (extra) can create a really robust, nice full-bodied vapour taste. Keep in mind that for the price and the caliber of unit, the Vapman produces excellent vapour quality when compared to other units in its price class (MFLB, VaporGenie, etc.).

      If you’re looking for something with more pure vapour quality, I would highly recommend getting the Arizer Solo and with the Vapman by your side, you have a fantastic collection!

  10. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Amazing product.

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