RYOT VERB Vaporizer Review – The Y NOT DHB.

Updated: August 11, 2020

After trying to decipher the name, we powered up the RYOT Verb vaporizer and gave it a whirl. Is this strangely named vape able to compete with the best of the best in the budget dry herb vaporizer category? A crowded market, the sub-$100 herb vape category is fierce with the competition with units like the Utillian 421 and LITL 1 being so solid.

Check out our review of the RYOT Verb vaporizer for more info!

Review: RYOT Verb vaporizer (Dry Herb Vaporizer)


RYOT VERB DHB heating coils

How it Works

As with any dry herb vape, you’ll want to use ground herb and pack the bowl up and tamp it down gently. Three taps turn the device both on and off and then the temperature can be set using the corresponding buttons.

Throw the mouthpiece back on and wait for it to heat and slowly inhale to get vapor! Dry herb vapes as a whole are pretty simple and the VERB DHB is no different.

RYOT VERB DHB flat display

RYOT VERB DHB power control

Temperature Flexibility

With the OLED display, you get full incremental control of temperature. While this is great and all, we have a feeling that the RYOT vaporizer is a bit miscalibrated and not giving the true temperature. It’s not so bad and you still get full temperature control. You could also check out the Arizer Solo 2 which has a circular temperature controlling mechanism for precise flexibility.

RYOT VERB DHB mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Well, it’s okay. It’s a step up from some really cheap units like the G-Pen, but not nearly on par with the likes of the Zeus Arc GT. The vapor is quite warm due to the short path, the flavor drops off pretty hard after the first couple hits, and doesn’t produce as dense of clouds as we’d like to see.

The bowl is quite large though and you can pack a good chunk in there. Going through the entire bowl will definitely get you feeling it!

If you’re looking for the best vapor quality though, then we’d definitely look elsewhere. It’s fine but doesn’t impress us in any way really.

RYOT VERB DHB front display

Manufacturing Quality

While we see some of the visual inspiration taken from a unit like the Airvape X, the RYOT VERB DHB just feels a bit cheaper as a whole. While it’s not bad per-se, it’s not great and it feels a bit below the standard now. Maybe a few years ago this would be fine, but times have changed quickly!

The battery is also small and it doesn’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth in that regard. Also the cheesy start-up and end session notices of ‘Hit it!’ and “lr8 vapr” might not be for everyone, though we found it kind of charming in a strange way.

In the box is a super basic kit consisting of the device itself, micro USB charger, stir tool, cleaning brush, and cotton swabs. No replacement screens, no carrying pouch, and not much else.

RYOT VERB DHB heating chamber

RYOT VERB DHB with usb slotBattery Life

1200mAh is all that’s inside which is tiny compared to other units that are much smaller and pack more inside, like the Zeus Arc GT and its 3500mAh cell. Of course, price is a factor, but it doesn’t cost much more to put a better battery inside.

1200mAh will yield you only a couple of sessions before needing to top up with the dated Micro-USB cable and take more time than you’d think. The battery on the RYOT Verb vaporizer is pretty awful by any standard.

RYOT VERB DHB with armor case


Its small and slim design does make it pretty easy to slip into and bag, pocket, or purse with ease. Looking for something that looks similar to an e-cig but isn’t it? Check out the Utillian 420 Vaporizer.

It has a low profile and is very comfortable to bring around. No complaints here on that end!

RYOT VERB DHB detached

Ease of Use

The Ryot vaporizer is pretty straightforward to use – grind it up, load, and turn it on! Pretty simple and there are no complex techniques or steps required to get this thing running. Sharing with friends and strangers is pretty simple too and you won’t have a hard time using it.

Cleaning isn’t bad if you keep on top of brushing out the chamber and mouthpiece screen often. It can gunk up pretty bad still and using isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab to scrub out the chamber can do the trick just fine. Even the Flowermate V5 Nano is much easier to clean and use in general, check that out too!

RYOT VERB DHB side view


Its all-black design and slim profile make it pretty discreet. However, it puts out a pretty considerable amount of smell still and it takes a while to get through an entire bowl. If you want something with a little more discreetness in it, try looking at the DaVinci Miqro.

Most people will think it’s an e-cig and probably not even think twice anyway.

RYOT VERB DHB full kitOverall Experience

The budget dry herb vape market is strong as ever now and many under $100 herb vapes exist.

While the VERB DHB is definitely an alright unit, its poor battery life, questionable construction, and average performance hold back its true potential as a competitor.

We’d highly recommend other units along the lines of the Utillian 421, Zeus Arc, and Litl 1, if you want the best dry herb vaporizer on a budget!

If you have questions about our RYOT VERB DHB Vaporizer review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!

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  1. Avatar for Ander
    Ander on

    I’ve only used it once, works as expected. I can’t compare it to anything else because this is my first dry herb device and it’s easy enough to use and gets the job done! I live in an apartment and wanted the least stinky option for smoking. The exhale smells as expected. Little issue with the battery life as it’s not very good but overall a decent unit.

  2. Avatar for Sina
    Sina on

    Decent experience with this unit so far. At this price, It’s not as good as the other units are but overall a decent unit. The vapors are not so cloudy but the taste is good. Battery life is also very short.

  3. Avatar for Angel C
    Angel C on

    Nice vape, I’d love to find more reviews but it seems pretty bare. Mines still working great though! Super quick heat up, nice vapour, barely any smell, and gets me nice and toasted. Downsides are that you can really only clean the top ‘grate’ of the oven, and not the bottom one too, and it can be a little hard to clean the inside of the mouthpiece. The top of the vape gets a little too hot to hold onto after a couple sessions, but the rubber grip helps a bit with that.

  4. Avatar for Mark
    Mark on

    Thanks for purchasing the Verb DHV and the review! A quick tip – note that the curve in the hip of the unit. Suggest to “grip the hip” as that never heats. The mouthpiece also utilizes a glass filled polycarbonate that insulates so it doesn’t heat up. Enjoy!

  5. Avatar for Eliud
    Eliud on

    I have a habit of buying every newly released vape that’s why I could not stop my self from buying this as it is newest vaporizer from RYOT. It is easy to use and offer fast heat-up time and a large chamber for serious sessions. Gives a large and satisfying hit, due to angled oven walls it is easy to fill up and pack and the large chamber is bigger than my Pax. One thing I did not like is The display screen seems bit cheap.

  6. Avatar for Glory
    Glory on

    I have tried other vapes as well in this price range which were good enough as compared to the price but RYOT really disappointed me as the performance is below average and the cleaning is also very hard. I hate that it take years to get fully charged and once it get fully charged, the charge only last for 25 to 30 mins. I am really frustrated that I wasted money on this vape!

  7. Avatar for Annabell
    Annabell on

    I just got this and I absolutely love it. It gives me a clean high and it’s easy to manage how much I vape with this versus other methods. I find it excessively difficult to clean. The first time I tried to clean the mouthpiece, I tore a rubber fixture Overall, I think this a great unit. Just wish the battery was a bit larger considering how much you’re paying.

  8. Avatar for Tom
    Tom on

    I just upgraded to it from a less expensive vaporizer and I am fully satisfied with my upgrade. It is a nice little pocket able vape that is very easy to load, easy to use and produces a great hit that could truly satisfy with amazing flavor. I love the OLED display which makes it very convenient to use and the best part is its battery life which works like it will last forever.

  9. Avatar for Amanda
    Amanda on

    It’s one of the best herbal vapes if you are a beginner, The battery life isn’t good at all. Other than that, I would buy this product again and I enjoy the smooth taste and effectiveness of the Aegis. This is a great company with solid products and I will continue buying from them.

  10. Avatar for Sophia
    Sophia on

    The RYOT VERB vaporizer works as expected, but the mouth piece is cracking, I already ordered a replacement mouthpiece once, but it’s just made of a flimsy material. I guess I’ll have to keep on buying the replacement mouthpiece after every month.

  11. Avatar for Doug
    Doug on

    As a new user I found this to be easy to use and to clean. It heats up fairly quickly and is perfect for my medical herb usage. However, I just hate the battery life of this unit as it has pathetic battery life. You can’t even use it for more than 3-4 sessions.

  12. Avatar for Kayla
    Kayla on

    It is a great vape. It is truly outstanding out there at an unbeatable price. It is very lightweight and the quality of the build is very strong as well. The vapor and the flavor quality is also great and it has a nice battery timing which last quite a while. It is very easy to operate and can be cleaned smoothly.

  13. Avatar for Harden
    Harden on

    Generally seems to work well. My only minor complaints are it’s very easy to accidentally change the temperature setting and I lost the pokey tool very quickly because I didn’t notice it falling out when emptying the bowl into the bin. Also the battery doesn’t seem to be holding the charge too long other than that vapor quality is decent and I am happy with it.

  14. Avatar for Laura
    Laura on

    I am pretty satisfied so far with the performance and quality of my RYOT, the loading is easy!!…no complaints with the vapor quality as it’s good and smooth. However, I noticed a few issues. The battery life is short, and you have to charge this vape more than twice in a day.

  15. Avatar for Jim Jones
    Jim Jones on

    Good experience at first. Preferred convection. The battery life is pitiful. I don’t have other units to compare this to but this one is NEVER mentioned as the best.

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