Stiiizy Oil Pen Review – Easy Breezy or Over Easy

Updated: August 10, 2020

With the market of portable oil vaporizers like the Pax Era, G Pen Gio, and Kandypens Rubi exploding, offering convenience and portability like never before seen, we check out the Stiizy and see how it compares to the rest.  With a 210mAh battery, swappable pod system and dead easy operation, it seems like a healthy competitor. Check out what we have to say about it in our review of the Stiizy!

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Editors Notes: Due to the recent safety concerns with oil pens in the US, more people are switching to dry herb vaporizers. If you care to see your options, browse for your next vaporizer by following the link.

Review: Stiiizy Oil Pen

How it Works

To use the Stiizy, you really only need to do two things – insert the pod and inhale. Seriously, that’s all there is to it. When you’ve run out of juice, just throw in a new pod and away you go.

The device has automatic draw detection, which engages the coils when you inhale.

Power Flexibility

The Stiizy has no temperature control as we have in devices like the Yocan Uni Pro which is a bit of a bummer but of course, not a deal-breaker as the G Pen Gio and Kandypens Rubi also have no temperature control either.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality entirely depends on the type of oil you’re running. We’ve found some flavors and oils to be absolutely delicious and hard-hitting, while some taste and have a high that really leaves us disappointed. If you’re in doubt, go for a higher quality oil that costs a bit more – it’ll be well worth the price.

Overall, you get some awesome hits from the Stiizy similar to the PCKT One Plus! The airflow is nice and surprisingly open without being harsh or overwhelming at all.

Manufacturing Quality

The Stiizy feels and looks slick overall just like the Vessel cartridge battery. It has a nice feeling to it when using it, it works as intended and we really have no criticisms with the design at all.

Included is a barebones kit consisting of the unit itself, a manual and a charger. It doesn’t come with a pod at all, those are purchased separately.

Battery Life

With a 210mAh battery it has a bit more than the G Pen Gio at 180mAh, but less than the Pax Era and Kandypens Rubi at 240 and 280 mAh respectively. Users looking for larger battery usually prefer the Tronian Nutron.

This is good for around 40 draws or so, depending on the length of draw and time in between. Depending on your usage, this will be good for a few days or even down to a couple of hours.


As it’s itty bitty like the Linx Hermes 3, it really can go anywhere with you. In fact, you’ll probably forget it’s in your pocket in the first place.

Try to be conscious of it though – it’s definitely easy to misplace or accidentally throw it into the washing machine if you forget to take it out of your pockets.

Ease of Use

Like previously mentioned, using the Stiizy is about as easy as drinking a glass of water.

We found refilling the Stiizy to be much easier compared to the Yocan Uni Pro, as the pod disassembles much easier without a fuss.


With all ultra portable oil vaporizers like the Stiizy, it’s insanely discreet just like the Tronian Tautron.

Completely hidden in your hand, heavy hits within seconds and practically invisible in the pocket, it’s ideal for those moments where discreetness is important.

Overall Experience

We liked the Stiizy and found it a good balance between the other vapes we mentioned. But we did find it a bit lacking when it comes to performance and battery life.

But in the current climate, we feel like it really comes down to personal preference and accessibility – go for the unit where cartridges or oils are of the best quality and most abundant near you!

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