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If you enjoy using your Zeus Arc with a water pipe and want to take your water pipe game to the next level, Piece Water was made for you. If you’re vaping or smoking (we won’t tell) the finest herb in the most premium water pipe, there’s only one thing left to upgrade: your water.  You might be wondering “why should I buy Piece Water when regular water is free?” It’s a fair question. If you’re going to spend money to replace something as cheap as water, it should significantly add to the experience. I’m here to tell you that Piece Water does exactly that. Let’s talk about all the ways that Piece Water improves upon regular water.

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Review: Piece Water

Piece Water Review

Piece Water heating chamber

How it Works

Using Piece Water is as simple as pouring it into your water pipe, just like you would with regular water. The magic really lies in Piece Water’s proprietary blend of natural liquids & minerals. According to its makers, Piece Water is 100% natural, non-toxic, and safe for human consumption.

This special liquid blend does a few things. First of all, it makes regularly cleaning your water pipe a thing of the past. Piece Water keeps your water pipe clean so you don’t have to. It prevents resin from accumulating within your water pipe, and it’s usually useable for more than a month. If you’re experienced with water pipes, you know that pipe water often becomes gross in just a matter of days.

Piece Water tank

Ease of Use

Now that you know exactly what Piece Water does, let’s talk about the user experience. Really, it’s a very simple product to use. As I said before, if you’ve poured water into a water pipe and used it with your vaporizer like the Utillian 722, you understand how to use Piece Water.

It does a lot for smoke and vapor enthusiasts, but considering how cheap water is, a lot of people will probably wonder whether or not it’s actually worth buying. There are a few packages in which you can buy Piece Water, but the three-pack offers the best value. You get three 12 oz. bottles of Piece Water for $25. This amount, for some people, will last for more than a year.

This is a lot of Piece Water, and its longevity (compared to regular water) makes its need for use infrequent. If you’re willing to pay $25 per year to decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning your water pipe, Piece Water is worth the price. If you consider a bottle of glass cleaner from a shop is going to run over $10 a pop and only last a couple of cleanings, Piece water ends up paying for itself.

Even if you don’t think you’d benefit from it, I’d recommend trying Piece Water’s 4 oz. bottle. It’s only $7, and it’ll allow you to give Piece Water a try without making a significant investment. I think that after you try it, you’ll agree that Piece Water is the water alternative that you didn’t know you needed.

Piece Water dual view

Piece Water in use


Piece Water delivers in every way. The makers of Piece Water made some heavy claims, and they absolutely came through with this product. As they promised, it keeps resin from accumulating on your glassware throughout multiple sessions.

The best part is that you really don’t need to clean your water pipe nearly as often. Piece Water keeps your pipe clean, and the liquid itself usually remains useable for more than a month. If you use Piece Water in a water pipe that is only ever used with a vaporizer like the Solo II, then you can go even longer between water changed. This is a revolutionary product with very impressive results.

Piece Water full kitOverall Experience

All things considered, I think that Piece Water is an awesome product.

Cleaning your water pipe is the most annoying part about glass and the minute you vapor or smoke out of your cleaned piece, within 2 or 3 draws it’s already showing.

Piece Water does an amazing job at keeping your glass just as clean as the day you bought it and keeps you from reaching for the alcohol and rock salt for months at a time.

The makers of Piece Water really seem to have thought of everything. When you use Piece Water, you really feel like you’re partaking in an exclusively premium smoke session. That’s because you are. No other water alternative matches this quality, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any smoke or vapor enthusiast.

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