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Another device by #ThisThingRips, the Roil Series GEN3 aims to provide smooth, tasty flavor using a ceramic plate atomizer rather than a traditional coil setup. Though we came away satisfied with the other products by #ThisThingRips like the OG Four 2.0 and R2 Series Gen 3, we’re hoping the Roil Gen 3 breaks that trend. Find out what we have to say about the Roil Gen3 in our review!

If this is your first wax pen vaporizer, check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for some more insightful information to help you get started.

Review: #ThisThingRips Roil GEN3

#ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 Review

#ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 heating chameber

How it Works

Not unlike most wax pen vaporizers, remove the top cap and insert a rice-grain-sized amount of wax on the ceramic atomizer. Replace the mouthpiece and hit the button 5 times to turn the device on.

To cycle between the temperature settings, 3 clicks of the same button will do the trick. Once you’re ready to hit it, just hold down the button and inhale.#ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 parts

#ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 power controlTemperature Flexibility

The Roil Gen3 has three temperature settings built into the device – Blue, orange, and red at 3.4, 3.8, and 4.2 volts respectively.

#ThisThingRips mentions that these settings vaporize your material at 315-371°C, 371-426°C, and 426°C+, or in Fahrenheit 600-700°F, 700-800°F, and 800°F+, however, we feel like these figures they give aren’t really indicative of the actual temperature you vaporize it.

#ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Between all of the ThisThingRips devices, we feel as though the Roil Gen3 has the best vapor quality.

The difference between ceramic plate atomizers and tradition coil setups becomes pretty apparent here and we definitely prefer the ceramic in this instance.

The flavor is tastier and more unadulterated, with a smoother draw. With that being said, we did notice a reduction in cloud production and the ability to get large hits compared to the coil setups.

#ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 detached

#ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 front display

Manufacturing Quality

All of ThisThingRips’ stuff is alright in build quality and such, though we do notice some imperfections and flaws in the machining of some of the stuff, though it still feels sturdy and trustworthy. No sketchy plastics of ‘lava quartz’ atomizers on this one.

Included in the box is a nice kit too including the device itself, a replacement ceramic atomizer, dab tool, pen cap cover, USB charger, and multipurpose silicone storage tray.

#ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 usb slotBattery Life

The included battery hosts a typical 650mAh cell which is more than enough for most users. People who medicate throughout the day or have long excursions and group session would definitely benefit from a different device, however.

Unfortunately, there is no pass-through charging or a removable battery either, which does leave you out for dead once the ell inevitably dies out.

#ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 with armor case


Pen vaporizers come in a great, compact form factor which is great for those constantly on the go.

Fitting comfortably into practically any pocket, it definitely is well suited to be carried with you anywhere you go.

#ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 in hand

Ease of Use

As a pretty barebones device, both getting satisfying hits and mastering device takes no time at all. With only one central button to control the whole device and fire and forget method of operation, you’ll have no problem sharing with friends and getting good quality results.

To clean the device, simply soak the atomizer in some isopropyl alcohol and gently swab out the chamber before rinsing with some water and performing a burn-off session.

#ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 in another hand


Due to the compact form factor and pen-esque appearance, it’s a pretty incognito little device.

The vast majority will dismiss it as a typical e-juice vaporizer when in use, and you’re really unlikely to raise any suspicion when using it unless you’re blowing clouds into people’s face. Don’t do that.

#ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 full kitOverall Experience

Between all of the units from #ThisThingRips, we like this one the most. The ceramic atomizer definitely makes a difference and it provided us with the best performance. Though with that being said, we still feel like it underperforms compared to other units in its price point and even in comparison to cheaper units.

The battery life, build quality, and vapor quality is still below what you get from some other devices, and thus we recommend something like the Linx Hypnos Zero for something with a ceramic atomizer or the Saionara atomizer, a modular 510-threaded wax atomizer.

If you have questions about our review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’


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  1. Avatar for James
    James on

    I am not happy with my purchase. A waste of money and unable to claim its warranty. The button got stuck when turning it off. The vapor quality is not good and the body is like a poor material. Never recommended

  2. Avatar for Ismiah
    Ismiah on

    Love the stylish look and setup with the carrying case and accessories. Only negative thing so far has been durability. Have accidentally dropped it on a couple occasions and the lower casing which houses the battery started to dislodge. Great product works as it should. I would definitely buy the another one.

  3. Avatar for Alysia M
    Alysia M on

    Not good as I expected and feels that I only waste my savings on it. It works fine for a few days and it’s not working the after full charging. The battery lasts for 30 minutes of use. The result is not good with all concentrate. The draws are just fine and you need to pull long to create some decent vapors.

  4. Avatar for Kelly
    Kelly on

    I like the design of it and it is also very discreet. The vapor quality is decent and can be used very easily. The battery life is also okay and gives a decent time on full charge. But, the thing I hate about this pen is that it comes with disposable wax tanks that needed to be replaced after some time which is a real hassle.

  5. Avatar for Ariana
    Ariana on

    This pen is amazing and holds a great charge and fires up quick. The vapor production is amazing and very flavorful. Replacement coils are pretty expensive. Also, you can’t find them easily online. But no issue with the vaporizer.

  6. Avatar for Simon
    Simon on

    I don’t like this device. The device body gets hot and feels uncomfortable during vaping. Not a durable device at all. The voltage settings are limited and vapors are not as good as I wanted and hit directly on the throat. Need improvement on this pen.

  7. Avatar for Delroy J.
    Delroy J. on

    This is great, cap cover/mouthpiece combo is super discreet. It is very durable material and easy to use 3 settings 2 different mouthpiece options spoon dock that hold everything. I love this , and this thing does rip only issue is it gets messy cause threads don’t seal well on the mouthpiece.

  8. Avatar for Carey
    Carey on

    I recently got a Roil Gen 3 concentrate pen and it is a well built,easy to use,and great battery life but the atomizer seems to go bad after just a couple uses. First few hits are amazing tho and Atomizer is a little pricey.

  9. Avatar for Hazel
    Hazel on

    The ThisThingRips Roil GEN3 is nice, enjoying it more and more as I figure it out. Which leads me to my only complaint – it didn’t come with instructions that would be helpful to someone who has never vaped but wants to. I have watched some videos online and finally learned how to use this vape.

  10. Avatar for Thomas
    Thomas on

    The built quality of this vape is decent and nothing to be amazed of but it manages to look nice. It has a nice battery life that gives close to a full day of use. The vapor production is not that great but the flavor quality is very nice and tasty. It is a discreet device and a decent device to start with in this price range but not the best option to be honest!

  11. Avatar for Bowen
    Bowen on

    I went through so many pens trying to vape my wax and nothing would do the job. All my pens coils would burn out instantly and I would get a burnt taste. The ThisThingRips Pen rips my wax beautifully without any burnt taste and gives me that nice enjoyable feeling. Overall Great little vape pen for on the go.

  12. Avatar for Fleeka
    Fleeka on

    Nice tidy little vape pen. Works great other than an occasional leak probably me overfilling it. Small and discreet Is easy to charge but battery dies too quickly. Also it works well with with thicker oil and the 3 temperatures is what really drew me too it. Solid feeling of vape, not like the cheap mini mart ones.

  13. Avatar for Vanessa
    Vanessa on

    Easily portable and fits in my purse. Hopefully, this is the solution for me to take the medication properly. It’s more resembles an actual cigarette- without being a cigarette. It has a ceramic atomizer, so it gives good and hard hits. Pretty cool experience with this vape so far.

  14. Avatar for Grande
    Grande on

    This is my first vaporizer. On the plus side: it has a nice but kind of cheap finish. it is very easy to clean; it comes with lots of handy accessories; it charges conveniently via micro USB connection. And it is a nice discreet size. Less good is that: the interface is confusing at best, which doesn’t make me super confident using it, sometimes not quite sure if it’s off. Battery doesn’t last super long for the time it takes to charge.

  15. Avatar for Quinn
    Quinn on

    Extremely happy with this vape, this vape really does rip. You can fill the atomizer to the brim and take rip after rip. The build quality looks expensive, the body is shinny af. Battery life is a bit less than my previous one however the vapor quality is so good.

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