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We’ve reviewed a lot of devices by Flowermate before like the new Flowermate Slick and Flowermate V5 Nano and we’ve always come away pleased. The Uno is their latest release featuring a removable battery, powerful convection heater, and compact form factor. How does the Uno stand up to the competition, and is it the one? Check out our Flowermate Uno review here!

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Review: Flowermate Uno

Flowermate Uno Review

Flowermate Uno heating coils

How it Works

The Uno is quite simple to use. Firstly you’ll want some medium ground herb. Not too fine, not too chunky. Personally, we find something like the Zeus Bolt 2 grinder to provide an excellent consistency for using the Uno. Pack it in the bowl and tamp it down slightly – you’ll still want air to be able to flow through the herb.

Turn on the device, choose your temperature, and wait for it to heat up. The device will vibrate to let you know once it’s ready! Simply inhale at this point and enjoy your vapor!Flowermate Uno detached

Flowermate Uno power control

Temperature Flexibility

With a fully controllable range between 60°C – 230°C (140°F – 446°F) – a precise temperature control feature similar to the Utillian 620. You can use the Uno with flower, concentrates, and even other herbs like lavender or chamomile

This gives you a ton of versatility to either get those light and super flavorful hits all the way to dark brown, fully extracted hits.

Flowermate Uno mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The heater seems to be borrowed or at least very similar to that found on the Boundless CF, and this is not surprising since it is well-known that Flowermate is responsible for the manufacturing of Boundless products.

For the uninitiated – it kicks hard! It’s able to produce sizeable, powerful clouds of vapor with a decent flavor and relatively smooth. Not quite as clean flavor as a pure glass vapor path like on the Arizer Solo 2.

The vapor path is relatively smooth and the cooling chamber isn’t anything special, and at high temperatures, the hits can be a bit harsh. Using the included water pipe adapter (WPA) and running the Uno through a glass piece you can get some massive, milky hits with great flavor and very smooth. Highly recommend that!

Flowermate Uno ffront display

Manufacturing Quality

Flowermate has time and time again put out reliable, solid devices. The Uno doesn’t feel particularly luxurious or special by any means but it’s built well and we trust it could take a beating like the Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer. Flowermate is by no means a newcomer to the scene and their products have proven to be reliable.

They also include a pretty solid kit with the device including the device itself, battery, charging dock, spare mouthpiece screens, spare chamber screens, concentrate pad, packing tool, cleaning brush, 10/14/18mm WPA, USB cable, and user manual. We love how they include all you need to get going and more companies should follow this trend.

Flowermate Uno flat display

Flowermate Uno usb slotBattery Life

The Flowermate Uno features a proprietary, 1800mAh battery. We do wish the battery capacity was a bit bigger but it does get the job done.

1800mAh will leave you with enough power for about 4 sessions, give or take depending on your temperature settings and usage habits.

Users looking for units that can provide more sessions in one charge usually prefer devices like the Davinci IQ that has 3500 mAh battery.

Flowermate Uno with armor case


A bit bigger than the as the ever so loved Utillian 722, it’s still pretty portable. It’s not so chunky as the Boundless Tera is, but definitely thicker and more oddly shaped than the Crafty.

It’ll fit in most pockets reasonably well and the fold in mouthpiece doesn’t extend out the body like the Arizer Air 2.

Flowermate Uno heating chamber

Ease of Use

The Uno is quite simple to use. The onboard OLED display allows you to easily control the experience and no complicated draw or packing technique is needed to get good results unlike the 2020 Dynavap M. Simply pass it off to a friend and instruct them to inhale, that’s it!

Cleaning isn’t too difficult. Dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and gently brush out the chamber. The mouthpiece can be submerged in iso for a short time to get rid of any build-up and grime.

Flowermate Uno in hand


To the untrained eye, the Uno may appear to be your conventional e-juice box mod. Only people familiar with dry herb vapes will really bat an eye. Just be aware of any aroma that you put out, you are vaping dry herb after all! Users who prefer something more discreet and small in hands usually tend to prefer devices like the Davinci Miqro.

Flowermate Uno full kitOverall Experience

The Uno has a lot going for it! The great vapor production from its convection heater, compact form factor, and solid reputation behind the brand. We would love to see an increase from the battery department but it is not a dealbreaker.

Overall, we’re pretty content. As it sits, it’s certainly not a bad option considering the choices available and you won’t be disappointed by the pure power from the heating element.

If you are looking for something a bit more portable but just as powerful check out the Zeus Arc.

If you have questions about our Flowermate Uno Vaporizer review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!


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  1. Avatar for Charlotte
    Charlotte on

    I have been using the Flowermate UNO for a little around a month and it has got some worrying things about it. I have nothing to say about the vapor quality because they got that part perfectly. The device is also simple and fairly easy to use, but I am a bit concerned about the mouthpiece getting a bit too hot for me. The shell is made of plastic so of course it irritates me when the device gets too hot to hold.

  2. Avatar for Remington
    Remington on

    I have been enjoying this device a lot since I prefer vapes that produce a dense and volumes of clouds. The UNO does not disappoint. It produces great vapor and flavor quality and is easy to carry around. I bring it along because it can accompany me for longer hours, is easy to charge, and has replaceable batteries.

  3. Avatar for Emery
    Emery on

    I just received my Black Flowermate UNO and I have no complaints. I have seen some reviews on other websites saying it wasn’t producing clouds but mines work just fine. One little problem is with the battery as it’s not good and takes 3-4 hours to get fully charged.

  4. Avatar for Lucy
    Lucy on

    The only bad thing about this vape is it has a very short battery life. Otherwise, this vape is one of the best I believe. The vapor quality it gives through its convection style heating chamber is excellent. The size is not bad at all. Overall a pretty solid unit and like this vape very much.

  5. Avatar for Lily
    Lily on

    In the past few years, I have started vaporizing and tried many different types, from vaporizing pens to portables and desktops. The Uno has been the best experience for many reasons. From the clean taste from the convection style chamber to the accuracy of the digital temperature control. The design make it even better. Cleaning and maintenance are pretty simple too. Little upset with the battery life as it’s not as good as I was expecting but overall nice vape.

  6. Avatar for Callum
    Callum on

    I purchased the flowermate without researching much about it but I am fairly surprised. I’d have expected something decent, but in terms of vapor quality, this unit is more than mediocre. I’ve read somewhere that they considered the flowermate a cloud machine, and oh yes, it is! Great, thick clouds! I’m really enjoying the uno and it is one of my favorites. the charging is no problem and everything works perfectly. Temp controls are accurate and the vape works nicely for whatever material I use. Though I mostly use dry herbs but I have tried it with concentrates and the glass water pipe. Still works fine. Great deal.

  7. Avatar for Levi
    Levi on

    I just received my Folwermate Uno and love it! It vapes very smoothly and produces a decent-sized vapor. The battery life is very small as I can only get a few hits from it. Also, the cleaning of this vape is much difficult as compared to my old vape.

  8. Avatar for Lucas
    Lucas on

    Not all portable vapes are made to be this powerful. Flavor is so goood, as well as vapor quality. It isn’t as portable as I wanted it to be but this is not really a big issue, since it is still light, handy, and discreet enough to bring along. It is also not difficult to use, nothing too complicated. Easy maintenance as well. The replaceable battery option is very much appreciated but it is not included in the unit. I was a bit disappointed because I couldn’t readily find a spare battery, but eventually found a way to order it. All in all, this vape is great and deserves high praise.

  9. Avatar for Lubero
    Lubero on

    The UNO is really easy to use so it is perfect for beginners like me I do not have much to compare it with but just the easiness of figuring things out was already a big help for me. I like the flavor and the clouds that this vape produces. I do not have any problems with it and I find it really went beyond my expectations. Decently priced also. The controls are accurate and the battery life is good enough for me.

  10. Avatar for Mia
    Mia on

    I want to love my UNO. I had my eye on this thing for a while and finally ordered it about a week ago. I opened it up and plugged it in right away. The manual says 1-3 hours for the first charge. I left it plugged in for 4 1/2 before I finally decided to just try it out. I used it, loved it, and then when I went to use it a second time later that day it was out of battery. 🙁 Battery seems to be defective for sure.

  11. Avatar for Rory
    Rory on

    I have been using this vape for 3 months and very happy with the performance of this vape. I recently tried my friend’s 722 and now know how the convection style vape produces the vapors. They are very pure, smooth and consistent in 722 but in my vape, they are little harsh and tasteless. I will order the Utillian 722 as it’s the best convection style vape in my opinion.

  12. Avatar for Doner
    Doner on

    One of the things I have started to consider about portable vapes is the battery, considering I am travelling most of the time and don’t have time to plug and charge for hours. There were quite a few portable vapes that were a pity, considering that most features were perfect except it did not have a removable battery for added portability. This is why I am very happy with the Flowermate UNO. Such a powerful device and my biggest concern about charging is good as solved! Comes with USB cable charging plus an 1800 mAh battery that can be replaced. Functionality and vapor quality are all beyond expectations.

  13. Avatar for Pheonix
    Pheonix on

    My Flowermate Uno has been amazing! The Vape and the included accessories are all easy to use and have exponentially improved my vaping experience. I am so happy I bought this convection style vape rather than other expensive ones!

  14. Avatar for Brendy
    Brendy on

    I am a vape and herbal newbie. This wonderful device is easy to use, easy to clean, and gives me incredible mileage out of my herbs. It’ll pay for itself in a few months, easily. Besides all of that it has two cons first is that the plastic design looks very cheap and also it get hots after using a while.

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