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Today we have another showdown among two budget vaporizers, the Utillian 420 and the G Pro Herbal. The G Pro Herbal is actually the same thing as the Kandypens K-vape for the most part, so the conclusions we draw here hold for both. If you’re considering buying any of the units that have been mentioned so far, make sure your read this comparison because one of them is a much better value…

Utillian 420 vs G-Pro Herbal/Kandypens K-Vape

Utillian 420 Vs G-Pro Herbal/Kandypens K-Vape

Vapor Quality Of Utillian 420 VaporizerVapor Quality

The Utillian 420 offers the best vapor out of any under $100 vaporizer by a landslide. At these prices, you normally have to sacrifice in this department as it’s the most expensive thing to do well (along with battery life).

While it obviously isn’t going to compete with units like the Solo 2 or the Crafty, the 420 it is still very impressive. It doesn’t feel like you are using a budget vaporizer at all because of the glass mouthpiece and ceramic heating chamber. The vapor is smooth, flavorful, and very enjoyable.

The G Pen pro vaporizer shows its colors as a budget vaporizer here. The vapor just isn’t very good. It seems to avoid combusting your herb, but that’s about all the positives I have to share. The flavor is okay for a draw or two, but quickly tapers off to being bland and then dry or burnt.

It also becomes noticeably harsher the more draws you take. Not to mention the short vapor path and cheap plastic mouthpiece. It is vapor, and it does get the job done, but it is not a very good experience.

Manufacturing Quality Of Utillian 420 Vs G-Pro HerbalManufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality of the 420 is another area where you’d be forgiven if you forgot that it’s supposed to be a budget vaporizer. This has a digital screen to show you the temperature and battery life, four different temperature settings, and a glass mouthpiece.

The finish is also nice and it feels sturdy in your hand. Once again, it’s not going to compare to more expensive units known for their build quality, but the 420 is still very impressive for the price.

The G Pro Herbal is just a mass-produced vaporizer that the manufacturer puts private labels on. That’s why you can find the exact same vaporizer sold by so many brands with almost no modifications at all.

The build quality is average. There is nothing glaringly wrong about it, but there isn’t anything special to mention either. I would have like to see less plastic, especially with the mouthpiece. Another thing I don’t like is how hot it will get when you’re holding it, even on low temperatures.

Ease Use Of Ascent Vs Davinci IqEase of Use

These are both very easy to use. There is just one button on both of them, and that button controls the power and temperature setting. To turn these on, you just click the button 5 times.

To adjust the temperature, you press and hold the button. The 420 has a small advantage thanks to the digital screen, which makes it very easy to see and remember what temperature you have selected and will tell you the battery life the device is turned on and off.

Portability Of Utillian 420 Vs G-Pro HerbalPortability

The 420 is very small and it fits nicely inside a pocket. I like the curved exterior because it makes it feel less bulky against your leg. Another feature that I really like is that the glass mouthpiece can be stored away inside the unit itself. This is a very nice touch that eliminates any concern about breaking something in transport.

The G Pro Herbal is also pretty portable, but it’s taller than the 420. It also isn’t nearly as comfortable or convenient for carrying in your pocket. This is yet another category where I think the 420 is the clear winner.

Battery Life

The battery life seems to be very similar for both of these. They average about 4 to 6 sessions per charge and up to an hour of continuous use. This really isn’t bad for a budget portable.

The average battery life across all portables is only about an hour and a half. You don’t get up to the 2-3 hour range until you are shelling out considerably more money.

Discreetness Of Utillian 420Discreetness

I think the size and shape of the 420 make it more discreet than the G Pro Herbal. For starters, you can hide more of it in your hand. The only thing that will be showing above it is the mouthpiece.

The shape and curve of the base also looks like a flask, which may be advantageous depending on where you will be. With either of these, you’ll want to remember to choose one of the lower temperature options to keep visible vapor and odors to a minimum.

This is true for all vaporizers, but even more so for budget options that may not be as good at preventing overheating.

Temperature Flexibility Of Utillian 420Temperature Flexibility

The 420 has 4 temperature settings between 190C and 220C. The G Pro Herbal has 3 settings between 160C and 215C. The 420 is the winner here for two reasons.

First, it offers more settings to choose between. Second, the presets are at better levels. The bottom temperature of the G Pro Herbal is so low that it won’t actually produce vapor.

Utillian 420 showdown winnerSHOWDOWN

This was less of a showdown than it was a brutal beatdown.

The 420 is definitely the king of budget vaporizers. It beat the G Pro Herbal, along with all the other variations from different manufacturers, on every category except battery life, where they tied.

At the end of most showdowns, we try to find the positives in both even if there is a clear winner. In this case, I wholeheartedly recommend that you buy the Utillian 420 instead of the G Pro Herbal or the Kandypens K-vape regardless of what you are looking for. I literally can’t think of a single reason to buy them considering the 420 is an option.

I haven’t even mentioned the biggest kicker of them all yet.

The 420 is CHEAPER.

With all things considered, please buy the Utillian 420 if you’re choosing between these two. You won’t regret it.

Also be sure to check out our comparision between the Utillain 420 and Pulsar APX and of course our portable ranking chart, to see how these 2 stack up against the rest of the field.


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