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Another budget vaporizer from Oozelife. The Fusion is a low-cost, bare necessity device for everyday use. You won’t cry if you lose it but you will be happy that you brought with you when you’re out and about and feel like a quick hit thanks to a couple of cool features. Let’s take a look at this cool little wax pen.

And if this is your first wax vaporizer be sure to check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for helpful info and tips.

Review: Ooze Fusion

Ooze Fusion Review

Ooze Fusion coils

How it Works

In the box is a 650mAh battery, a dual-quartz coil, a ceramic coil, a nifty little USB charger and a dab tool which is always appreciated. Thanks, Oozelife.

It’s fairly straightforward. Choose your atomizer and fill it with a pre-chosen concentrate using the aesthetically pleasing tool. You then have to screw the atomizer onto the battery and away you go.

Three clicks will turn on the device and toggle through the three different voltages. As with most units from Ooze, this is a hold-to-vape device which means you have to hold down the toggle button to vape.

Ooze Fusion colors

If you want to take a long hit, that’s fine. Ooze has included a fifteen-second heat up time – after which it shuts off automatically.

Ooze Fusion power controlTemperature Flexibility

The temperature is determined by the voltage settings of which there is a comfortable three built into this vaporizer. For the price, you shouldn’t expect any more from this pen but that being said, the temperatures are perfectly fine and they are represented by three eye-catching colors.

The three settings are 3.6v which displays a green light, 3.9v which is blue and 4,2v which shows a pretty cool greeny, yellow glow.

However, many users that prefer complete control of the temperature usually tend to lean towards Focus V Tourist vaporizer.

Ooze Fusion mouth piece

Vapor Quality

If there’s one thing that bugs me about Oozelife’s budget devices, it’s that they all carry dual-quartz atomizers.

Now, I understand that the keyword here is budget but other companies have already started implementing much more powerful coils into significantly sleeker (and even cheaper vapes). So now that I’m done complaining about outdated atomizers, it’s important to say that they do the trick.

Flavorsome, thick vapor all around when you use either of the included chambers. The problem is that any wax pen can ‘do the job’ so Oozelife will have to do something special to grab our attention just like the Utillian 5 that has two coils: Kanthal and the triple titanium, both producing huge and smooth vapors that too in a budget.

Ooze Fusion detached

Ooze Fusion front profile

Manufacturing Quality

Every piece we get from Oozelife is well made. That’s hardly up for discussion at this point and the fusion follows suit with a weighty little unit that feels solid something similar to the Linx Blaze.

This doesn’t feel like something that will fall apart in the hand and to top it off it comes in three cool colors. Midnight black, savvy chrome and hot pink if you really want to get some sideways glances.

Ooze Fusion batteryBattery Life

We’re used to seeing vapes that don’t hold their own in the battery arena but shockingly this pen really goes for gold considering the small battery.

Heavy users might get up to THREE days usage from the Fusion before needing to plug this in, unlike the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit that hardly lasts a day for casual users and much quicker for the users who vape constantly.

Paired with a short charging time of one hour and you have a new best friend who will never let you down when you need it.

Ooze Fusion with armor case


This is as portable as any eCigarette or virtually any other portable vaporizer on the market.

Yes, there are smaller, more portable vaporizers like the Hypnos Zero Wax Pen but if that is a major factor in purchasing a new unit then don’t worry, this is one of the more inconspicuous and unassuming products you can get. It should be fine to take a hit wherever you choose and no one will bat an eyelid. Score.

Ease Use Of Ooze Fusion Wax Pen

Ease of Use

At $56USD you best believe this is the definition of a standard vape pen in 2020. An experienced user won’t even open the manual and a newbie will understand how this works after thirty seconds.

It’s pretty much just pick up and go. However, users who want higher performance devices and like to tinker,  and budget is not a problem usually like to go for Source Orb 4 Signature Kit.

Ooze Fusion full kitOverall Experience

Oozelife scores another one with this super-budget wax pen that you can rely on every time.

It’s not the fanciest or more innovative that we’ve ever laid eyes on but if you’re a first-time buyer or an occasional vape user then this will certainly get the job done for the price.

For those just looking for a wax pen to start with we recommend the Thunder 2.

If you are looking for a portable e-nail that has actually has precise temperature control and the bonus of having a herb attachment as well, we would encourage you to check out the Focusvape Tourist.

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  1. Avatar for Mark Cluff
    Mark Cluff on

    I bought the Rainbow slim twist pro in June and paid a pretty penny for it online directly from the Ooze website. I love this Vape pen and its versatility. But now it won’t take a charge and I have tried everything. I’m really disappointed that I can’t get it charged because I love it so much.
    Unfortunately, the company will not stand behind it. When the charge failed multiple times on the original charger that came with the pen I I wanted to make sure it was not the charger causing the problem. So I tried another charger, the exact same type of charger, USB with a light indicator, that I know works well. The battery still would not charge. Now the company will not stand behind their product and I’m very upset. I paid more for that vape pen than I have paid for any other vape pen.

  2. Avatar for Archie
    Archie on

    I like this pen as it is portable and discreet and has adjustable voltage settings which is really nice and it takes only 15 seconds to warm up. It also comes with a silicone container to store your wax and also, has a small battery which holds its charge for a full day even after a heavy use.

  3. Avatar for Heather
    Heather on

    Don’t waste your money, second ooze pen that broke within a few weeks! Guy at the vape shop recommends purchasing a pen that’s charging station is different then where the cart goes!

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